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Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180” on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter

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By now, chances are you’ve heard of Microsoft’s “180” when it comes to their DRM reversal, but what about the other people who don’t frequent gaming sites, forums and the like? Well, it seems the company is now also sending newsletters reminding people that yes, they’ve reversed their stance when it comes to people owning their games.

NeoGAF user shagg_187 has received a newsletter with Microsoft emphasizing that “your” Xbox One will mean “your” choice, “your” games, “your” time and even “your” call if you want to take online or not.


I gather Microsoft really wants this image in every gamers hands — especially since the Xbox One’s release is but a few months away.

Hopefully, Microsoft remembers this and doesn’t attempt to restrict our games in the future.

22 comments on “Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180” on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter

  1. The Xbone is now the Xbox 180. But why would anyone want a $500 console that was so poorly designed anyway?

    • these crazy things called games… there will be games on the xbox one that won’t hit the PS4 and vice versa

      • What is this rationality you speak?! Everyone knows only blind retards could ever see anything even remotely positive about MS or the X1… /s

        • oh i know i must have hit my head somewhere i’ll correct myself now …. PS4eva xbox one never, i think that works quite well now

        • same could be said about the PS4 depending on your personal preference.. i’m no fan of KZ, hate racers, knack reminds me of a kids game that i’ve no interest in exploring, alot of the other games announced are available on the PC or the vita which i currently own. I’ll be picking up the PS4 for Infamous when that comes out and the inevitable classics from ND

          also wouldn’t say alot more it currently has 9 more pure exclusives (not console only exclusives so that takes out titanfall on the MS side before you launch on that one), one being a F2P, one potentially coming to xbox one if rumors can be trusted (i personally think it was just bad wording in the statement) and a fair chunk are indies which came with the headline “launching first on the PS4″ which implies they’ll eventually branch elsewhere

      • Games… sure thing. Short term gain there, but supporting anti consumer devices is not a good thing. Fuck Microsoft. miss out n a couple of very average games, and I’m sure everyone will reap the benefits of no console manufacturer trying this shit on us ever again.. THAT is why no one should buy this piece of anti consumer shit from Microsoft. And there is no arguing with that :)

        • no benefits you say? hmm i’d like to think the ability to sell digital property as a pretty major benefit. average games? MS tends to release games that not only receive a high metacritic score but have great reception by gamers and reviewers alike.

          and the fact you view games as a short term thing on a games console says alot about you really.

        • “Anti-consumer” is nothing more than a buzzword – It’s a nonsensical term. Companies can make bad products or products that don’t interest you or have features you don’t want, but these are examples of being undesirable or unfavorable, not “anti-consumer”. Anti-consumer would be like a sliding board with saw blades down the middle, or a restaurant that serves toxic waste as a dish.

          • It is not in the consumers interest then, as Microsoft with to degrade the ownership of our games. pay premium price to essentially rent a licences agreement? and a big F**K YOU when the servers go down. no thanks mate. And if you are happy with that be one of the few that purchase that crap :)

          • Servers going down? You mean like this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PSN_outage

            In my 7+ yrs on XBL, I’ve rarely ever encountered any sort of service downtime. As far as XBL and PSN went for the current gen, you got what you paid for, and PSN was free… And paying a premium price for a incense? You mean like with every game you buy, regardless of platform? It written right in the EULA, or the “End User LICENSE Agreement.”

            I can see you have a massive boner for hating MS, but I simply don’t see it. I don’t have a problem with them. I enjoy their product and the services it brings me.MS isn’t a fucking charity – they are running a business, just like Sony, and although Sony may come off as the more personable, “for gamers by gamers” company, trust me, getting your money is their top priority as well.

          • Dude. They turned off XBOX live for the first Xbox. They will turn off Xbox live for the 360 and one day they will turn off the authentication servers for the XBOX ONE. good bye digital purchases!

      • Not to mention Online only is out of the reach of many gamers out there. Microsoft can piss off as far as I’m concerned.

        • xbox currently has 48mil users of xbox live.. doesn’t matter if they’re silver or gold it shows they have access to the internet wouldn’t say 48 million is an insigificant number when it comes to gaming

          • Not insignificant, no that is not the issue really, it really comes down to how they are connected that made the entire “always-on” feature a nightmare for some. My friend is a gold member but has a cruddy DSL connection that cuts out frequently and requires careful planning when doing even the simplest down load.

          • They did also come out and say the check in was so small you could likely do it off a mobile phone 3g signal. i personally believe it was shitty PR and planning that caused this to fail so quickly.

          • I agree and have been saying similar things for awhile now. It wasn’t the initial vision of the Xbox One that was so bad, it was how MS delivered the news to the public. They likely could have kept every aspect of their initial plan intact, with much less fuss from the community, if they just communicated better. Like a good joke, it’s all in the delivery.

  2. It all looks nice when you just look at those words, but any experienced gamer/techie person who digs even a fraction of an inch further into this matter will see how many issues One has compared to the PS4 and why buying it might be something to wait on if you are a blindly loyal MS fan.

    Sorry MS, but you’ve made YOUR BED, so lie in it.

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