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UK Newspaper bashes Gears of War 3, claims it’s the cause of teenage stabbing

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A 13 year old has slashed a friend’s throat after a falling out after playing Gears of War 3, the Daily Mail reports.

You only need to read the subtext under some of the pictures to understand the kind of person that originally wrote this article

“The game, which is popular with children, rewards players for slaying their opponents”

Now, I’ll be fair here the policeman that gave a statement doesn’t really blame the game. He points out that the game has a big “18” slapped across it

“These games are rated 18 and shouldn’t be played by children of this young age – but online gaming may be outside their parents’ knowledge. We need to look again at what we can do to stop this.”

I don’t think he realises that you have to buy the game to play it online…
But what’s to blame? Probably how insane the guy was, he apparently thought his victim was the Locust queen:

“Then, in a scene reminiscent of violent video games – the accused sneered at his victim: ‘Don’t die,’ before calmly walking off. The accused, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted assault.”

A Microsoft spokesperson said

“We have some of the most robust parental control systems to empower parents to decide how their children play and communicate. We have the greatest sympathy for the victim and his family.”

What do you make out of this? It’s certainly unpleasant  but are games to blame? Recently I’ve been reading a lot of academic studies on the subject; hopefully we can run a big editorial about it in the near future. We recently ran an article about a game that aims to educate people about video game violence.

8 comments on “UK Newspaper bashes Gears of War 3, claims it’s the cause of teenage stabbing

  1. Computer games are not to blame there is something inherently wrong with anyone that does this, they weren’t playing a video gaming thinking how cool it would be to do it. Or maybe they where but its pure fantasy and children a lot younger than 13 know the difference between fantasy and reality.

    I have a 13 year old son and while he may throw a tantrum at his friends from time to time he doesn’t having played black ops or whatever feel like he wants to go and stab them. He knows its wrong and has the moral fibre as well as the self restraint like most humans to not hurt another.

    I would love to take credit for this but aside from telling him as a baby its wrong to bite or to take someone else’s toy this is something we just learn as we progress through the very early years of our lives. By 13 you know its wrong to knife someone and no computer game is going to make you think otherwise regardless of how realistic it might seem and gears well lets face it its anything but realistic.

    As I say there is something wrong with anyone that will go out and hurt another if the boy claims he thought his friend was the locust queen then its clear the boy had issues, mental issues and its sad that an event like this had to happen for that to come to light but it was not the video games fault. It was the mental state of the person playing. He could of been just as easily reading the daily mail and it triggered the same response its not like that has any rating at all but there is reporting of violence all the same and many times there are pictures to go with it.

  2. I understand that gears is pretty outstanding in terms of blood and stuff. But anybody can tell the difference between something virtual and something real.

  3. First of all, why are you buying an M rated game for kids. Also. so it’s just all the games fault huh. It’s not the parents fault for buying these games for their kids, or for not paying attention to what their kids are doing/playing, It’s not because the kid himself was just brought up wrong, or doesn’t know better, or is just mentally unstable. No, blame it on vidya gamez!

    • Depends utterly on the person. My parents bought me GTA San Andreas for my PS2 for Christmas when I was what, 14? They sat there watching me gun down people and laugh doing gang wars and running around with AKs and modding cars and cutting people with samurai swords.
      I’m one of the nicest people anyone will ever meet in their entire lives.
      My parents knew this. They still know this. People I talk to know this. I grew up on Mortal Kombat Trilogy, GTA:SA, Armoured Core 2 (blow up people in robots), Twisted Metal Black (blow up everybody in cars), Final Fantasy X (slay like a billion things)… Games are NOT the problem. They will never BE the problem. They can be a catalyst, however many things could be catalysts. People have to be of a certain type to do this stuff. That’s the real problem; the PEOPLE. The individuals. Not the games. But of course everybody knows this. However ignorant people and obstinate people who demand a scapegoat like to see video games blamed, and the media obliges.

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