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Was Injustice statue changed due to portrayal of violence against women?

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Injustice-Gods-Among-Us1351103-batman_wonder_woman_jg_1024_When I first heard about the Injustice: Gods Among Us collector’s edition, I was interested in seeing what it contained – even though there wasn’t a PC edition being released. I tend to collect the statues and figures more than anything else, and being a fan of comic books and DC characters, the collector edition seemed like a ‘must have’ item. However, upon a closer look at the different editions available, it took me a while to understand what the difference between them was and only took a few minutes to ask a larger question: Why the difference?

The UK and North American collector edition statues are actually very different. While both feature Batman and Wonder Woman locked in an epic battle, the UK edition sees Batman holding Wonder Woman by the throat, where the NA edition has Batman in the submissive position, getting choked by the golden lasso.

Not one to get into conspiracies, but there has to be something going on here right? Why would the two statues be so radically different?

UK Version:

UK Edition

North American Version:


Closeup of two editions from eBay seller (who incidentally describes it as “better than US version”):


So, what’s going on here?

I checked into a few forums and boards to see what the community had to say, and the general consensus seemed to indicate fans liked the UK edition a lot more. One commenter on Kotaku seemed to think the difference had to do with North American delicate sensibilities.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 12.42.57 AMTo be fair, there hasn’t been any official comment from anyone on the two different statues – it’s purely speculation at this point, and there are plenty of discussions on who would win if they actually did square off.

It is quite possible the North American statue was changed to prevent a backlash against the portrayal of a woman being choked. Then again, what makes anyone think that the UK is more tolerant of these images?

Our own Injustice representative, Alex Martinet weighed in on the statues citing the Dead Island incident saying,

Around the same time we found out about the collector editions for Injustice, Deep Silver Interactive released the infamous dismembered statue for Dead Island: Riptide only available in the UK. Soon after, the developer apologized for matter, but it already achieved its goal.

These types of ploys are market tactics to get people talking about the game, and are nothing new. It’s one of the main reasons why you see three different editions whenever a new iteration of Call of Duty, or Halo releases – because it gets people talking.

What do you think Pixel Nation? Do you think the statues are different for any of the reasons we’ve listed? Something else we’re missing?

Leave your comments below telling us which statue you prefer, and what your take on the different versions is.

Note: We’ve reached out to NetherRealm Studios for a comment and will update accordingly.

33 comments on “Was Injustice statue changed due to portrayal of violence against women?

  1. I think this women discrimination thing in gaming is getting too far. I would have to go with the UK version as well because in the US version wonder woman isn’t wearing her original costume. Buy I gotta say these are some pretty neat marketing tactics. Just like on YouTube. Put a picture of a girl on the thumbnail and bam you got people folking to that video.

  2. So it’s not cool if a man is shown beating up on a woman, yet it’s okay that a woman is shown beating up on a man. Tell me again how that’s equal rights?

      • How does the conversation get complicated at that point? A man hitting a woman is wrong but women hitting men is totally fine. It’s sexism and very far from complicated.

        • It’s complicated for one VERY simple reason:

          Feminists still bitch about inequality and the Feminazi’s attack everything that so much glances at inequality for them while not giving a shit about the Opposite.

          Same as PETA but to Animal Rights but not caring about true Human freedoms, Feminazi’s are to Human freedoms equally.

    • There is no equality. Feminists want to be treated like equals but like to ignore the fact that for every way they’re objectified, men are too. It’s ignorance on par with racism. On top of that, they’ve obviously never even opened a comic.

  3. How about who gives a mother. Who gives a crap who is hitting who. Its there bitch ass statue and if you don’t like it don’t buy it muddafucka

  4. The fact that this is even an issue shows how EASILY people get offended these days. I didn’t read this article, cause I’m sure it will just piss me off. As a country, we are getting SOOOO soft.

    • It’s not really saying much except “hey look at this, should we have an issue?” I personally think people are overthinking it. I hate both extremes, extreme prejudice and extreme political correctness. Both are just mindless reasons to get pissed off.

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  6. Man, the UK version looks better. Why are us Americans always getting boned when it comes to the really interesting things in collectors editions? The Japan and UK Metal Gear Rising collector editions were a huge kick in the nuts for me. Why would I want a sword lamp over a limited edition white action figure of raiden? Hell, even the box art, with Yoji Shinkawa’s art looked better overseas. Why would I want a statue of a one sided fight as opposed to an actual battle of epic superheros clashing? C’mon now. And there are some very vocal feminist extremists that give actual feminists a bad rap. Its a shame really.

  7. This whole thing is ridiculous: this is a fighting game. The game is about fighting. In this game, men will fight women. Women will fight men. Women will fight women and men will fight men. Plus, it’s Wonder Woman…I doubt his fingers around her neck are going to do much, nor will his punch…the woman can bench press buildings, for heaven’s sake…

  8. I don’t think this has a thing to do with feminism at all. I mean, it could. But it could just as easily be that to be fair, they wanted to have Wonder Woman winning in one edition, and Batman winning in the other. If it had been the same then people might have complained “No, Wonder Woman would have won! Or no, Batman would”!

    I agree with our Alex M. It’s just a bunch of marketing to get people riled up and talking. Looks like it worked.

    • It would be great if someone would go on record about the two and why the difference exists. I don’t think I’m ready to chalk it up to marketing just yet.

  9. As far as artistic interpretation of super hero statues go… I like them both and think there is room for 2 variants in the world. I don’t really understand what’s happening in the US version (why is Batman facing away from Wonder Woman, etc.?) but I think that WW’s pose conveys motion and aggression better.

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