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M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, DICE confirms

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Update: I’ve included a short video from our YouTube channel, in which I tell viewers the news, and what it really means for Battlefield 4.

The M16A3 was often deemed the “most overpowered weapon” in Battlefield 3. It was definitely one of the most popular weapons, and there was a lot of controversy surrounding it.

The M16A3 had low recoil and insane accuracy. It was like a laser beam, and a personal favourite of mine when needing to don my “tryhard pants”.

However, the weapon annoyed a lot of people, and many complaints were made. Now it seems that DICE have heard the whining, and have opted to remove the fully automatic M16A3 from the release build of Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer. Alan Kertz, lead core gameplay designer on BF4, repeatedly confirmed this on Twitter:

The M16A4 will still remain, which is a burst-fire variant, but there will no longer be the full-auto death laser.

The “M16A3″ you may have seen in gameplay footage, is in fact a mislabelled M16A4, which has now been corrected:

What do you guys think of this? Did you consider the weapon overpowered in Battlefield 3?

55 comments on “M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, DICE confirms

  1. Just wait, this same shit will happen again. I’m not saying the M16A3 isn’t great in BF3, but people complained too much about it. It’s not as overpowered as everyone makes it out to be. It’s just the most well rounded gun in the game. There’s a difference. In BF4, everyone will recognize the best gun in the game, and make the same complaints again. It happens in every shooter. Everyone thinks that best gun in the game = overpowered. No. Not even close. It’s just the best gun. The M16 is a jack of all trades, but a master of none. It can be beaten by other guns.

    People would rather piss and moan about the most popular gun to have it changed, instead of adapting their play style to beat it.

  2. M16A3 is my favorite weapon in BF3.
    Its not overpowered .. I only used it because of that.
    There is a lot of weapons that are better and faster in killing .
    But prefer killing people with skill rather than the weapon’s power.

    • lol skill usinf an M16A3? point pull trigger kill reload same again, more needed to use other guns. the M16A3 had hardly ant recoil so was EASY to use! it’s the easiest gun to use so becomes a noobs gun!

  3. There’s always one weapon that stands out from the crowd. No matter what FPS you play, there’s always one weapon that is too good.

  4. Looks like the great Nerfing campaign has begun already. And no, I never used the weapon, I was the guy blowing you all up with frag rounds from my IRNV equipped USAS-12. ;)

  5. I never used it that much really. i switch around a lot, when a gun gets easy mode i usually drop it for something different

  6. You can’t make everyone happy. Either u take it out and people complain or u keep it and people complain. You nerf it; people complain, you buff it; people complain. Its as simple as that

  7. Strange. It seems like most of the other ARs handled a lot easier. Battlefield is supposed to be a game that provides a war experience. Its not the same as COD which is just a FPS with guns but does not feel like war at all. I don’t care they eliminated it, but seems odd.

  8. a new m16 will emerge jus with a different name. thing is that in any way even in reality one gun is better thn all. so u cnt do anythng to avoid it. if u want a balancd game thn go shit with just 1 gun fr each class and same attachments preset u will have the best balancd game ever

  9. It makes absolutely no difference lol, anyone that thinks it changes anything is very very naive. Take out a “op” gun does that suddenly make everything balanced? No in fact all that happens is that its replaced by another one.
    Balance in a game like this will never exist so congrats whiners you achieved nothing.

  10. I don’t really care because if M16A3 is gone then something else is bound to be OP. In the end it doesn’t matter.

  11. Wow….can’t believe they took out my favorite gun ever since 2005…seriously M16A3 whiners? Just because many people use it doesn’t mean it’s OP. DICE made a really wrong move and the whiners think they’re victorious cause the gun has been removed. We have the M16A4 and we can pretend it’s auto, but I can’t accept the removal of the gun. There are more weapons that will or might be OP at Battlefield 4 and people will whine and complain over it

  12. Couldn’t be happier , the gun IS over powered or you wouldn’t have so many people crying about its removal, guess they are going to have to try learn new weapons rather than play with 1 gun out of about 50. Its the only gun im constantly being killed by and 9/10 the guy using it has hardly used any other weapons and just racked up 50,000 – 200,000 kills with his no recoil railgun m16 … happy days its gone

  13. Attention people whining about the whiners:

    The game wasn’t removed because it was OP. It was removed because the M16A3 is in very limited use, the M16A4 is standard issue for the US Marine Corps.

  14. Attention people whining about the whiners getting the gun removed:

    The M16A3 was not removed because it was OP, it was removed because it’s in very limited use. The M16A4 is standard issue for the US Marine Corps.

  15. Now there will be another overused Gun and i guess it will be the AEK (just saw the stats in the Loadout)

  16. Now they can work on fixing the M16A4 in BF4. Because in CQC when it comes time to spam that trigger, half the time it glitches and doesn’t fire at all. Not very helpful with a burst fire weapon

  17. fuck DICE i pay a lot for the game with a M16A3 fuckers. never gone bay a game from Dice EA games. fuckers.

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  21. I don’t think the m16a3 is op, but it’s annoying getting killed by c100 tryhards over and over and over with it. It’s a great weapon for bad players or players new to fps games. It shold be considered overused, not op. REALLY overused.


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