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Ryse: Son of Rome may not be as good as it looks, rendered screenshots have been photoshopped

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Those of you with a keen eye, like those on NeoGAF, will have noticed the screenshots of Ryse: Son of Rome have been photoshopped on the official Xbox website to make them look better than what they are.

This probably isn’t a big deal for a lot of people, myself included, because lets face it, game developers may Photoshop their images to make them look better than what they are in game. If you take a look at the two screenshots below you probably won’t notice that much of a difference.


The user on NeoGAF with a keen eye noticed some very subtle differences between the two versions though, which show Microsoft might be trying to make their console look a bit better than it actually is.

Apparently at some point on the armour plating, there is a “solid grey” section, compared to everything else which is “variations of grey,” it is noticeable on the right side character’s arm that is going off the screen.


They also made note to the fact that the clipping on the armour hadn’t been tied up as well as it could’ve been. Perhaps the Xbox One (at least) doesn’t have as much anti-aliasing as we first thought?


Does this bother anyone at all? I honestly couldn’t tell the difference unless it was pointed out by someone, like above. It is no big secret that game companies might make their screenshots look better than they are though – that’s just basic marketing.

So what does Pixel Nation think?

50 comments on “Ryse: Son of Rome may not be as good as it looks, rendered screenshots have been photoshopped

  1. Doesn’t bother me I just can’t wait to play the game I may have good eyes but just a little shade of grey changed is not a difference between getting or not getting a game and if so I believe other games will follow what they did here.

      • I don’t know maybe go grab a soda pour it all over me and walk in on my family saying lick me. I don’t know I just don’t sit 2 feet from my TV.

  2. Well looks like neogaf has nothing better to do. I am sure I could find lots of issues with Second Son and Killzone i I stared at a SINGLE IMAGE for hours.

  3. For the love of GOD! It seems as if everything and anything is going after MS, and the X1. This article has to seriously take the cake at a new time low. I’ve actually was fortunate enough to play RYSE on the X1 @ the GameStop convention and “IT LOOKED BEAUTIFUL”. Lets all take out our telescope’s and nick pick some more here!

      • The xbox fanboys will stare at that pig-things chest and see the crippling nature of its pectoral muscles being glitchy-looking.


        I’m dying to find out more about Deep Down though, it looks like AC+Dark Souls, if the story is decent, music is good, gameplay is as solid as Monster Hunter and/or Dark Souls? Instant-Purchase. I get hardons for Medieval games. (Except for Ryse). Last good roman game was Shadow of Rome on PS2.

        • The ps fanboy(s) DID stare at the picture of the roman general and made a 10x magnification of his plate to show everyone how it’s of a somewhat darker shade
          of gray.


          I can’t wait to play Ryse as what I have seen so far it looks fantastic. I do enjoy the roman setting and I want to see
          what Crytek has done outside the FPS genre.

          And mate if Deep Down turns out to be a good game than my bad, but going out of your way to show how MS supposedly used a “trick” to make the game look more beautiful just so you can feel better about your purchase / console of choice…

          I’m not trying to diminish the value of Deep Down I’m just showing you that whatever that guy did… well it can be done both ways.

          Anyway here’s some new info on Deep Down.


          • Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to defend the PS Drones who ‘can’ exist, I just personally feel that I see more desperate xbox fanboys than any other. Most of them at that, grasping at straws whilst to me, the PS Fanboys are just being more publicized on the internet in a form of cockiness since PS4’s being highly anticipated unlike PS3’s launch. I’m not going to get all anal on Ryse to such a pretentious degree, but I do have my reasons for not even being interested in it. Beyond the Mommy-holding-your-hand objective design and the QTE amounts that surpass GoW or this ‘Photoshop’ desperateness which leaves simply a bad taste in my mouth.

            I’m not really going out of my way, personally. Which is why I didn’t comment on the images themselves. Though, MS clearly is hiding things if they indeed are trying to misinform or cause deceptive marketing bullshit by hiding the facts and that is simply that there’s AA issues going on with one of their exclusives. “Oh noes, pixels!” Let’s airbrush it up like people do to models in magazines! It’s just beyond silly to me.

