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PS4: First debug console used to showcase games to UK retailers spotted

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While the PlayStation 4 has been shown off numerous times already in various events, it’s usually a “simulated” PS4, which means it was a PC with the innards of Sony’s upcoming next-gen console in it.

That has changed yesterday, as the company, for the first time, demoed an actual debug PS4 unit to a UK retailer. However, they will be showing the debug unit to other retailers in the future.

Verified to me by the owner of video game retailer Sholing Video, he was able to take a picture of the PS4 in his shop, which you can see above.

In addition to showcasing the actual console, Sony also demoed four games, which were Knack, Octodad and two others. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t able to name the other two, but from the description he gave me, it sounded like horror game Contrast by Compulsion Games.

So for those worried that Sony has yet to show off games running on actual PS4 hardware, put those worries to rest.

20 comments on “PS4: First debug console used to showcase games to UK retailers spotted

  1. I was playing the PS4 last week at the Gamestop Ireland Manager Expo in the RDS. Driveclub was there on the actual console, trophies were unlocking and everything. And when you pressed the Home button you could access the actual new XMB and I got to see some features not shown anywhere else yet. If it were running on PC none of these things would have been possible.

  2. So when we’ve been seeing supposed “PS4″ footage it’s not been on legit PS4 consoles….good to know the Sony smoke screens still happen.

      • harharhar, you called it an Xbone, guess you sure showed me. I guess you’ll continue showing me by buying a PS4 and playing indie games and ported PC free-2-play games, and games on peer-2-peer connection, while I’m stuck playing next gen games and games on dedicated servers..whoa is me!

        • Hardy harhar, enjoy playing mediocre exclusives when it releases bloke. Dead rising 3, ryse, killer instinct, forza all will have low reviews and unimpressive launch sales. while I play “Superior” exclusives like Killzone shadowfall, Infamous second son, driveclub, the order 1886, knack, Outlast, Deep Down, The witness, Yakuza ishin and more. Now these are 90 and above rated games.

          • enjoy playing ryze

            You’ll be bored within a week. Take a look at the developers, and tell me what they did. Nothing. Crysis was a major flop of a franchise, that no-one enjoys. High-End visuals don’t make for excellent gameplay.

      • Microsoft has been up front about what Xbox One has been doing, Sony has been “assuring” people that all that we’ve seen on PS4’s have been legit PS4. Turns out they were full of crap, per usual.

        • Find me a quote from an actual Sony rep saying that something like E3 was running on actual PS4s. If anything, they were at most running on the giant dev kits, not actual consoles.

          • That’s all I’ve been hearing from Sony fans! How Microsoft is showing things run on PC, why would they say that if they knew the PS4 footage wasn’t actually PS4 footage?

            I think Sony is guilty of misleading quite a few people here. Nice to see they have absolutely nothing actually running on PS4 hardware, where as Xbox One actually is using Xbox One’s to run a lot of the games they show off, and are actually taking real Xbox One units on tour to the people.

          • So your response is that Sony fans have been saying it. So Sony hasn’t been misleading anyone, because they never said anything. It’s not Sony’s fault you chose to believe what some kid wrote on an IGN board or something.

            Seems like you’ve been going at this anti-sony junk for a while now anyway. Remember this article (http://n4g.com/user/blogpost/crapgamer/515209) when you said Sony would NEVER catch Xbox this past generation. Well now PS3 has outsold Xbox360 this past generation 80 million to 78 million, despite MS having an entire year’s head start.

          • There’s a difference between a PC and devkits. Early on (ie at E3) almost all X1 games were running on high-end PCs. PS4 games were also run on PC or early devkits. At Gamescom and after, pretty much all PS4 games have been running on PS4 devkits. Final devkits are essentially the same as retail units, save for the case and software. We have seen far more multiplatform games and games in general running on PS4 devkits compared to Xbox One.

            Sony is saving their retail units for sale. Doesn’t make sense to waste retail units on game shows when devkits suffice and they will be supply constrained at launch. Microsoft is doing the same thing… all of their games have (recently) been running on devkits, too. Sony has not mislead anyone so I don’t know what you’re talking about. First of all they haven’t said anything on the matter, and games have been running on PS4 hardware (devkits) for a while now.

  3. Wonderful to see! This should silence the losers like Crapperson who continue to post FUD, but at this point they’re too in deep in their delusion to see sense. Looking forward to seeing the final build of games!


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