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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII CGI opening movie and Aerith costume vid released, will remind you of FFVII

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Square Enix has released two new videos for long-in-development RPG Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

First up, the video above is comprised of CGI and shows us the city of Yusaan, and of course, protagonist Lightning.

In the video below, we see Lightning dressed up in Aerith’s dress, which should bring back a flood of memories for Final Fantasy VII fans. Heck, even without the Aerith video, the cinematic trailer above somehow reminded me of Square way back in the PlayStation 1 days.

If you’re old enough to remember, the PS1 was a powerhouse when it came to RPGs and no other studio then was as big as Square and its mega-franchise Final Fantasy. At the time, Final Fantasy was the Call of Duty of that generation. How times have changed, eh?

Thanks, Gematsu!

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