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Just Cause devs: Wii U dev kits “collecting dust,” no plans to develop for the console

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In case it wasn’t obvious enough, Nintendo’s “next-gen” console the Wii U is having a drought of good third-party games at the moment.

Unfortunately, you can add Just Cause devs Avalanche Studios to the list of developers who aren’t making any games.

In an interview with Norwegian site Pressfire (translated by NeoGAF), Christofer Sundbderg, founder of Avalanche, states that not only do they have “no plans” for the Wii U, but the dev kits they have of the console is actually “collecting dust.

Keep in mind that the text below came from Google translate, so it might sound a bit off.

No. Not at the moment. My kids play “Skylanders Giants” on Wii U. It’s pretty much the only dealings I have with the console…We actually had some develop (dev kits) consoles that just collected dust. It’s a little sad, because we were supposed wanted to do something. I think it is a cool platform, but right now it’s not just up to us. We want the game to release an as wide as possible.

In addition to that, Sundberg mentions that they think the Wii U’s user base is too small for them to risk developing a game for it, and adds that Nintendo is “difficult” to reach, claiming, “Nintendo have from our point of view has always been difficult to get in. You never quite know where to turn. Now, however, we have managed to get through, via the publisher we work with.”

Sadly, this honestly doesn’t surprise me anymore. Hopefully, Nintendo listens to some of the feedback from studios and corrects them for the sake of every Wii U owner out there.

Is this news even shocking to you at all or are you expecting it given Nintendo’s past consoles?

24 comments on “Just Cause devs: Wii U dev kits “collecting dust,” no plans to develop for the console

  1. I’m not surprised, it seems a lot of publishers and devs are a bunch of lazy idiots nowadays

    • “Lazy idiots”. I want to see you try and do the level of work that’s needed to make a triple A game. I know firsthand… there were no “lazy idiots” in sight, I can tell you that.

      • and if you’ve let your development cycles get so convoluted, obtuse, and difficult to program for that you can’t do a simple port, that’s not the fault of the console, that’s the fault of the game makers who have shot themselves in the foot.

        • Simple port?

          You clearly have no fucking clue what you are talking about.
          Wii U is simply the worst console to develop for third party developers.

          Not to mention that Wii U is barely an improvement on previous generation.

          • You hvae nothing to back that BS up Meow. I wonder what excuse you fanboys will use when games on PS4 are also on 360 or PS3. Will PS4 and nextbox not be next gen according to kids like you? Since you and your kind are trying to imply it’s a bad console in every way you possibly can. Fanboys dont get in a frenzy over a bad console from another company. They get in defense mode only when threatened. Which obviously you kids must be to be making stuff up like you have been. What about the games not being made for PS4? What about the devs skipping it completely? You ust also hate the PS4 and think its complete crap because some devs dont want to work on it? No like any fanboy its just an excuse to hate. A dev not on Wii U means its crap but one not on PS4 and its the Dev that sucks. You fanboys are dependable in only one way. You can always be counted on to find an excuse to justify your hate even if it also fits the other console makers as well

          • Apparently I can’t reply to Charles’ comment . . hope he reads this.

            I am not a console player. I don’t care about Xbox, playstation, or Wii. I don’t know why you are projection of your own image, ‘fan boy’ to me you Nintendo fanboy.

            I am not saying Wii U is a bad console because of its technical specifications. If developers wanted to make Wii U exclusive titles, Wii U’s differences between Xbox or PS wouldn’t matter. Wii U is a bad console because Nintendo is not making any games for it and third-party developers won’t do shit unless Nintendo steps it up with good games . . like Pikmin or Metroid.

            To follow up on my claim on ‘Wii U is the worst console to develop for third party developers,’ do you not have eyes? Wii U is completely different compared to other consoles from graphics setting to controllers. Developers have to consider these differences when porting a game. Not to mention time they have to spend optimizing, bug testing, etc.

            For example, Rayman Legends was initially Wii U exclusive. When Ubisoft decided to include Xbox and PS versions, the release date was delayed for more than a YEAR. You see how much money and time developers have to spend JUST to make a port? They have to spend large chunk of money and time to do this. This is not just a simple task of rewriting few lines of codes and paying license fee.

    • You would have to be an idiot as a third party developer to put in time with the Wii U.

      There is an extremely low base for the U, yet you are basically making the same game for 360 and PS3 with about 150 million as a base. Third party stuff has NEVER been supported by Nintendo nor Nintendo core players.

      Cheers and happy gaming.

  2. Third party support for the Wii was very thin. Even Nintendo didn’t release a lot of games for it and that’s been the case since the SNES. But in the future, when it comes to high end games, it won’t be possible on the Wii U. The Wii U is only good enough for Nintendo. Back in the day, the GameCube tech could compete with the Xbox and PS2, but when the Wii was released, it just lost out to the Xbox 360 and PS4. I know the Wii sold more units, but it fell well short games wise. Devs will fall like dead flies soon. Nintendo could have banged on with the Wii for a few more years, then released a console to go up against the Xbox 720 and PS4. Not forgetting that Nintendo have nearly a 100 million user base due to Wii sales. Power is everything now. Without it, the big games jump ship.

    • What are you talking about. The gamecube could not compete ps2 and even the Xbox. The Xbox was out selling the GameCube.

    • power that most devs don’t really utilize as they’re too busy making boring, shiny tech porn instead of games.

  3. At least he said that they’d like to develop for the console and don’t think that it’s just inferior, There’s hope that more people will develop for the console once Nintendo actually releases games on it and it gains a bigger user base.

  4. Why waste time developing games for a last gen console when you can work on next gen games?

  5. There is no proper support for the console. It needs to be backed up with the proper tools. No proper online network is the first big thing about it. Devs want assets that can help them make their game stand out and improve the overall game experience. Wii U doesn’t provide much for them.

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