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Grand Theft Auto 5 latest online patch causing consoles to freeze, characters still missing

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 Update: Here are two fixes:

Confirmed: this one worked for our staff member, Zarmena: sign in and out several times, keep trying to download – on her third attempt it worked.

Other methods:

From a user on the forums – “Wait like 30 seconds before you press x to continue with the update”

Via Gameranx:

- Go to PS3 menu
- Go to Game data tools (where the install content is located 8gb)
- Delete the file with version 1.01 or 1.02 (~39mb)

Original story:

The latest Grand Theft Auto 5 39MB patch was meant to resolve everything. But instead it seems to be killing the actual console. Some things are just too good to be in the hands of mortals.

Users on the Grand Theft Auto forums report that the patch causes the console to freeze, and the only way to stop it from freezing is to unplug it all from the mains. Users also report that for the most part, their characters are still gone.

The patch apparently isn’t up on Xbox Live yet, so we don’t know how the consoles will react when it does go live there.  For every fix and update, we’ll update this post. So keep your eyes peeled.

7 comments on “Grand Theft Auto 5 latest online patch causing consoles to freeze, characters still missing

  1. The other way is to not accept it, then go in the game, go ‘play gta online’ ant there accept the update.

  2. Yeah a bunch of my friends report going to play GTA online and their created character is gone having to make a whole new one loosing all progress. I luckily haven’t had this happen to me yet (knock on wood) but I read that if you turn off the game while playing as your online character this may result in a loss and users are urged to switch back to a single player character before going to the dashboard or turning of your console. A patch was just released a few hours ago so there is no info online about what they fixed but I can only hope this was one of the main issues they patched since that’s a pretty crappy bug loosing all of your progress. I would still keep it safe and always switch back to single player before quitting. I’m just trying to remember that these first few weeks are the test weeks for such a massive product and they will continue to improve the online game. I’m thinking in a couple months the online will be insane since they will constantly be adding new content and I’m really looking forward to how this immense product will improve. On lighter note the online is crazy fun it’s like a whole new game I get a sort of RPG/GTA mix feeling from this like it is my story. Seeing the GTA universe from my own eyes with my friends is a breath taking experience. It’s like I’m living my life as a crazy criminal. I walk out of my apartment get a call from one of my friends saying he just robbed a store and is bringing the party my way. In no time I hear sirens and see him racing down the streets with cops following he pulls over I hope in and take out some cops from the passenger seat as we make a daring escape from the cops hiding in an alley. For my help he hooks me up with half of his take from the robbery. The cool thing is this guy is a real friend of mine that I went to elementary school with haha. And this is just one of the awesome experiences I’ve had with the online experience. It’s awesome being part of a unique crew made up of all my real life friends complete with our own colors and emblem. I’m loving the test run of this online game and really just wanted to share a fun experience with people.

  3. Rockstar should be ashamed, I invested all that time into my character after the 360 patch and this morning it’s gone. Fuck you rockstar, GTAV is shit. Boring as hell once you finish the main story, especially because the garages still don’t work reliably, and my stocks don’t work properly, I can’t manipulate them by attacking one company and investing in their competition, and the graphs lie, my stocks barely ever move more than 1 percent in either direction, no matter how low I bye, so I can’t make any real money. With a broken online and absolutely nothing to do in single player after the main story, I don’t see why I should even keep this shitty game.

  4. last nite i was playing gta5 and it crashed several times,so i switched my console off and back on and it happened another couple of times so when i turned on off again this time my console wouldnt even boot up and i had a red light on the power button come on, my consoles only a year old and it has plenty of space around it so it cant be a overheat problem and ive never had any problems before with any games or overheat problems does anyone think this game has killed my console,it just seems strange this happened after it freezing/crashing several times then i find these posts about how the gta5 is mucking up other consoles any suggestions for a very frustrated pissed right off dude,beware rockstar games your offices are down the road from me in the uk so expect a visit from a very pissed off person if it turns out your game has messed my console


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