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Saint’s Row 4 originally featured a flyable dragon

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Saints Row 4

I love what I’ve seen of Saint’s Row 4 so far. But I can’t help thinking it’s a cool story bro, but needs more dragons ‘n’ shit. But according to Volition’s Senior Producer, Jim Boon Saint’s Row 4 originally had more dragons ‘n’ shit.

Speaking at a panel in the London MCM Comic Con, Jim Boon said

Saint’s Row 4 originally had a flyable dragon, that could shoot fire balls. But we had to cut it because we had to focus on finishing what we already had in the game.”

It seems almost definite that the game will have the dragon appear as DLC, I’d pay for that!

Boon then went on to say he can’t talk about


Gat, who is apparently now a Zombie. “We believe Gat is dead, there’s no Zombie Gat that we can talk about…”



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