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Microsoft disables YouTube comments on Xbox channel following negative comments

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xboxone6With the Xbox One reveal being considered a disappointment by many, it’s not a surprise that the comment section of the Xbox YouTube channel has been hit by a vast amount of hate.

Microsoft were quick to block users from commenting, but not quick enough:

xboxcomment2 xboxcomment1

Above are a couple of examples of what can be found on the archived page.

Microsoft really needs to bring their “A” game to E3 if they hope to win back the support of gamers. They have told us (repeatedly) that games are going to be their main focus this year. Let’s hope they deliver and put an end to all of the hate.

See what we thought of the Xbox One press conference and how it stacks up against the PS4 reveal here.

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  • madmark99

    LOL they have blanked your link page too, no comments visible :)

    • http://pixelenemy.com Mack Ashworth

      Scroll down a bit <3

    • http://here.com timmy

      They didn’t blank it. It’s a cached page so is updated periodically. The commentless link is just a more recently cached version of the main page.

  • SONY



    • BS Meter

      Wow. This guy is just going to post this pitiful racist drek on every site, isn’t he. Guess what? Nintendo and Sega are Japanese companies too. So what?

    • joey

      aren’t you that guy that goes around talking on behalf of Sony? you are a sad sad man. I’m sorry for you.

    • NachoKingP

      You’re an idiot.

  • zebo

    Please leave MS alone.I
    still don’t get why videogame mags/sites talk about xbox1984.
    They are not competent enough to judge or review a cable box.

    I’m a happy slave and will stay an MS minion until I die.
    Though ms is going to prove all big brother theories right I will call them still conspiracy theories and not conspiracy practice as only 95% of the theories seem to become true.
    I wanna be tracked by my MS-PC,by my MS mobile,by my MS tablet,by my MS console,watched and listened by Kinect and to beg for permission to sell my game.
    Love you MS and if people gonna too upset let Bill Gates spent a billion more for poor people and keep it secret that he owns millions of monsanto shares helping monsanto to create the same monopol MS has with windows

  • Simon Lynch

    How is it mainly focused on games when it’s called “one” for a reason? Lol they screwed up because everything with them revolves around money, I thought the hole point of Xbox live subscription @ €50 or $60 was to cover everything? It’s all a money racket and there’s no two ways around it, they’re now becoming the Activision of consoles. I’m glad I switched to ps3 after Christmas.

  • LoStranger

    Xbox One SUCKS!!!!!

  • dashieofthebeards

    PS Eye

    Also, most people say you will have to pay for Sony’s online

    Also, most of you people seem to suck at English, thus making you look ignorant.

  • 6582009

    What a collosal FCK up!!!

  • ano1batman

    If games WERE their main focus they would have announced the games first.

  • Benjamin Zabala

    Hahaha! These comments are hilarious-I pity Microsoft so much right now. NO wonder they blocked the comments; they’ve made a living spectacle of themselves in less than a week- I don’t know any other company that has the media power to influence SO MUCH controversy..LOL XD I still want the Halo series to continue so the better get things up and running and right with gamers or else this will spell their doom at least in console gaming. It seems they have their priorities for console gamers and PC gamers totally backwards since the two groups have some different preferences but share a common factor: GAMES; I think Microsoft is too full of themselves at this point because of Xbox Live and the Arcade raking in money..with 48 million subscribers! OMG! they might as well get a Guinness World Record for most notorious monopolization of consumerism-they’ve EARNED it without fail! They had better fix this only because of Halo- I never cared too much for Microsoft’s other offe1rings. They screw up Halo also, they’ve got another thing coming from me and other gamers because I know I’m not the one out there who still appreciates and is a hardcore fan of Halo..once they destroy that I’m done with them and I’m sure many others will follow suit. I speak what is, not what others want to hear. What’s Microsoft gonna do to gamers? Charge them for bad rep without full representation or even accuse them by stating their rights as an entertainment provider give me a break!! What this has shown me is that their future is uncertain while Nintendo is the complete opposite with consumers fleeing to their console causing a 875% sales boost on Amazon UK..what are the chances of that!! This is why Nintendo always rules..its impossible for them to fail..and of course Sony since they’ve made their comeback too. Yes, Sony (and Nintendo), Asian Power!!!!! Sony. make. believe. make a new, original, intelligent, robust, idea. believe in the eloquence of the imagination so that it influences the future.

  • http://pixelenemy.com Mark Remo

    Try again, Microsoft.

  • http://brianc6234.wordpress.com brianc6234

    I’m surprised they didn’t disable voting. A lot more thumbs down than up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/greg.hakes Greg Hakes

    89 Percent PS4 support, Looks like game Over.

  • http://gravatar.com/catch22af Kurakot

    That’s not even what’s terrible with the xbox, it’s the constant money sucking

  • http://gravatar.com/catch22af Kurakot

    You guys are mad because they made the xbox a glorified tv receiver yet you guys weren’t mad when they were charging you guys a subscription to XBL to play games and use apps that you already pay a subscription fee to, on top of paying for the internet?
    The most unexpected thing rile you up. but I hope xbox listens to their customers.

    • http://gravatar.com/k1lr0y k1lr0y

      That is definitely another primary reason I will be switching to PC/PS4.

      >Paying for Internet
      >Paying for Netflix and Cable
      >And then having to pay AGAIN to use the services you are already paying for…

      ESPECIALLY when it is free everywhere else, Xbox is the ONLY place where you have to pay a SECOND time to use Netflix, you can watch Netflix FREE anywhere else on any other device without having the pay a SECOND time.

