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“Insider” claims more Xbox One games to run at 900p, Microsoft dev responds

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Xbox One hands-on event - video

NeoGAF user CBOAT has been know for releasing information on the Xbox One before anyone else. He predicted more or less all of Microsoft’s E3 conference.

But now he’s taken to NeoGAF to say that Microsoft should have waited until 2014 before releasing the Xbox One, CBOAT has his own crazy moon language that we’ve translated:

“I hope you aren’t fans of 1080P on Xbox One. When hardware is released you’ll see what I mean about issues. Upclocks too risk everywhere, 2014 was a better idea. Sounds like there’ll be problems a-la Xbox 360 with reliability and it was rushed out to be in 2013 rather than 2014 when planned.


I never said anything about Forza being 1080p, but they should make it. Exception, not the rule though, never mind trying to match eyecandy thanks to esram, 720p- 900p will be the norm on xbone just you watch”

This basically means that Microsoft seem to have rushed our their contender for the next-gen, and that comes through when you’re playing. But we must remember, this is tagged as a rumour for a reason.

But, a confirmed Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit to respond to these claims, saying that CBOAT is using hardware that is made for stress testing.

“I actually am aware of that and know a few of them. You should know we’ve gotten many devkits throughout this past year.

The console in question is a zebra turned stress machine for hardware/heat issues testing.”

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126 comments on ““Insider” claims more Xbox One games to run at 900p, Microsoft dev responds

  1. This thing isn’t even out and it’s already obsolete. Microsoft should never have bothered.

    • Both consoles are obsolete technically prior to release. The 1.8 TF performance of the ps4 is pathetically weak as well. My PC has 8 TF of gpu performance. There is nothing special in that respect about either of them but I am interested in the things Microsoft is doing on their side with the console functionality. Having said that I will be getting both of them due to the various exclusives.

      • Yeah cross fire and sli dont work like that, its dimishing returns if you have two 4 tf cards you probably only getting about 6 tf performance

        • Yes I understand that. I was just listing the specs of the 780’s that I have because if I listed 6 TF I figured I would be slammed by someone stating that no 6 TF card exists. I could’ve have spelled it out but it would have been a longer post. Regardless even one of the cards is far and away more power than the ps4 so the point still stands.

      • Its not so much as to how consoles compare NOW but how they gonna do in the future. Thats what the console fanboys dont get as result from weak consoles and a long generation we have ended up playing bf3 on a console and running on LOW pc settings, crysis 3 and metro last light run UNDER the lowest pc setttings.

        Now keep in mind x360 and ps3 were quite powerfull back then, ps4/xbox one…meh, so now they want to make those consoles last for 10 years, imagine how this is gonna go down, we gonna see more and more generic linear and scripted levels with under 1080p resolution just to keep pushing graphics.

        Its sad, but hey it cant be done any other way, sony and ms cant make their own consoles anymore, they cant afford to spend billions in development. As sony said, ps4 cant fail like ps3. Those who have the powerfull hardware are nvidia and amd, and they gone to amd because they are cheaper, consoles at this day and era need to be as affordable as possible, so no console fanboys you are not getting a “monster console” and as bioware pointed out, to make a trully next gen game you gonna need 10 million sales, so this gen will be a smaller jump than last time.

        • I agree. I don’t think the consoles need to stay around longer than 5 years. It is quite evident with the last round of consoles that were technically equal to higher end pc’s when they launched but the next gen consoles are less than half as powerful as last gen pc cards. I was mainly a console gamer but have shifted in recent years to the PC as the main platform because of the digital ecosystem (that seems to scare console gamers for some reason) and the innovation.

          Consoles can innovate as well to some extent and I like what I see Microsoft doing on that front with the switching, hdmi input, etc. but Sony’s strategy is underwhelming me. Copying the kinect and adding a share button doesn’t really count as innovation in my book.

          • Ill be honest, the fact i can play games on high with a 5 year old pc, yet consoles run them on medium and sometimes on low shows how consoles hold the techonlogy back.

            I wiill use this to support my argument, tomb raider the lat revelation pushed graphics alot for psx, but it was using much much smaller levels than the previous games in order to fit them into the console low ram.

            This is happening now on ps3/x360 with linear scripted shooters with doors closing behind you to recycle resources and save ram.

            After 2-3 years consoles become horribly outdated.

