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PS4 pre-orders leading 4:1 against Xbox One in Netherlands

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Dutch retailers are no longer guaranteeing PlayStation 4 pre-orders for day one release, this happened in the UK recently too. But more notable is that the retailers released the data about the pre-orders, and it seems that the PlayStation 4 is leading by 4 to 1.

NeoGAF user Aiii found the information, and is asking people to fill in this survey, so he can see if this is a global trend or not. He’s also posting up live updates from the survey here. We encourage you all to fill it in.

44 comments on “PS4 pre-orders leading 4:1 against Xbox One in Netherlands

    • yeah..fake or typo. There’s something one should cling onto when facts can’t be digested.

    • Its in an online paper in the netherlands. Its a “statement” released by gamemania and nedgame stating ps4 launch version has sold out and its selling the x1 out by x4. Its legit believe me

  1. There’s an ebgames in Toronto(Canada) that has 81 PS4 preorders to 19 Xbox one preorders. I know it’s just one store, but yea… the comparison isn’t close.

  2. It’s a fake article, but the Netherlands is filled with paupers, that’s true. Another NeoF-AG fool trying to lie himself into there so he can be an “insider”. LOL!

  3. Ariel you must be retarded to say something like that about the Netherlands. They have a higher GDP than the US. So much for paupers. Idiot.

  4. hey just as expected butt-hurt xbox fans…now start commenting like the nation is full of paupers. Both consoles are good, but only the better will prevail.

  5. It’s funny how things initially (last year) were projected to trend…like polls, pre-orders, regions all being owned by M$. Reality bites.

  6. Wow, $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard drones are an absolute joke. The Netherlands, don’t make me laugh about that tiny PoS country, it’s irrelevant!

  7. The Netherlands are not alone, the PS4 has already sold out in the UK and other countries around the world – Sony have massive hit on their hands. The main reason is the current generation consoles have lasted too long, and any gamer above the age of 5 is fed up with crappy cheap mobile IOS and Android games with horrible graphics and crappy touch controls. Gamers want a true next gen experience – the PS4 is the one to get for this experience.

  8. its the same here in the UK as well, i work for a massive retailer and we just got word actually stop taking pre-orders on the ps4 because son y could no longer guarantee day one delivery. 4:1 ratio shown on the official paperwork i got sent from head office, followed by “please can we cascade the info to all staff that we need really heavily drive xbox one pre-orders, to meet sales plan” found myself thinking ‘not gonna happen’…

  9. Nope irs not a fake, the store who mentioned this is GAMEMANIA. And anotger retailer has a ratio of3:1 called nedgame

  10. The Netherlands? Don’t make me laugh at this shit. Nobody cares about those delinquents and their poor PoS taste.

    • Oh be quiet you butt hurt Xbox fanboy. Why don’t you just get your head around it now so that you can just DEAL WITH IT when the systems are out and PS4 completely annihilates the Xbox One. Acceptance is the first step in getting over something!

      I don’t understand WHY its such a surprise anyway? Only the 360 has come Anywhere NEAR selling more than a PS system and now the PS3 has sold more now anyway(after clawing back an 8MILLION units sold difference)

      This is just Sony carrying on the trend they’ve ALWAYS had after suffering a little blip in the first 4 years of PS3s life.

      Just DEAL WITH IT!

  11. The people that buy PlayStation here are still mostly trash, comments from PS fans on Dutch websites prove that time after time. The price difference will make the Xbox One a purchase for the richer elite and will have less trouble from the trash folks, which I think is good.

  12. A NeoGAF user? Seems legit. NOT! That bunch of no-life douchebags think they can control the industry with their bullshit, when in fact they are only showing that they are socially isolated basement dwellers who are still taken care of by their mommies.

  13. I hear a lot of bull about “richer elite” vs. “paupers.” I’m guessing that’s from one person who I’ve seen around the Internet.

    You’re a sick douchebag. Xbox or PlayStation, they’re just video game consoles.You have no reason to be referring to other human beings that way. You have no respect, you don’t deserve to be heard, you barely deserve to breathe, and you can take all the “riches” you collected living in your parents’ basement and shove ‘em where the sun don’t shine.