            That and, I’m not a visual whore, haha. So visuals are a bonus, not a necessity, which is how I could obviously love Nier which was bashed for having underwhelming visuals to many people when EVERYTHING about the game was beautiful and awesome.

          • I don’t have a problem with the ps4, actually The Order and inFamous look great, but how can you say that the xbox one fans are “grasping at straws” when you’re on a site where a ps fanboy posted a 10x magnified picture just to show us how the generals plate is a bit darker?

            From various articles I’ve read and all the developers commenting about it, I can say that there is no discerning visual difference and still people are going around repeating the same story about how the ps4 is ___ times more powerful. So to me it seems like the ps fanboys are desperately trying to find some kind of confirmation that the ps4 is superior.

            And I agree there are fanatics on both sides, but from the e3 MS pr disaster onwards you couldn’t post something positive about the x1 on any and all gaming / tech sites without being mocked, flagged, down voted, banned and/or a combination of those things.

            The first Deep Down trailer and what they’ve shown a few days ago is not the same, imho. I could go and say that the
            first trailer was all CGI and that Sony was lying about the visuals, but maybe that’s how the game will actually end up looking and maybe so will Ryse. And I wonder, for all we know it could be indeed the work of MS… or well the guy who “found” those pictures.

            Who am I to tell you what you should or shouldn’t like, but let’s look at this scenario:

            Imagine an xbox fanboy saying that he “found” a retouched picture of Killzone: SF – what would your first response to such a claim be?

  4. Dunno what the point of masking collision is. It’s collision, it happens. That said, that’s an awful photoshop job.

  5. OMG….Is this a joke….the videos i have seen looks to be one of the best looking games this coming Gen……and i swear this photo was posted a few months ago no???

  6. This is just another BS article attacking a MS product.


    This is the “real” Ryse video……. Go to 1:56. That is this seen playing in realtime.

    Those straps are not even on the character. So we have a Photoshop of a fake accessory showing fake clipping, then we have a faker Photoshop of someone trying to fix the fake photoshop.

    Again those straps are not even in the game its all fake.

    These fanboys and Sony Circle Jerkers will do anything to attack MS. Pixel Enemy you have earned you badge as an official Sony Circle Jerk. Bias and corrupt. You didnt even check the original footage? Pathetic.

    • While you are correct that the straps weren’t there in the video the clipping of the left shoulder armor into the chest armor is present. I know it is pre alpha footage so maybe this won’t be in the final game. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    • yes cause when xbox people point something out it’s sony or was it pc master race!!!!11!1one

      you kids are so cute.

  7. Are you F’n serious? Come on, even if this game was running at ONE frame per second you’d never notice this, let alone 30+FPS. Way to waste our time, douchbags!

  8. seems like they did touch up the colors a bit. not really surprised by it tho, i mean should we be after all this time.

  9. Look at GTA 5. I knew from the start that the actual game wouldn’t look as good as the screen shots that popped over a year or so. This sort of thing has been going on for years. Even screen shots on the back of game boxes in the early days of gaming had a bit of a touch up.

  10. really how much time do you have to scrutinize that. To me it just looks like the one screen is litter than the other. You’ve really got some XBOX haters at NeoGaf so I’m not surprised with them try to find a way to make the XBOX One look inferior.

  11. Eh, this is a little odd but only in how badly it’s been done. The actual editing I don’t really have an issue with, particularly with such new hardware the game would be perhaps a little rougher in previews than we’d normally get (I’m sure I heard Dead Rising 3 had some (acknowledged) frame rate issues when demoed that were promised to be sorted by release), since this is mostly just to fix a glitch, it seems likely all they were doing was editing the screenshot to be more in line with how the final game would look (where the glitch would also presumably be fixed).

  12. Slow news day, eh? ALL developers do this. PERIOD. But we all know how good RYSE already looks, as it’s been the primary playable title shown at all of the shows. I played it in Vegas, and the detail is ridiculous.

  13. Lets face it, this guy made the photo himself. I went to Xbox.com and it looks nothing like this photo lmao another sony troll

  14. Article: “Microsoft photoshop their screenshots.”
    Comments: “Stop nit-picking graphics glitches no one will notice!”
    …Am I the only one who has a feeling that nobody even read the article before fanboying?

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