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Respawn explains why TitanFall won’t be coming to PS4, info blowout

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New details of Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming title, TitanFall, have been released on NeoGAF, thanks to same Game Informer blooper that we reported a while ago. The developers have explained why the game isn’t coming to PS4, stating that working on a game for three consoles would prove to be too difficult for a small team.

“Not to say we won’t go multi-platform in the future, but for our first game we wanted to focus on making the best game we could,” said the company. Respawn has said that the developers are facing difficulties using Xbox One’s 5GB ram, let alone PS4’s 8GB DDR5 ram. This is largely due to the new architecture which the developers will probably need some time to get the hang of.

The release date slated for TitanFall is sometime in spring 2014. The FPS game features “mech” and ground combat (mech’s are called titans), and the developers say that they want these titans to feel fast. If players don’t want to pilot the titan, they can enable it to follow them, killing people along the way. The pilots, by the way, are the players’ characters. They are quite flexible and can run on walls, multiple jump, and take on the titans by blowing their brains out.

TitanFall’s director uses the term “hit and fade” to describe tactics that the players need to use to be a cunning pilot. Some of the weapons that we’re equipped with include: pistol, assault rifle, anti-titan rocket launcher, and data knife to hack AI characters in order to get them on our team. The game is supposedly friendly towards newcomers.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. What do you make of it so far?

15 comments on “Respawn explains why TitanFall won’t be coming to PS4, info blowout

  1. I get to a limited degree that they might find the new PS4 dev kits hard work. But I don’t have a lot of sympathy give PS4 and Xbox1 are supposed to have the same processor… And I really don’t understand why they can manage a 360 version and not a PS3 version. I would suspect EA’s “opinion” has more to do with this b****cks than anything else. Especially considering these guys all coded for the PS3 in the past.

  2. so in other words microsoft paid them off as rumored & here i thought they were better than activision guess not

  3. Both PS4 and X1 use the same CPU as well as DirectX 11 to render their games, also both AMD GPUs since nVidia is out of the running… I don’t believe it should be that hard to port. I don’t believe this reasoning for one minute, unless other developers come forth and say that the PS4 is as hard to code for as the PS3 was, that is.

    As for the inability to use the 5GB of RAM, it’s a probable byproduct of relying on loading from hard drives/discs instead of tossing the game into RAM. They don’t know how to use up so much RAM from a system. Even back when gamers tried GTA IV and said it ate 4GB of RAM up like nothing, that was probably using Vista where it used more than 1GB of RAM easy on its own, and the game would only use up about 2GB on its own. I think Skyrim is the only game in recent times that actually could use past ~2GB of RAM, and that was due to a patch post-release to take advantage of higher res textures and mods and the extra power in peoples’ PCs.

    • Really? are you absolutely 100000000000000% sure it WILL be on the ps4? where is your source? please please PLEASE tell there is not even ONE reason(which woud currently be titanfall)to buy the Xbox (D)one. it can’t be true, is it?

      • @David
        I think Abolla is referring to the fact that this is likely a timed exclusive, probably for a year. It’s been speculated and reported on by many news outlets from sources they claim to be reliable.
        If that’s the case, considering they are a very small company, that’s something I could live with.
        And even if porting is easy, it’s still extra time and man/woman-hours they probably want to spend making their first game as polished as possible.
        Not everything is a conspiracy.

    • Sorry, bitch. Once the time is up on the exclusivity, the better enhanced version will hit PS4.

  4. sorry bitches, its coming for ps4. they just interviewed the developer yesterday and said its “definitely” not out of the question. xbox just gets it first due to the being first exclusive due to the agreement they had. its just like cod xbox will get it first the ps4. no biggie ill wait.

  5. if theyre having a problem with Xbox one’s mere 5 gs of DDR3 ram why woudlnt they go with the PS4 as it has more in both quantity and quality of ram.

  6. Because MS paid them to make a Xbone/360 timed console exclusive.
    The comments on difficulty of developing for Xbone have no relevance to
    a comparison of Xbone and PS4, because they were not developing for both yet,
    and the choice to develop for Xbone was due to ‘business relationship’ with MS.
    By the time they do the PS4 port there will be more dev experience floating around
    with PS4 specifically and the next gen in general, so along with the 50% more GPU power,
    the PS4 port should work out just lovely.

    re: PS4 FPS, that it was revealed the Killzone demos running on real PS4 hardware at E3
    were only using HALF the RAM on the machine (Sony upgraded the spec relatively recently for devs) really indicates the upside it has in dev potential, and that memory is fully exploitable in all directions, taking running non-render computer code on GPU and running it back to the CPU in addition to normal render pipeline. Xbone has a more restricted memory model, along with supposedly reserving more for OS and such, but early games shoudn’t show much difference between them even if PS4 has more potential upside along with the 50% bigger GPU you are getting in the package for $100 less.

  7. Lol, I love the wishful thinking, I needed some amusement! Xbox only, and as we bask in the sweet glory of mech warfare, you can sit there with your Sony and keep wishing!! XD

  8. I think that Xbox people are bashing the Sony people here is because they know that the brand (Xbox) they have come to love is going down the tubes along ther the Xbox community. I feel bad for you guy so if hopping that this game does not come out on PS4 makes you feel good then by all means go at it.

  9. Im just saying Bill gates is an idiot i mean really he just waves a check in EA face and they take it not thinking about the future it could have been the cod killer if it was on ps4 and other platforms just cause microsoft has money doesn’t mean they should ruin the ps4 players experience.


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