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Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone,” thinks it’s disrespectful

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When Microsoft revealed that the next-gen Xbox’s name was going to be Xbox One, some people clambered to think of a shorthand term for it right off the gate.

Of course, that’s easier said than done since it’s not as easy as the Xbox 360 being nicknamed the X360 or Sony’s consoles continuing with numerical names (PlayStation 4 = PS4).

Unfortunately or fortunately — depending on your point-of-view — some people have nicknamed the Xbox One as “Xbone,” since it’s a play on Xbox, the word One, and the fact that some people considered Microsoft’s original DRM scheme for it as “boning” consumers.

Over on NeoGAF, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has just recently gotten his membership approved and people already made a “Welcome @MajorNelson at GAF” thread started to officially welcome the Microsoft spokesman into the fray.

In it, Nelson proceeded to answer a few questions regarding the Xbox One and one user asked him what he thought of the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone” to which Nelson replied that he doesn’t like it, and thinks it disrespects the teams that worked hard on it.

I don’t like it…it disrespects the teams that have put in thousands of hours (already) into the development of the product. Sure, it’s cheeky but I don’t care for it myself.

I personally don’t use the term Xbone when referring to the Xbox One and honestly don’t have a problem with it. But then again, I’m not part of Microsoft or worked on the console itself so maybe Major Nelson has a point?

Are you fine with the Xbox One being called Xbone or should enthusiasts think of a better nickname for Microsoft’s next-gen platform?

For more on the Xbox One and Major Nelson, make sure to read up on how he’s looking forward to the “truth” to come out regarding the PS4’s alleged 30 percent power advantage over the Xbox One.

140 comments on “Major Nelson doesn’t like the Xbox One being nicknamed “Xbone,” thinks it’s disrespectful

  1. While I agree with Major Nelson, I kinda wish he hadn’t said anything; now, people are gonna use Xbone more, just to get under his skin.

  2. Well you better get used to it Major, I personally think it’s hilarious and it’s going to be either that or Xbox One… Eighty. Pick your poison! He should calm down, it’ll likely stick a good 2 years into the generation transition.

  3. I feel sorry for the engineers who put in thousands of hours of effort into designing and building the console, only to have that work shat upon by their bosses and their dictates.

      • Far from “famous”, rather its more that commentators such as yourself can’t come up with any valid counter-points to defend your stances.

        For instance, the XB1 is a good console and has great games coming out for it, its just that the users policies built around the machine have practically damned it out of the gate.

  4. Well they kinda deserve it for pulling that DRM crap and giving it a stupid name. We already had an xbox one, it’s the original xbox.

  5. He doesn’t like the term “Xbone”, I don’t like the NSA spying on me. Your move, Major.

    • yeah like the NSA is going to make a deal to have access to a GAME SYSTEM. also idiot, there are no live feeds so there is no way they can watch you, only the game you nutjob.

      • MS has already admitted to giving out peoples personal information from Skype. So yeah, you can throw that nutjob line out the window.

          • No… read the actual leak documents. They can access every skype call in and out of america. And it’s all stored on a giant server farm. There is no law, its boundless data collection on everyone and Microsoft have been complicit in this.

          • Ofcourse they can, any company has access to your info. It depends if they use it for wrong things which they addressed immediately after people blame them for this.

          • You obviously don’t understand how rights, warrants, the rule of law and the burden of proof have been compromised by the Patriot Act. Retroactive justification has become commonplace.

          • After completing Infamous Second Son i can say it was a fun (albeit) short experience…I think Sucker Punch made a great new. Character in Delsin and i thought the powers were pretty neat. I think i would give this game about an 8/10

      • So you’re implying that since I’m “already” being spied upon, I shouldn’t mind having a camera installed in my home? You can take steps to protect yourself on your home computer, but Microsoft owns the Xbox One hardware, camera, and the network that it connects to. They grant you a license to use it, but only in the way they say is acceptable. Dismiss my caution if you wish, but it’s hard to call me paranoid considering that there is demonstrable proof that Microsoft enabled the electronic monitoring of their customers.

