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UPDATE: Rumor: Sony set to unveil redesigned PS Vita with a bigger screen and increased RAM before TGS

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UPDATE: TheMagicBox has updated their post seemingly denouncing the rumor for now with an “item removed as source could not be confirmed.”

We’ll keep you updated once more news comes out.

Original Story:

With Sony’s PlayStation Vita sales not exactly setting the world on fire, what can Sony do to make people sit up and take notice once again?

While rumors are swirling that Sony is set to bundle the PS Vita with their next-gen console the PS4, another rumor has cropped up and this one talks about a redesigned PS Vita.

Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai (translated by TheMagicBox), is reporting that Sony is set to reveal a new PS Vita model just before this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) starts. This new variant is said to be called PCH-2000, will have a 6.3″ OLED display manufacture by Samsung (current PS Vita has a 5″ screen), with the resolution staying put at 960 x 554 pixels.

What’s more, this new model’s RAM will allegedly be increased to 1GB compared to the current version’s 512MB. This is being made to allow more programs to run in the background. However, the amount of RAM used by games will be unchanged, which guarantees that games will be compatible with both current and “new” model of the Vita.

Finally, the redesign is said to be more in line with the PS4’s design and that it will launch with new game titles, too.

If true, this could certainly spark sales of the PS Vita once more; but in doing so, wouldn’t it anger current PS Vita owners in the process?

Would you buy a PS Vita with the new features mentioned above?

The P.E. Perspective: 

With rumors surrounding that Sony will be bundling the PS4 with the Vita, maybe this is Sony’s way of clearing out old stock? I’m not entirely convinced that Sony will pull the gun on a redesign this early on in the handheld’s life-cycle, but if the Vita sees a drop in price later this year — as rumors are saying it will, then PS Vita 2.0 might just be what the company needs to push sales over the edge.

Thanks, NeoGAF!

32 comments on “UPDATE: Rumor: Sony set to unveil redesigned PS Vita with a bigger screen and increased RAM before TGS

  1. Ill be pissed if they do, they need to work on satisfying customers who bought the Vita and supported it early on. This would be a kick in the teeth to people like me.

    • I totally agree, I agree with inbuilt flash memory, but if they improve RAM it would really annoy me. They should do a huge thank you package to the initial purchasers of Vita.

    • Same reason why I think the rumor might be bogus. It’s tad too early to release a redesign of it, no? But then again, there have been cases of things like this before.

    • I don’t agree with this for one second. Every handheld has experienced redesigns. And it won’t affect current Vita owners in the slightest. The only difference is it will be better suited for the second screen functionality ala Wii U.

      My Vita is perfectly fine right now, and a new design and price will only drive up sales (ideally) making for more titles for the platform.

      Not only that, but like with the PS3 Fat, we early adopters will have the better version (this time the smaller one) without experiencing any serious lack in functionality.

      History has taught us that further iterations of sony platforms lose more features than add anyway. And I don’t know if you’ve used multiple applications on your Vita, but I personally can’t imagine what more ram will let you do that I can’t already do. You can use the web browser and a game at the same time already, along with pretty much any other app on the platform.

  2. To be honest while the current PS Vita owners will most likely be pissed I do think that sony should redesign the PS Vita. However I dislike the fact that they will have the 1GB RAM. The current PS Vita is pretty much a device running android games since they certainly are compareable.

    • Optimization is what adds life to the platform and makes the impressive games – the less change seen in the internals of a platform, the more games will grow over time, and the less developers will use those boosted stats as crutches. Look at God of War 2 or SotC or any late gen PS2 game compared to the early stuff, like Mark of Kri.

      Hell, MGS2 to MGS3. Or go right to PS3, launch titles like Resistance compared to KZ3, or Uncharted 1 to Last of Us.

      As people learn the platform, they optimize and they develop better games. The Vita probably has more raw processing power than a PS3 on a spec sheet.