            The most powerfull console NEVER won, mostly it was the weakest.

            PS2 was weaker than xbox and gamecube spec wise, but games were made for it. So in 2004 pc gamers got far cry and doom 3, ps2 had? what god of war? In 2005-6 pc had fear and quake iv which were ported later to ps3/x360…ps2 had? Black!!

            Consoles should last 4-5 years for me, but they are sold at a loss, in order to be cheap which means they need to have a long life span.

            Sorry if i sounded like a pc elitist..

            In the last few years, i see samey games, indie and pc exlusives have brought alot of customizations. I mean take a look at next gen, what they are showing? browser, crossgames chat, f2p, mmo, indie, digital distrubition, you know stuff pc had for YEARS.

  2. Heads up folks…another brokebox fee fix me is incoming. PS4…more power, reliability, and the best first party developers on the planet. Pardon me, would you pass the PS4? Anything less would be uncivilized.

    • The real lunacy starts when misterxmedia’s cretins and the mindless “Xbox Mafia” show up! ^_^

  3. Meanwhile, the 1.8TF plastic toy’s already hammered down & crushed before launch.



      • He is actualy a troll bashes both pc and consoles but yeah the new consoles are trashboxes.

        Feel free to downvote me as mcuh as you want, but remember that sony and ms cant afford to spend billions on research and development, they cant provide powerfull hardawre only the leaders of the hardware industry can, nvidia and amd, they gone to nvidia first, they wanted alot of money, they said that making a console at the price they were asked was not worth it. So they gone to amd who simply picked their APU laptop design with the tablet low power cpu and pasted them on top of cosnoles.

        Thats it, might as well buy a steambox if you want innovation, better control, powerfull hardwaer and better prices.

          • What drm bullshit?

            Being able to re-download the game from any pc at any place in the whole planet is drn?

            The entire point of digital distribution is to get games cheaper and have them available digitally.

            Ps drm is coming to next gen consoles in the form of online only games so you wont be able to share them with friends or buy them used. Titanfall, division, destiny, the crew.

        • better prices? with the supposed specs of them?, keep dreaming. they will be closer if not over 1000$ easy. makes buying one a moot issue when you can just buy a PC.

          • The prices are adjustable depending on how powerfull you want your steambox to be and you can upgrade it later. I bet valve is gonna sell them cheaper like it happens with consoles.

    • Yeah be afraid of PS4, XBONERS and PC RETARDS because it is coming, Nov15 will be the last day of tyranny and deception and freedom and fun will take place, use your retarded power to stop it, but remember it has already begun.

  4. Oddly enough, Microsoft claims about the X1 is ready for 4k? How? by upscaling resolution from 900p? Really??? My DVD player already does that a long time ago LOL

  5. CBOAT is a little pauperfaggot and I have a .50 caliber round waiting for him to penetrate his skull between the eyes. F-ing liar like all the N4Gtard NeoFAG pauperbrigade!

    • You xbots with your outdated xbone hardware, everything thing will be crystal clear even on launch day, you better save these .50 caliber rounds for yourself.

      • To be fair Xbots aren’t going to be paupers because they are paying a lot more for Xbox one for a less powerful machine. So meh.

      • Now now….. So subtle on the irony meow……. So sad that people are not willing to admit to the fact that some times a company will go with their words…… Like “they believe they’ll sell systems just based on the fact that they have an install base as such…..with the 360″

        Go ahead and research it yourself.

        Microlo$t has attempted to be disgustingly concise on their attempts at “the future” it almost hurts. Hence they “FAILED” as they attempted to “revolutionize” the future with their only/always online and digital distribution.

        I get it. the future is “digital”, but lets not CRAM it down our throats since it is already in the works with that last generation of systems.

        Regardless of what anyone says Microlo$t has lied and been lying since the beginning….

    • Jesus christ dude, useing the word pauper is not cool…its probably the lamest shit ever…and you use it in every next gen topic just stop…troll in some other way

    • LOL I bet you’re one of those people that always talks about how PS fans are the worst. You just threatened to kill someone because they are leaking bad news about your console.

    • JESUS H CHRIST (H for Herbert)
      I think you need therapy my friend. You seem offended by people with “Special Needs”, Homosexuals and generally anyone who disagrees with you.
      You my friend are one rant away from your own little Columbine!!
      Take a chill pill, make a friend, get yourself laid (man or woman.. it’s cool either way). Then during your post coital glow make an appointment with a psychotherapist.

