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Reports of PlayStation 4’s not working surfacing already?

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Say it ain’t so! There are a few reports coming out from customers who have already gotten their hands on a PlayStation 4 of their consoles malfunctioning, and one not even working at all. A user over on Reddit is saying his won’t even turn on. What’s worse, he also claims Sony is refusing support at the time due to the console not being released yet. See a screengrab below:


On top of this, a thread on the popular forum NeoGAF has members echoing similar problems, with one saying that after playing a game of NBA 2K14 and subsequently inserting Battlefield 4, the console prompted for an update, in which the controller turned from blue to white and has stopped working.

Elsewhere, Stephen Totilo at Kotaku had this to say on his PS4:

Aside from all this online stuff, there’s one other awkward detail that I can’t accurately assess at this moment. It’s this: the first retail PS4 we got from Sony didn’t work. Now, please, don’t panic. It’s impossible to tell how much of a fluke this was or whether this is the canary in a coal mine of pending PS4 hardware troubles.

Whether this a larger issue or just isolated incidents is yet to be seen (hopefully not), but we’ll know soon enough two days from now.


64 comments on “Reports of PlayStation 4’s not working surfacing already?

  1. These are predictable launch issues – to be expected – will be patched quickly or just return to the store for a new one. No big deal.

      • Has this guy had the initial 1.5 launch patch? and anyway NO major hardware launch in the world has a 100% success rate – even a percentage of the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxys malfunctioned at launch. PS4 will either be patched, or if that unit is faulty, it is under warranty, so you just get a new one – what is the big deal? I’m sure there will Xbox1’s that will malfunction at launch.

      • That’s right, it is. Good thing you have absolutely no clue whether or not that’s the case here. -_-

  2. Oh god yes, finally the truth is out. What now PS4 elitists…your console isn’t so wonderful after all, I’m going to jerk off to the bad news all day long

    • lol, amen brother. I wouldn’t care if Sony fans hadn’t spent the better part of a year ripping Xbox to shreds. I’ll be getting both consoles, and I want my Playstation to work… but it’s nice to watch fanboys eat crow.

      Greatness Awaits.

      • Why would he be mad, DIPSHlT? The Xbox ONE is going to work as expected. Is it you PS4 sycophants who are going to have to deal with bricked consoles. Personally, I can afford to own both. But I’ll wait till the get the bugs worked out (perhaps next year) before I pickup a PS4.

          • There may very well be. The difference, fucktard, is that we aren’t sitting around going, “Yeah, yeah, the Xbox Roxxors while the PS4 suxxors.” or whatever you rabid imbeciles say. Like I said, I will buy both.

    • I’m sure the Xbox One won’t have any problems. Seriously, you can’t declare victory for a console based on a few scattered incidents. Especially since nobody has a Xbox One yet (or at least they can’t use it if they do).


    • Nah you’re just perfectly brainwashed…it’s a glaring fact that the PS4 is made of cheap internals. Oh not only that, the PostitStation 4’s wobblegate ensues.

      Wobbleness Awaits. :D

  3. oh nooooooooooooo… if this is the case… all helllzzz will break lose thursday at 9:00 PM PT (12:00 AM ET)


    • Many people are receiving their next gen consoles early through promotions and giveaways. Nothing shocking about it…

  5. you ps4 crashes at gamestop, a few are up already, so did MS pay gamestop too? Stop apologizing for sony. They have 1080p and horrible frame rates, and a weak line up. Knack got a 4/10 score. oh yeah, and sony is spying on you and they even admit it 4 days prior to launching. At least xb1 told us what was up since e3. Sony played you guys AGAIN!