        When the NSA declassified the documents, did you hear Microsoft at any point say that going forward they would stop cooperating with the NSA? Or apologize? And you’re telling me to grow up? This isn’t a crackpot theory about faking the moon landings, this is a legitimate concern based on fact.

        • let me ask you this, who are you in this world that you think they have any interest in watching you. farting around your living room playing games, yeah i doubt they are looking for you, so you shouldnt worry to much

          • The “if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear” argument is blithe and facile. Do you have curtains on your windows? Who are you to think that someone might be looking in your windows? It doesn’t matter if no one is watching. I should always have the right to close my curtains. Considering Microsoft’s track record with SPI, I wouldn’t be so dismissive if I were you.

      • Calling someone a Douchebag, which is what he is, makes me a 12 year old?

        Interesting logic you got there.

          • Calling someone a Douchebag, which is what he is, makes me a 13 year old?

            Interesting logic you got there. Boy, such creativity in you youngsters these days who thinks it’s cool to be an internet-provocational delinquent. I certainly hope you don’t assume me to be 14 years old or 11 because I called someone a douche.

        • How is he a douchebag? He is one of the best people working for MS. And he cares the most about you, the consumer.

          • LOL, cares the most about you. Well, thank you for admitting that you think a company cares about you. Or that PR care about you. That’s rich.

            You’re confusing them caring about your MONEY…..with your well-being and your opinion. Microsoft of all companies couldn’t give two shits about what you think, it’s like, you’re thinking consumer feedback made them do all those 180’s when really it was that they knew their decisions were holding them back on profits and that their policies that they worked so hard; which were designed to Fuck you over originally….were conceived WITH LOVE, Because those guys truly care about us, EH? But they still designed those original DRM policies and beyond.

            They changed it, because it’d have been the death of Xbox if they didn’t, and profits, market-value, shares, investments were going to Crash by all industry professionals looking at them and jaw-dropping not in awe, but shock of how Microsoft could go so wrong.

            Take that as a piece of advice not to think a company/corporation ‘cares about you the most’. It’s Business….Business is to make money while trying to be as transparent as possible to your real motives and intentions. Or, that is most of which could be defined as ‘American Business Practice’.

          • DRM policies being shit… Well, now I know you are an uneducated little twat. DRM would have brought consoles into the future. SONY doesnt give a shit about people, and neither does MS. Major Nelson… just him, actually tries to help people having issues. He cares. Love? of fucking course not. Grow the fuck up kid.

          • I responded calmly and with maturity. Your counter-response was that of a raging 13 year old and here you call me a ‘kid’. Ironic.

            I’m done with you. :)

          • You used the meme wrong. At least the picture is not worth saying you used it right. You lack the necessary brain function to correctly pick out a picture… of all things.

  6. I agree with him, it is a disrespectful nickname. It’s stupid and childish but of course the kids think it’s “cool”. But hey, that’s what they get for giving it an idiotic name in the first place.
    I like that Microsoft is doing the whole “we are one and united” thing but Xbox One is still one stupid ass name for the third damn console in the series.

  7. Yeah its supposed to be disrespectful stupid. Just like when I call Major Nelson a smug lying douchebag shill is meant to be disrespectful.

  8. I don’t like the way Microsoft is handle the Xbone launch. I think it’s disrespectful and insulting to think that we as gamers will just fall in line and buy your next console because we liked the last one. I think that the actions Microsoft has taken on the whole showed a lack of trust and what amounts to criminalization of gamers with the draconian DRM policies that were initially announced, and I also dislike the way Microsoft acted like petulant children as they took all of the (admittedly few) good ideas when they did their now infamous 180’s. As a company Microsoft has done nothing to instill good will among gamers and has instead treated us like a money making commodity.

    Long story short, forgive me if I don’t give a fuck about your hurt feelings, Larry. I’ll exclusively call it XBone from now on.

    • Yeah, just like I was expected to get a second job to buy my PS3…

      Stop making this an exclusive Microsoft thing. Sony did it last gen, they recovered a few years later.

      If you actually understood what was being attempted with the Xbox One originally instead of spending time in a thesaurus for words like “draconian” you would understand that the DRM element war to stop it from being simple to buy a game, load it to your HD, and then give that game to a friend to do the same, all while keeping your consoles offline. It actually made a ton of sense.