    • Pauper = Poor =/= Playstation fans.

      After all, wasn’t it Playstation fans paying $599 for a launch pS3?
      Nothing poor about that.

      Better find another turn of the century word to use. The way you use “pauper” makes you look like you have no idea what it means.

    • wow thats a little over the top, just like youareflatoutwrong i think you too need to see the doctor

  6. Bwahahahaha, look at all this Xdrone damage control! Xbone, the blunder of the century! ^_^

  7. COBAT isn’t even a real person. It is a fake account used by the mods and admin of NeoGAF to post FUD whenever a thread starts to get too positive about the Xbox One. Their Sony moneyhat is really showing with these latest comments, since you can clearly tell they weren’t written by the same person who usually does CBOAT’s posts.

    • “S-Sony is paying a forum most people have never heard of to say bad things about muh failed console!!!!”

      Never change, Xigs. ^_^

      • It’s funny how you PSwhores are so incapable of rational thought that you consider the Xbox One a “failed console” before it’s even been released. That just proves how successfully you’ve been brainwashed by the moneyhats at NeoGAF.

        • I only wish I was being paid to communicate with morons like you. Alas, I recognised the Xbone’s failure as soon as I saw their awful reveal and has been confirmed by every abysmal conference since.

          • oh my god you’re both little
            baby’s why don’t you both shut the fuck up and enjoy what you are
            getting. me personal im getting a ps4 for the exclusives and the
            experience. dude just enjoy the XB1 stop fighting about it over the
            internet whats the point?

            i realize “You are flat out wrong” started it hes a fucking retard.
            just enjoy it and have fun isnt that what matters? not fighting over stupid shit

          • Well at least Sony new that Indies help to sell something unlike Microlo$t who only ATTEMPTED to gain the Indie trust/assistance.

            Come on hero it was stated well before E3 2013. If only you fan boys would pay attention to the “WHOLE” picture instead of what is in front of you. Microlo$t straight up lied from the beginning and have been attempting to “fix” their F#@& ups ever since.

            I am buying a PS4 just because they used the newest and latest tech on all fronts.

            NOW WHAT!!!!!!

            And I have a computer with Quad TITAN’s along with a 3970X CPU. does that make me a fan boy!!!

            these comments from people is just sickening to say the least. Paper or not, or whatever the cause may be just be happy with “YOUR” choice and let people have theirs!!! Completely sickening.


            Anyone that is a goddamn loser and can’t admit to the truth. Microlo$t shot themselves in the foot pre/post E-3 2013 and is now………NOW attempting to fix the failed attempt they proposed on their feeble system.

          • How can I? It’s not even out yet, cretin! Nor is the no games Xbone! God, you drones can be proper dumb!

          • No butthurt here. He’s obviously a troll just like CBOAT so I’m responding accordingly.

        • No one is saying it’s a “failed console” here. You just jumped to conclusions and got overly defensive.

          “”It is a fake account used by the mods and admin of NeoGAF to post FUD whenever a thread starts to get too positive about the Xbox One. Their Sony moneyhat is really showing with these latest comments””
          “”PSwhores are so incapable of rational thought “”

          Oh the irony. Do you know how pathetic your comments sound.

    • 34 guest votes. Hi marketers!

      There are no positive threads about the Xbone anywhere, except Team Xbox forums. Perhaps you should stay there with the rest of the lepers! ^_^

  8. Microsoft wouldn’t rush a console to market, Sony didn’t either with the ps3 and look how well that did.

          • You mean like the “top anonymous game devs” that spout PS4 has 50% more power?

            Or the Crazy Bats on a Train that keeps spouting nonsense whos predictions fall flat in his face wrong at E3 and Gamescom but says “just wait, all X1 games are 900p or 720p” “oh but I forgot about Forza… but thats an exception, cause a launch title will do better resolution wise than any other game coming out after the tech has been harnessed in two or three years, ya 720p will be the norm”

            And the “investigative journalists” just eat it up like its moses on mount sinai. ya. real journalism bro LOL.

    • Or the 360, because that turned out so well…

      Though really, given that its suppose to be an “always on” console with primary TV functionality, I can’t imagine that MS would take such risks. The brand just couldn’t survive early issues in the general market.