  3. Hahaha, indeed a kick in the teeth for the loyal $0n¥ PauperStation N4Gtards that bought it just because it had the PauperStation name on it, bunch of stupid lemmings. Vita will forever be associated with dead in the gaming industry. And whoever thinks a bundle with PS4 would retail for 499 is NUTS! That would make Sony suffer even more losses than they will be having with just the PS4. Dumb paupers!

    • Shut up man, you really do talk some amount of shit. Think your phrases make you some elite gamer who knows the complete workings of the industry, sitting their bashing a brand just screams fanboy. You do realize they make back money on every bit of software that appears on their system and if they push the Vita into more hands then there is likely to be more software for it and in turn make them more money. You’re getting the wrong idea why people would be pissed about the Vita. Screw what you think people do enjoy it and they really couldn’t give a flying fuck what you thin.

    • Same price as it’s nearest competitor with two FULL platforms with interoperability as well? You’re an idiot if you think that’s crazy. That’s capitalizing.

    • Look at this butthurt Xbot LOL Or are you a Nintendo fangirl?

      Either way, you lose since you’re not playing with the best of the best in consoles, the Playstation 4!

  4. I own a Vita and I love it. I bought mine on launch day and play it constantly. I think upgrading the Vita is a great idea. Why does everyone not want a better Vita? Phones and tablets are upgraded regularly and after a couple years with this design, Sony needs to do something. They should introduce a new model, drop the 3G model, and drop the price on the current wifi model. But for people to say Sony shouldn’t improve the Vita because they bought one just isn’t right.

  5. I don’t understand all the backlash on this rumor. The current Vita will be unchanged (if anything, superior because of the better size), and it will allow for growth in the market having it attach to the PS4 with second screen functionality.

    This is only good for Vita owners. If you want the redesign so bad (which will be bulkier and sort of nullify the point of portable gaming), sell your Vita on Kijiji or Ebay for $200, and pay the extra $50 this will cost you when it launches.

    Redesigns are the nature of every platform with any lifetime. PSP went through 4, PS2 went through 2, PS3 had 2, PSone had 2, Xbox 360 had 2, and I guarantee you the One and PS4 will both have 2 of their own.

    And then we get to the king of the redesign, Nintendo Handhelds. From the GBA to the GBA SP, and Micro. DS to DSL, to DSi and DSXL. 3DS, 3DSXL, and any minute now another.

    This only helps the platform grow and survive in a market where it’s constantly an uphill battle. I’m thankful for this, if only because it will mean renewed interest, which means another wave of top tier games to coincide with the redesign and the partnership with Sony’s flagship PS4.

    • I think some people have an issue with the timing. If this is true, then the Vita will have a major change in what? 15 months?

      Personally, I’m fine with it and if it helps the Vita get more games, then so be it. :)

  6. VITA NEEDS TO DIE NOW! Seriously Sony, suck my d*ck. After having bought the Vita and getting nearly no games…do you really expect me to buy it again for the sake of PS4 streaming, which won’t save it either? NO! You made us buy an overhyped and overpriced proprietary piece of junk, never again!

  7. Early adopters are always at risk of changes to “launch”ish hardware. And, sometimes, it works the other way around…newer models without some functionality of launch hardware.

    • Sony just needs to pimp out remote play with the PS4 and I can see the Vita going places. Who wouldn’t want to play PS4 games on the go or in bed?

  8. Its simple really do people who bought a Iphone 4 get pissed when they release Iphone 4S or Samsung S3 get pissed off when Samsung releases the S4. I mean come on, technology is so fast in improving of course there will be modifications made, as long as the one you purchased does the job you have no reason to grumble. sell the old one and buy a new on simple

  9. I know! How about Sony make a 1TB memory card so I don’t keep losing those small 32 gb cards and have to keep paying 100 bucks to get em, and if you had the amount of games I had on my vita, you would understand what I am talking about.

  10. Fuck vita and scrap the whole thing. Worst POS I ever had. Why should I have to update a device every time I turn around if I want to use it. I can’t even put music on it without having to update it. Fuck Sony in there stupid asses. I’m going to check out what Nintendo (Can’t believe I would ever say this) has to offer!!!

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