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Valve and Take-Two attending Gamescom 2013, unusual behaviour sparks excitement

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valvetake2Valve and Take-Two will be attending Gamescom 2013 in Cologne. This is unusual behaviour from the two companies, and it begs the question as to what exactly these developers/publishers will be showing off.

Their booked locations for the event gave their attendance away, as you can see from the following images:



take2Who knows what Valve and Take-Two are planning? I guess we’ll soon find out!

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4 comments on “Valve and Take-Two attending Gamescom 2013, unusual behaviour sparks excitement

  1. Wow they’re actually going this year? About time. For Take Two they’ll probably show off more GTA V, while Valve I’m not sure.

  2. Valve were actually at Gamescom last year, they had a small stand showing off upcoming or newly launched indie games to be published on the Steam platform.They gave away codes for free games, it was pretty cool.

    If you look at the floor plans for Gamescom, however, you’ll see what is going on. Valve aren’t publicly exhibiting. If the floor plans are the same as Gamescom 2012, they’re in the Business 2 Business area. Trust me, there won’t be any games here. The B2B area is a relaxed corporate atmosphere. They’re likely looking for partners to launch products with – Steambox, anyone?

    Take 2 are in the business area as well (Hall 5) but are publicly exhibiting in Hall 6 (But why is anyone surprised, it’s a GTA5 demo, surely?)


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