    • what? EVERYONE knows the 360 was rushed out with KNOWN risks/flaws that led to RROD and MS didn’t give a shit about it! Do some research before talking.

      RROD was the worst flaw of any console in history and you think they won’t repeat that to try and gain market share AGAIN by launching before they are really ready? Why do you think they have a limited launch only in some countries if they had confidence in their hardware and were pumping it out as fast as Sony are?

      GET. A. CLUE.

      • The 360 console wasn’t rushed, but it was definitely flawed because Microsoft trusted there internal engineers more than people who design microchips for a living. Those people wanted too much money and Microsoft thought they could save millions in console development costs. Well we know how that worked out. In the end it cost Microsoft $1 billion to fix the problem.

    • The PS3 actually sold 1 or 2 million more than the Xbox 360, you fool. Don’t be a dumb fanboy.

  9. What is the big deal will all you people. Why are you so stupid? You act like microsoft or sony are paying you guys to protect the reputation of their console. Just buy the console you like, enjoy the games and stop talking shit. If you people consider yourself as gamers you will enjoy the game you like on the cosole you prefer or PC. You people are paying attention to much to hardware. If you want a game with max graphics if it is available on PC go and play it on the PC. Only on PC you can max out games. It does not matter that the PS4 has better hardware than the Xbox1 both cosoles are capable, both have the power and they are going to deliver great games experiences. Enjoy this new generation of consoles and stop making the gamers community look like a bunch of cry babies.

    • Why get bothered by what others think if you yourself are satisfied? For most people $500 doesn’t come easy so the information being out out there is more of a decision maker than a bash session. You have to look at it the other way, because the way I see it Microsoft has yet to justify why their system is $100 more than Sony’s.

    • im an xbox user but there is no doubting the PS4 will be the more capable console, this whole cloud nonsense Microsoft are pushing makes me concerned too

  10. If you listen to rumors and innuendo and everything that makes one console more special than the other you will be disappointed when the consoles are released. Neither Microsoft or Sony can make a console that lives up to all hype. In the end if the games are there it will be another enjoyable generation of gaming.

  11. CBOAT is a Sony fanboi with an old devkit.

    His last 3 rumors were completely DEBUNKED, as he was completely WRONG.

    No credit whatsoever. The MS devs basically outed him, using a stress machine dev kit as his only connection to the console.

    sad sad little guy.

  12. PLEASE PLEASE tell me you’re taking actual DEATH THREATS against CBOAT seriously and are doing something about it. This is just absolutely insane.

  13. I’ve been doing 1080p since 2005 on my PC. Even the slight picture of a rumor about a console not doing 1080p deserves a facepalm.

  14. if forza 5 is / isnt 1080p it looks better than any other driving game i have seen, So i dont care :)

  15. if only i was severely poor and asian :( i could buy the PSpoor and be happy..damn my need for the best (PC/Xbox)..

  16. Seems there’s less Playstation fanboys in here.

    I can tell, because there’s a lot of butthurt Microsoft fanboys causing most of the commotion, defensiveness and arguing.

    You can always tell which place is Majority-filled by which platform of fanboys by how the criticisms and ‘Defensive’ posts get rated. When in favor to one or the other, it shows quite easily.

    With this, I see majority of Microsoft fanboys being given +Thumbs to try to reaffirm themselves, a protective layer of bliss to hide their insecurities as the +Thumbs/Rating is used as a means to shove ones head in the ground rather than for the most part, seeing reality for what it is regarding both platforms.

    How it is by my eyes, the Xbox fanboys are frustrated and are in a large pack like rabid wolves trying to bite and claw at anything that threatens their ego. Whether it be Truth, exaggeration or a Guesstimate, analysis of the future and X1? BAM! They strike in packs thinking that packs = they’re ‘More in the right’.

    I only dislike it, because I hate people who depend on the power of ‘Groups’, quantity over quality, a pack of sheep who attack relentlessly by thinking themselves to be wolves is what I see. It doesn’t take much to rile them up, not a single xbox fanboy is NOT zealous or overly-defensive. Many rely on others to speak for them while they hide and +Thumb/Rate the ones who do have the courage to bark bark, but it still looks silly and primitive to me.

    I heard Cboat was the one who confirmed that PS4 was going to use GDDR5 memory and that he was attacked and laughed at for saying that, so I’d be inclined to believe that he may ROUGHLY would have more grounded information compared to the zealous defenders who have nothing more but spec-sheets, hopes and dreams and wishes for negative news to be false.