      Acted like children how? They temporarily removed features that were tied to a digital ecosystem. You want to use the disc, sorry but you can’t quick-swap games. That’s an obvious side-effect…

      Generally a large corporation shows goodwill by listening to consumers…which they have. You might be too young to remember but there was a thing called New Coke. It sucked. It was recalled and put back the way it was due to consumer demand. Coke stocks have never been higher.

      But admittedly, you’re right: Sony doesn’t care about your money or brand devotion, they just want to be your best friend and hang out and braid your hair…

      • Seeing Sony struggle should have been a damn good sign of what not to do. Microsoft has no excuse for this. And I read a hundred books a year; I know what draconian means. Nice ad hominem attack though. It really shows that you have no point to stand by.

        • First, Sony and Microsoft are not making the same mistakes, so no, they shouldn’t have learned from them at all. Second, I did and do have a point. I actually addressed every one of your points, even the ones where you call a corporation a bunch of “petulant children”. Who’s committing argumentative fallacies now?

          • Don’t be so reductive. If you honestly can’t see that Microsoft is making the same types of errors that Sony made at the beginning of this generation, then you should probably refrain from engaging in intellectual conversation as it’s something that outside of your capabilities. Microsoft is showing an insane amount of hubris much like that of 2005 Sony (somewhat unjustified, as they aren’t anywhere near the market leaders with the 360 as Sony was with the PS2), and they are falling into the same types of pitfalls. It’s like if one person slipped on a wet floor and fell and another person slipped on a marble and fell. The point isn’t what they slipped on: the point is that they fell.

          • How am I simplifying? You’re trying to state that one company telling you it’s a privilege to afford their console, and that you should make it a goal insofar as to work more/harder to afford it is the same as the other telling gamers that if they aren’t ready for an online console that they should stick with the 360 for now. That’s not the same. Are they assuming and a little elitist? Sure. Are they one in the same? No. You’re doing a much harsher job of generalizing than I, that’s for sure. And still to the point of the actual matter at hand, you’re spending time upping the vernacular instead of making a solid point. Sony chose to fight a format war with PS3 and it cost them early in the cycle (then paid off, with unit sales at least…I’m not aware of the software/active consoles ratio). Microsoft’s biggest mistake was not having enough to say and hoping that people would understand what they were trying to achieve (which happened…after they reversed it)

          • Now you’re backtracking. I’m not the one who brought Sony into this, you did. First you say “Sony did it last gen” and now you say “That’s not the same”. Come back when you make up your mind.

            Better plan: Don’t come back at all.

          • Backtracking? I’m replying to your latest point. Yes, I originally brought up Sony…to point out that both companies have faced bad PR due to mismanaged messaging. Your original comment implies that Microsoft is the first to go overboard with what they expect gamers to accept because of a past success. I pointed out that such a viewpoint was incorrect. At that point you started with the slander and assumption about what Microsoft was attempting to do with their original policies. I countered your argument, and tried to bring examples of similar corporate blunders of the past to show my point.

            What “Sony did last gen” is assume people wanted their console enough to pay whatever they wanted to charge for it. The reason it’s “not the same” is because Microsoft if trying to push a format (which worked for Sony) and isn’t at risk due solely to price-point. Everyone seems to have a problem with EVERYTHING they are doing at the moment, which is just nit-picky. Case in point, there’s a whole comment section telling a man to go to hell because he thinks it’s disrespectful to relate a console a lot of people worked on, and no consumer has yet even touched, to getting ‘boned’.

            I really think our whole issue here is I assumed, wrongly, that you didn’t have a University education (or at least was not well read). I apologize that I offended you. My case still stands as is though, I don’t see why you believe that Microsoft has been ” it’s disrespectful and insulting” or how you felt criminalized by a fair use of software gateway. The way that whole DRM thing has been thrown around lately (why am I ‘punished’ if I don’t steal) is no more logical than arguing magnetic tags in a clothing store. It only affects you if you want it to affect you. Yes, there have been missteps in that area (Sim CIty 4) but assuming what has happened in the past will absolutely happen going forward is naive.