    • He clearly doesnt know what he’s talking about. I’d rather see “us Dutch people” as sober consumers who dont like to being lied to, as well as being a second hand customer in regards to the US. I think the pre order numbers in NL are clearly a reflection of that and doesnt have much to do with he price. If you really love your games, you will by your favorite consoles, wether its 100 or 150 euros more shouldnt be a show stopper.
      It would be for parents, but i honestly dont expect parents big pre order-ers :)

  14. It’s quite simple.

    All the negative reactions from the US’ spy/NSA/Snowden scandal has gotten everyone spooked. Add to that Micro$oft’s instance the XBone Kinect MUST be connected in order for the game console to operate has gotten everyone mighty suspicious and fearful for their privacy.

    Throw in the fact Micro$oft collects gaming and viewing habits of users for generating customized advertisements and it amounts to one HUGE slap in the face for consumers.

    Who in the right mind wants to buy an XBone??

  15. Awww, guess some poor $0ny PauperStation N4Gtard got his knickers in a twist. Too bad you can’t buy a new pair, just like the used games and freebies you need.

  16. I see a M$ troll here posting with different names. If he does spam this in every PS4 article I request an ip ban from this site.

  17. I see a $0ny troll here posting with different names. If he does spam this in every Xbox One article, I request an ip ban from this site.

  18. People saying 50/50 for Xbox 360 and PS3 now in the Netherlands are lying or fooling themselves and the weekly and monthly software sales prove it that the Netherlands is a country where PS is just more popular, for multiple reasons among which stupid brand loyalty.
    PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 there with a higher pricepoint so this doesn’t prove anything about future sales however as the Xbox still has a very dedicated fanbase.

  19. fking xbot in denial drone queers…nobody wants a system that cost 500 dollars and forces you to have a gimmick camera and a very underpowered gpu..ms f-ed this up so hard.. sony is hitting on ALL cylinders… long live the fucking king that is PLAYSTATION… xone is gonna be in a long struggle with the wiiu for 2nd place… btw,when its all said and done,ps3 will catch the wii

  20. Wow,
    I rarely came across such racism, on a simple gaming news.
    Where are the moderators? Will report this site, for sure, with all the comments made.

    How can we talk about a country like that? Netherlands, Spain, japan, or any country which isn’t located in the north america, they all deserve some respect. Who these kids think they are, when calling Netherlands pos country? Just because an american company gives you a console where you can kill non-americans doesn’t give you the right to think all the other countries in the world are just shit. Also, just because America manages to sell 25 million Xbox 360 in the USA and 15 million outside america ( the remaining 40 millions were replacements due to the 55% failure rate + people buying a third, forth, sixth console, as they kept dying because of the rrod) doesn’t automatically mean the Xbox one will now sell 1 billion units. Many countries in Europe are rich, and even countries where people earn 450€ a month, hundreds thousands guys still manage to save money, during one year, and get a ps3, that they know it will be reliable, with no rrod joke, and will give them lots of fun, during 10+ years. That’s why people prefer Sony, in Europe. They just aren’t enough patriots and sadistics to buy a console , KNOWING it will fail a couple of months later, all that just for supporting a national brand, instead of buying a much reliable console like the ps3.

    Once again, taking about reliability, just check the Xbox one size, which is huge, as is the power brick, which is a prove the console’s design, consumption, etc, wasn’t mastered by microsoft, when, the ps4, which barely has the same components, is half the size and weight, and requires only a simple cable: That is the difference between a company that has been manufacturing millions devices for the last 30 years, and a software company that manages to sell a 300$ word/excel editor to a person that will only use 0.001% of the features(type simple text,print,save file) , along an 200$ OS that is barely a new skin of the previous one.

    So please, a little more respect for the rest of the world, OK?
    And accept the fact ONLY in US the Xbox one might be successful, the rest of the world preferring Sony and the ps4. We may be ‘pauper’ but were not stupid to buy flawed rrod devices behind a pay wall, where the console is advertised with 30 features out of the box, and 29 requiring paying our hard-earned money. I trust Sony because my 3 ps3 still work perfectly, and my x360 I bought in 2006 died 2 months later. Microsoft fooled us once, but we won’t be fooled twice. That’s why most European countries will have a 4-1 sales rate and will choose the ps4. So please, guys, accept the fact Europeans don’t want to be raped by microsoft. If you accept that, power to you. But we, we won’t.

    Once again, stop being racists.everybody is reading you, and even with all the snowden stories and all the power you have, you still look damn insecure. To the point you don’t even want people to buy a ps4.

  21. ^That’s the thing, people don’t want to buy a PoS4, because they’ll be losing out with a big L on their foreheads.

    • I really wish these Americans who think they are better then everyone else will shut up. You Americans should be greatful for these countries, after all you are in debt to them (yes, a couple a trillion $).

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