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Report: EA forced DICE to rush Battlefield 4 to beat Call of Duty: Ghosts to store shelves

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It is well known that Battlefield 4 has had its fair share of launch issues over the last week or so with crashing servers and issues in-game with the sound cutting out, I’m sure you know the gist of it by now.

The problem may not be down to DICE’s fault, and I never think it was, I’ve always believed it’s the publishers which are causing buggy game releases as they set unrealistic dates, and it seems to be completely true for Battlefield 4.

According to a QA tester at DICE, EA pushed through the quality assurance phase to make sure that they could beat Call of Duty: Ghosts to market, and that they simply didn’t have enough time to test every single combination of weapons, vehicles and features.

The QA tester spoke to a Reddit moderator to say that they did test Battlefield 4, but it wasn’t exactly an easy job.

Let’s say we test the SPAS-12 in June before we release. Then a sound guy makes a change in July which breaks it. Do you test everything again? Do you forbit anyone to work on the SPAS-12 after we’ve tested it?

You can read the entire exchange between the QA tester and the Reddit moderator below, which tells the very true reality that a lot of gamers don’t understand. It isn’t the developers causing the issues, it’s the publishers trying to push games out too quickly.


EA did manage to beat Call of Duty: Ghosts having released BF4 a week early, but has it hurt them in the long run with a broken game which is constantly being worked on to make sure it’s fixed?

  • Pete Naylor

    The endless war between publishers seems to be slowly but surely killing gaming. Just let the devs do their work, and if a game needs to be delayed until it works properly, then let it be delayed. Bad Company 2 came out four months after Modern Warfare 2, but it still managed to put up such a large fight given how back then Battlefield was a far less well known name than Call of Duty. Better games that people talk positively about are what generates sales to new players, not aggressive release dates


    I just do not understand why EA has to force the release of the game…I mean it is bad for their image as a publisher and it is bad for the battlefield franchise which in my eyes stands for good quality. I can wait for a new game if it is even better when it comes out. Right now I think that this is the worst release version of a battlefield ever and thats just sad.

    • Mindless HD

      Why do you think they are considered the worst company? Things like this will put you in that category. They didn’t care if the game was finished out not, they just wanted to get in the stores before Call of Duty, selfish actions by EA.

  • enkoo

    Not surprising… not surprising at all.

  • radicaldreamer

    DICE needs to leave EA and find a new publisher.

    • enkoo

      EA owns DICE and everything associated with it. Even if they leave and make a new studio it wont change a thing. Maybe…

      • Mindless HD

        Sadly, you’re right.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    this is sad. EA should bitch slap themselves for making DICE look like shit when they’re not.

  • twinspectre

    Call of Duty and New Battlefield are killing gaming
    Battlefield should return on its roots

    • cubs223425

      Not true at all. I don’t even get this argument, really. If you’re going to say that ANYTHING is killing gaming, it’s the customers. They buy recycled games, not the developers or publishers. I find it really hard to fault a company for releasing an iterative product when it near $1 billion in sales and beats the numbers of its predecessor every time.

      If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the kids and bums who buy nothing but these iterative titles. I freely admit to having bought and enjoying many Call of Duty games, but I also recognized when MW2 was garbage (though it wasn’t until I got Black Ops, after LOADS of time spent playing MW2 happily), and I got MW3 as a buy 2, get 1 free deal used at GameStop, then sold it to my cousin because it was so crappy and redundant. I refuse to give Infinity Ward money for garbage, but it sells really well, so I also don’t fault them for releasing it.

      • twinspectre

        because these games are for casual gamers

        • cubs223425

          LOL, please take the time to define “casual” gamer. I always love when people use the “casual” and “hardcore” terms for gamers, simply because no one ever actually defines them.

          The only time you can actually define the lines for “casual” and “hardcore” is in something like WoW, where you have harder content and World-First races and competitive arenas. Basically, only when speaking within a single game at a time can you define the term. To put either label next to “gamer” is confusing when there is absolutely no kind of metric.

  • cubs223425

    See, I’ve had this purchase embargo on EA for years now (except of NBA Jam on my 920, I haven’t bought a game from them since Rock Band 2 in 2008), over that Online Pass garbage. People told me that I was wrong for punishing DICE with that action, because DICE isn’t EA. I responded “but the attached themselves to EA, and that’s bad,” and this is the prime example. You get yourself into position to get railed by an overbearing publisher like EA, and your work suffers.

    I’d have rather seen them team up with ANY other group–Ubisoft would have been put into a great position if it paired this shooter with Assassin’s Creed on the general action side, but I guess EA has the most money and power, so that’s where DICE went (no idea how these deals work, so I have no idea why they chose EA over another publisher).

    But the chickens came home to roost, and we have a prime example of the downside of online gaming–we get half-assed products which need weeks of patching to become playable. Delay your darned games a month and make them work. Even if you have to delay it 3-6 months, it beats putting a bad taste in the mouths of customers, especially when you’re EA, who needs every shred of goodwill it can find.

  • Will

    …On a side note,Wtf is with the colors on this page man??

  • dicklepickle

    Shame on dice for not joining Steam.