  • DefenderOfDOOM

    well MICROSOFT XBOX ONE press release was not too good. What was really bad was the Adam Sessler interview done with a Microsoft representative at 6pm the same day. Adam Sessler made him look like a politician with something too hide! Great job representing the gamers Adam Sessler! name of youtube video ” MICROSOFT RESPONDS” Must watch!

  • DefenderOfDOOM

    also i wrote the 2 comments using my ps3! i do not even have a playstation plus membership! XBOX 360 requires a fee just to use internet search . Microsoft has put a bad taste in the XBOX360 gamers mouth by having to pay for services that r free on most devices “YOUTUBE, internet search, ect…” Microsoft needs to address current gen. problems first like lack of free games for GOLD Members and lack of exclusives! Gamers just want fun good games PERIOD!!! buy the way i will not get a ps4 until i finish all the great games from this gen! that means i will pick up a XBOX 360 when i can score 1 for under 100bucks, to play all their exclusives i have not played,campaign only and offline! i am huge fan of SONY, as a former employee of GAMESTOP i really want Microsoft to succeed , Microsoft XBOX emloyees really need to focus on getting your fans trust back! hint gamers just want to play video games!!!! just give them what they want for a fair price with value.

  • http://twitter.com/RobbieToomer robbie toomer (@RobbieToomer)

    Oh how i love a $h1t$torm.

  • chris

    come on guys you really think this system will not play games that it will have problems playing games comparable to the ps4. everyone knows that the xbox will play games. there just putting out what the system can do. if you say that i use the xbox and ps3 for games is a bunch of crap. How often do I use my xbox to run netflix, hulu, watch movies. beleive it or not alot of people use the xbox other then a game console.

    xbox one does not need to be just a game console with the specs simular to the ps4 I don’t think that gaming would be a problem. I don’t fault microsoft not showing off the gameing side of the xbox one.

  • http://gametrailers.com Micheal Pachter

    Microsoft simply accepted defeat right there, go SONY, go PlayStation 4!

    • Benjamin Zabala

      Yeah, Michael Pachter! Sony and PS4 rule while Microsoft and Xbox One drool in their own pity and stubbornness :D

  • http://dirksterdude.wordpress.com dirksterdude

    The 360 primarily concentrated on beating the PS3 as a game machine that could do more than play games. Not that it actually won or anything. That means the people of the core audience of the 360 interested in the latest and greatest from Microsoft will be Gamers first and TV watchers second. Microsoft is trying to turn that around to get Gamers interested in so much more and many do not want to go there. The 1 thing Microsoft knows is that if the X-Box One doesn’t play games comparable to the PS4 they WILL lose this console generation no matter what else that pretty little box can do. The only thing Microsoft’s reveal showed me was that they really were not ready for the reveal in the first place. Microsoft’s problem is the MESSAGE not the MACHINE.

    • Ben

      They better straighten out the message then because so far Microsoft has left everyone in the industry and the media very confused, if they believe there machine is that revolutionary and don’t feel like losing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carpenterforeman Carpenter Foreman

    We’re going to see the games at E3. Xbox doesn’t provide Cable, you need to have it already, which due to the complaints, it seems most people do. You don’t have to be standing at all to control Kinect. We already know it’s a device for facilitating the playing of video games, why talk about that? You’re going to see the games at E3, nevermind the fact you’ll see them eventually. I sympathise with Microsoft because everyday I try to do something nice or everyday I take a step outside of my house and immediately I’m confronted with the burden of other peoples’ stupidity. Which I have to compensate for, I feel like Microsoft is going to have to bend over backwards at E3 just to prove their worth to a bunch of fucking idiots.

  • dashieofthebeards

    Thank you, Carpenter

    People, you realize that the PS4 hasn’t even shown a single thing about their console other than games, right?

    When they show all the negatives at E3 you’ll be mad. If they don’t show it but it has it when you buy it, you’ll immediately go the the Wii-U with no games or the Xbox.

    • http://gravatar.com/catch22af Kurakot

      You must be stupid. Yeah that’s why everyone think they did a good job because they showed what gamers want to see, which is games. When E3 comes around I’m pretty sure they’ll show the gamers what they wanted again, which would be games, and how Sony will make playing it better. I don’t know about moving to the Wii U but I would get a Wii U no matter if Sony does bad or well, they’re just a good wholesome console hands down. I want PS4 because it has better hardware than the Wii-U.

  • Thitania

    Wow im quite disappointed there still no news of an angry mobs group go around beating up ms employees or torching their stores.

  • Petru

    я розочиравался в Microsoft

  • Nick

    Im a xbox 360 fan and probably will always play it.
    But it seems like Microsoft has made a big mistake with this new console.
    I cant see Sony ever doing the same.
    Gaming is too much of a big thing in Japan China and the surrounding areas and that’s where Sony’s heart is.
    I got a feeling Im gonna be getting a ps4 this year…
    I am not proud of this considering all the times I made fun of my friends for using ps3 and ps2.
    But hey I want a console made for gaming not for all this other crap.
    And the fact I wont have to pay to play games online is a major bonus.
    I shall see you all in the long queues to buy PS4
    I will be the one with my head hung in shame.
    Thanks MS for shaming me

  • hi
  • skyrim1985

    microsoft xbox one are fucking losers they know that sony ps4 is going win microsoft are paying third-party publishers to not show games on ps4 xbox one what the fuck is that shit name playstation all the way me fuck off microsoft shitbox one

  • Hypergriffin11

    After the Xbox reveal, the stock percent for Nintendo and Sony went up and Microsoft’s went down almost 3%. Ouch!!!