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Level-5: Ni no Kuni sold 1.4 million copies worldwide, Professor Layton series sold 15 million

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Ni No Kuni

Level-5’s Vision press conference took place this morning in which CEO Akihiro Hino revealed the company’s sales performance among other items on the agenda.

Professor Layton series have been the most successful with 15 million copies sold worldwide. Level-5 also announced the upcoming Layton 7, a “role play puzzle” game for iOS, Android and 3DS. On the other hand, the critically acclaimed JRPG game Ni no Kuni sold 1.4 million copies in total. This figure includes worldwide PS3 sales and Nintendo DS Japan sales.

The Guild series, a compilation of games like Liberation Maiden and Crimson Shroud, sold 400,000 thousand copies in downloads. 50% of these were overseas sales. The Inazuma Eleven series also enjoyed their success, though mainly in Japan and Europe, selling a total of 6.5 million games.

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