  17. NeoFAG is an Sony agenda ridden marketing web site run by a man named Tyler Malka.

    Tyler Malka is “self employed” because of his earning from NeoFAG. With no? traditional means of monetization one has to wonder what is the true source of his revenue?

    The true purpose of NeoFAG is to manipulate the market VIA word of mouth and using an army of sock puppets. They commonly use techniques like “down talking” and “running themes.”. When that doesn’t work they simply resort to cyber bullying children.

  18. WOW!!! The PS4 brigade are out in force to defend there console admirable when attacked but just plain pathetic and desperate in this case. Sony lost 1000’s of pre orders when XBOX One dropped DRM and The Sony brigade knows it.

    • okay, that’s fine. I don’t care what other people are buying anyway. Next time though, provide proof of what you are saying or remove the first word of your name….

  19. I don’t usually comment on articles like these but someone needs to say this.

    It’s comments like these that give gamers a bad name. Please if you can’t have a civilised discussion then just don’t say anything, Your only making your self look like a idiot.

    Before you say anything I don’t pick sides. Yes I may own most of the PlayStation consoles but I’m not going to defend Sony’s screw ups. Nor am I going to defend any other company that makes consoles. I may not like Microsoft but I’m not going to start bad mouthing their console when I haven’t even used it.

    I’m a GAMER, I’d play ANY game on ANY device.

  20. Well, that’s no surprise is it! it was pretty obvious from the xbone reveal, that they weren’t ready AT ALL!! Sony got the drop on them, and they rushed everything! Xbone was supposed to be a 2014 Q2 release.

  21. I don’t think the Xbox One will “fail” I just don’t think it will sell well because of the all the Bad PR Microsoft had gotten from their initial announcement. However if you want the Xbox One then get it, you want the PS4 then get it and stop bitching about what console is better as long as a console provides the stuff you want then does it matter what everyone else thinks?

  22. Wow, look at all this Xdrone damage control. How can you seriously defend this sub-1080p blunder of the century?

  23. Take a look at yourselves, protecting your precious consoles like they’re providing the air you breathe. The fact is you’re boned whatever camp you’re in. The “next-gen” is already behind the times and it’s not even been released yet. So instead of jabbing one another over each console, ask Sony and Microsoft why the hardware they’re giving you is so awful most developers are not doing 1080p/60fps.

    • Its because sony and ms cant make their own consoles, they are too expensive, so they gone to amd to do them, just like you go to a company to move your stuff from one house to another rather doing it yourself. Ms and sony cant pay bilions each year for hardware research to development, so let the hardware development giants to do it.

      hitting 1080p/60fps is impossible, games are too complex, you gonna need something very expensive to do it. Consoles must be affordable therefore next gen consoels have to be weak.

      X360 and ps3 were quite powerfull on release, xbox one and ps4, not so much. But just like bioware said to make a trully next gen game you need 10 milion sales.

      So next gen has to be a small jump. BUT if we just focus on gameplay rather graphics, i couldnt care less how the game looks.

  24. Wow. I pre-ordered both consoles. I love my 360. I’m not getting this Xbox One. I have a feeling ill be disapointed

  25. forza and call of duty ghosts are both 1080p 60 fps launch titles.. why are ppl jumping to conclusions on a console not released? ! check out launch 360 games vs end of cycle games…..

  26. TBH You would have to be totally blind to think xbox one is the better option.Have all the gamers forgot how great ps1 and ps2 were, ps3 just had less features than xbox 360 on release, for example party chats, acheivements. ps4 have put efforts to make their console greater this time and it has worked while we watch xbox desperately try and drag themselves out of the water. This generation right now Im a 360 fan, but if im honest this next gen im buying a pc thats more powerful than the 2 of them, then maybe i may buy ps4. Business is vicious so lets not hate on sony for being agressive because microsoft really are no better(look into their history if you doubt me). Only people holding on to xbox one are fanboys. So to all the fanboys, spend a day on google looking up the facts of each console and after you will realise spending £100 less will get you a lot better

  27. If games are in 900p what’s wrong with that exactly they will still look great, just look at battlefield 4 comparisons there is barely a difference and you have to look at both side by side to see any difference. Also ps4 isn’t running battlefiled 4 at 1080p native this resolution shit is stupid.

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