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Industry Insider: David Goldfarb on Killzone “bullshots,” knowing Bad Company 2 will be big & more

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In this exclusive interview, our own Jay Michaels interviews former Bad Company 2 lead game designer David Goldfarb about his work on Killzone, how a “stream of a game can make or break a game now a days,” “knowing” they (DICE)  had something special in BC2 and his current game in development at Overkill, Payday 2.

If you’re a fan of videogames or shooters at all, you’ll want to give this one a watch.

For more on Goldfarb and Payday 2, make sure to read up on our exclusive hands-on and interview.

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  • http://twitter.com/Abberjam Abberjam (@Abberjam)

    Funny how they had “something special” in BC2, yet they shit-canned the franchise. Instead of a sequel to the best shooter ever we got a crappy port of a PC Battlefield game with the balancing all to cock. Thanks a lot DICE, the Bad Company fans salute you…..with both fingers.

    • Joao611

      I agree.

    • http://pixelenemy.com Alex Co

      Ouch! But what if they just renamed BF3 to Bad Company 3 and re-skinned it? Would people be saying the same? :)