          • At no point did I mention at all that Microsoft was the first screw up in the industry; far from it. I’m more or less a student of business culture; shit like this and details of the inner workings of the industry fucking fascinate me. And no, the exact specifications of Microsoft and Sony’s respective screw ups aren’t the same, but they came from the same spirit of hubris. Any “games journalist” worth their salt is and has been drawing parallels between 2005 Sony and 2013 Microsoft. That was and is the whole point. I don’t like that way Microsoft is behaving and I’m calling them out. I’m not even saying I’m never getting the X1; I’ve gotten every major console from the Dreamcast on and I’m sure the One will find its way into my home at some point as well. But to say I have to be happy with Microsoft’s antics is patently ridiculous.

            Apology not accepted. Take that as a lesson to not assume things about people.

          • Whateter, I’m over it. I made my point, you got caught up in semantics. Things left unstated are still implied. You imply that MS is an evil corporation and that Major Nelson is a tool for wanting to defend the hard work of the company that emloys him.

            Also, having read through other comments (because, why not) I can see you just like arguing without an actual point to make. “To be fair, Sony hasn’t been much better in the past.” Not like THAT has any relevance to this thread…

            *stalker alert!*

            That post has nothing to do with this one; please don’t talk to me.

            Aaaaand that’s my exit. Keep you opinions straight and address the actual argument at hand.

          • God you’re a bitch. I bet if the DRM was liked, SONY would have implemented it. Sony is a bitch childish company. I mean they just attack Microsoft and don’t even care about their own console. (“This is how you share games on the PS4.”)

            Sony had the PSeye with the PS4 originally, making the PS4 $500, since MS released their Kinect will always be with X1 speech, Sony pulled the PSeye (an inferior piece of hardware) and dropped their price by $100.

            Microsoft had great Ideas, but the dumbass people of the internet, and little kids that heard “Cant use a disc on more then one console” flipped a shit. DRM would have been exactly what next gen needed. I fucking hate that stupid fucks made MS reverse that policy.

          • Then stop coming on to posts about the xbox one, just to get pissed about the xbox one. What the fuck.

          • Troll? So someone who thinks it is stupid to go on a post about the xbox one, which you are not being forced to click on, and then hate on it is now considered a troll. Go the fuck away, and continuing being an ignorant fuck.

        • hehe nicely put.

          Beware the readers, they like know stuff and make valid points that cant be refuted.

    • Well posted☺

      “Long story short, forgive me if I don’t give a fuck about your hurt feelings, Larry. I’ll exclusively call it XBone from now on”

      Exactly Why should gamers care about MS when they didn’t care a rats arse about them?

      XBONE has been lost in the limelight of PS4 due to the BS MS tried to pull off on consumers. And now it’s back fired due to the consumer not having any of their BS the MS workers don’t like people calling a machine by it’s shortened name? LMAO! People say it’s a disrespectful stupid nickname, BUT Xbox-One = XBone for short ( blame MS for the stupid name NOT the gamers )

      • Right.
        -doesn’t like my console of choice
        -must be a troll.

        Except the part where I have all the systems and some of my favorite titles are Xbox Exclusive?

        Yeah, fuck off.

        • I’m a gamer and as such I play all games no matter what platform. If it looks fun I’ll play it.
          I’m a mature and sensible person, if I wasn’t, I never would have gotten over the Sony hack that left us all without PSN for a whole month.
          So what, you have all systems that’s no excuse to carry on like an irrational twit. MS made a couple of mistakes and corrected them so get over it and act you’re age! We all forgave Sony didn’t we?
          Oh, and don’t be hating just because I called you out on you’re own stupidity.

          • “I’m a mature and sensible person”

            “Grow up fanboy”

            “You trolls are pathetic.”

            Also, you can’t fucking type worth a damn. That has nothing to do with anything, but I thought it should be pointed out.

          • Nah you’re an abusive a-hole who instead of forming a coherent counterargument relies on lazy stereotypes like ‘fanboy.’

  9. thank god i thought i was the only one that thought only i pronounced it
    x-bone, when people write it that way

  10. So if the teams has spent thousands of hours into the product, no one could spend a few more hours coming up with a better name? Your fault for calling it the Xbox One.

