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PAX EAST 2013: Leaked Super Street Fighter 4 balance update coming

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Capcom announced at their PAX East panel that Super Street Fighter 4 will get a new update to balance it, Top Tier Tactics leaked recently. But what we find more interesting is that Capcom are currently asking the public to give suggestions on balancing, but apparently they’ve already finalized the update.

General Changes and Fixes

  • Reintroduced Championship Mode. This popular tournament-style mode from the original Street Fighter 4 has been reinstated by fan request!
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause a player to repeatedly fail to connect to a ranked match
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from unlocking character colors
  • Added two new characters, Dark Akuma and Evil Seth. While characters like Elena and Alex were popular in Capcom Unity polls, their special move inputs are too counterintuitive for most Street Fighter players
  • Improved connection speed and latency for all international regions except the USA
  • Removed the Replay Channel

There’s a lot of character changes too. While it’s great to see that they’re still making sure the game works well, it’s bad to mislead fans, if it’s true that this is the finalized update.

6 comments on “PAX EAST 2013: Leaked Super Street Fighter 4 balance update coming

  1. I believe this is a fake/troll article. And a pretty funny one at that.

    – remove replay channel (REALLY?)

    – if Ryu and Evil Ryu touch during a match, a Double K.O. will immediately occur for lore continuity reasons. (LOL)

    -For lore reasons, Guile has been confined to a
    wheelchair (more on this in Street Fighter 5!). All kick attacks are no
    longer available; however, Guile is now immune to low attacks.

    Seriosuly, this is too funny but also too fake!

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  3. wait, dark akuma and evil seth?
    wasn’t akuma already on the dark side of the force?
    and isn’t seth already evil or is the normal seth a good boy?


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