    • This comment is pretty funny, I know this is just wasted on some insignificant peon but alas I feel the need to educate such a poor grammar ridden soul out there. Now let us begin with the correction of this spew! First off, Hardware and Software are so intricate in how they communicate that every computer in the world has thousands upon thousands of errors everyday. Should you like to check this, open up your control panel and check the Event Viewer under Errors and Critical alerts and you should see a couple THOUSAND over the course of two to three months. Difference in programming and OS Allow for on the spot corrections on PC’s while Consoles are limited in their ability.
      Moving onto “Lineup” they share roughly 40% of the same launch titles only one being unique is Ryse: Son of Rome, Titanfall doesn’t count as it’s going to PC too and that is where I will be playing it rather than on the Xbox One, why pay more or less? Really…..Sony has had over 4 public events, 5 direct interviews and plenty of PR. Glad they mentioned someone at E3 because I have heard crap since then from Microsoft outside of an Occasional Third party forced interview / statement. If you dig a little further you’ll see users are discovering that it’s sometimes a HDD issue from Fragementation, if that’ word is to big for you it means “HDD Software conflict” in a very rough lamens terms.
      Thank you for you’re time, I appreciate you reading. Should you need to find me I can be found in NC. I Stand behind my statements and will be more than happy to oblige any concerns

    • Horrible frame rate? Show the source for this please. You realize COD Ghosts on xbone had to be dropped down to 720p for “optimization”, AKA couldn’t run on xbone in 1080p.

      Sad thing about that, it’s a LAUNCH TITLE. If they’re having trouble with a launch title, especially with the engines COD devs make which run really well and efficiently, that spells bad news for games 2/5/8 years from now.

      Sony didn’t “play” anyone. That’s just a ridiculous statement from a ridiculous person. No one even knows what the actual issue is, whether it’s hardware or software. Derp.

      Also, 5 bucks says Ryse will score lower than Knack. Both games are rubbish, but at least with Knack it’s pretty obvious it’s meant for children.


    • Yeah because the actual restaurant is receiving the orders and shipping them out alongside Quesadillas and shit, right? Wrong, moron.

        • you’re*, you’re*.

          If you’re going to call people idiot and moron, try not to look like an idiot and/or moron with child like grammar mistakes.

        • Wow you typed “your” out of context twice in your post! Fail!

          It’s *you’re (for future reference).

  7. With bad news coming out regarding the Ps4, xbots who have been quiet since e3 are now coming out the woodwork talking sh*t

    • Lol yeah. They FINALLY see a chance to try and get the upper hand after the Xbone went through one disaster after another. The funniest part is that the ps4 hasn’t even officially launched, but of course being xbots they’re all pretending that EVERY ps4 that will launch has this issue. Maybe it will, but they have no idea of knowing that.

      Said this in another thread, but it’s also funny that they’re giving Ps4 crap for 4 or 5 defective consoles while FIFTY percent of 360’s broke. It’s like an obese guy calling a chubby guy fat.

  8. Here is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZGUwLK9OaY&feature=youtu.be

    It fails and refuses to turn back on. Not good sony. ALSO, if you are in Jackson MI, they have had a Playstation 4 kiosk with 2 PS4 preview units set up for about 2 days at Gamestop in the Westwood Mall, and I was in there last night and I was watching a couple of dudes play a demo of Knack, and one of them randomly beeped and turned off with no warning. A gamestop staff member went over to the kiosk with a key and opened it, pressed the power button, the screen flashed the PS logo and switched back off. Well, there you have it.

    • ps4 hasn’t officially launched you fool, watch when the shitbox will launch…. it will have issues as well like all hardware does on initial launch

  9. Cool on this page I have to mark the whole comments to be able to read them lol… give the comments a fitting background, please, this is terrible!

  10. Nice work Sony, a handful of systems my ass they rushed this product.
    What a joke, garbage launch line-up, a horrible online service and now
    hardware failures. This will be the end of Sony’s game division if it’s
    widespread. You wiped Sega out for this garbage, you should be ashamed
    of yourselves.

  11. Xbox Mafia retards, your console is a flop. Please stop crying for one day so discerning players can enjoy true next gen and not more gimmicky waggle.

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  14. U guys suck I turned my PlayStation on more than 63 times and it says update file on a flash drove and I did I plugged it in more than 63 tomes and not working I’m going to buy Xbox stuff for now on I’m going to make a website so popular about ps4 sucks people are going to buy Xbox’s if you guys don’t fix my PlayStation n one month u will pay for it


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