    Just the same for any parents who name their son “Dick”, no offense.

  11. wow, imagine how it moves the masses. I think you should pick name that doesnt sound so stupid next time.

  12. What you tried to pull with this dead on arrival console was even more disrespectful. Never buying it.

  13. First, they shouldn’t have come up with a stupid name. This goes partly to the message of what the product represents. Microsoft has also been off message since the X-Box One came out. To this day with the product releasing in 2-3 months I still have NO IDEA why they named it X-Box “One” instead of “XB3″ or “720”.

    Second, video games are an expensive hobby and I think people felt Microsoft was “boning” them with the restrictive “DRM” and such. Making additional fun of a stupid name for the X-Box One was simply another way to demonstrate there displeasure.

    Third, if everyone who worked on the X-Box One along with Major Nelson feels calling the next X-Box the “X-Bone” is disrespectful maybe they should grow a tougher skin. While people may buy the box I think they will not forgot anytime soon how they felt so betrayed by Microsoft with restrictive DRM.

  14. It’s not just a nod to the shitty reveal where a highlight was a dog. It’s a legitimate abbreviation. Calling it just the xbox is confusing and calling it the one is lame. People are lazy. Xbox + One = Xbone.

  15. Frankly, no one cares what that guy says ,, M$ disrespected it’s customers with their DRM ,, and Xbone won’t Bone

  16. Is it just me or does “XBone” keep digging themselves into a deeper hole? They keep trying to defend themselves in unprofessional ways. “Gamers don’t understand” or “It is very disrespectful when you…” XBox One Executives keep fueling the fire.

    Stop pointing fingers and complaining. Start telling people what your console is good at and stop telling people what it is not bad at. It’s not gonna help us change our mind.

  17. I don’t like MS locking my games and DLC when I’m offline on 360. If they were too stupid to realize that we were already not happy with the XBLA DRM, what with all the FEEDBACK they’ve been getting on the subject for 6 years. They deserve to be apathy’d out of existence. I can’t speak for anybody else, but they’ve lost me as a customer. I don’t do business with people who can’t understand the basic principles of commerce.

  18. You get the nickname you deserve. That’s how nicknames are picked in the first place. Your company behaves like dicks, you get nicknamed XBone. The name IS MEANT to be disrespectful. Here’s a line for you Major Nutwad, “Deal With It”.

  19. I don’t like Major Nelson… The XBL pay wall is disrespectful to the customers and now Sony is following in that footstep.

  20. A nickname is always earned, never manufactured. They dug themselves into a corner really. What did they expect? XOne? X1? just One? The nickname XBone is the epitome of the fan reaction, and rightly so.

  21. No, instead of Xbone let’s call the ‘X1′, ‘XO’ or even ‘the one’…i can see one of those happening. I’ll LOL if the latter option ends up being used.

  22. Well, then maybe they shouldn’t have been so boneheaded as to think designing around what the Publishing Companies and Integration “experts” wanted instead of around what gamers wanted would be welcomed & celebrated by Gamers.

    And, quite frankly, there’s nothing special about the XBox Team or what they do that merits special respect for the work they put in. It takes thousands of people to make a modern blockbuster, but I bet Mr. Nelson doesn’t think twice about criticizing movies he doesn’t like.

  23. Isn’t more offensive for the PR and Marketing departments to fowl up their jobs so much that the public associates the Xbox One with “getting boned” by Microsoft?

  24. The “internet” came up with Xbone in 1 day…. when coming up with the name “Xbox One”…. did Microsoft really NEVER think of it? That’s just another example of how poorly they handled their PR and advertising.

  25. It is disrespectful, and it’s designed to get people’s dander up. It would be like calling the PS4, “PS Death” or “Play Station Death.” As the word for Death and the Number 4 about the same in

  26. and we dont like spying on us, taking away used sales and pricing their weaker system higher than ps4.

  27. Eat it Xbone! Major Nelson is a douche bag. 90% of gamers are totally disrespectful anyway. So what did you expect? Have you ever played Call of Duty online? There you have it, Xbone foo.

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