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GDC 2013: Facebook confirmed for the PlayStation 4

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Today, Sony provided a technical blue print for developers during their panel at GDC 2013. Chris Norden, Senior Staff Engineer hosted the panel and went over much of the same information that was given to us during late February’s reveal of the PlayStation 4, but this time it was geared towards developers. Norden during his panel, he confirmed that Facebook will indeed make its way onto the PlayStation 4.

The social network site is already a part of the PlayStation 3, but in a very small capacity. By moving to a social network, your PlayStation ID will be based on two identities that. Your facebook name will be tied into PlayStation account making it seamless to connect with your friends. Sony has smartly allowed users the ability to hide their real name. Sony is making integrating social networks a pillar for their next generation console with the inclusion of a share button on the controller.

This feature allows you to stream video of live gameplay, with users being able to watch, and interact. Audience members can comment on the action, making the player a commentator. As of now, it still hasn’t been confirmed that Twitch TV or Youtube would make there way onto the platform. We should hear more about this when E3 2013 rolls around in early June.


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  1. I don’t use facebook much. I would have liked twitter a bit more. But god forbid if the psn network gets hacked again then all of our facebook info will also be compromised. I think that social features and gaming should not mix. Its not needed. I don’t want to show my real name. So every time you get a trophy it will pop up on Facebook. Everybody will think you just play games. The 2 things just dont mix. Why do you think we make accounts with these wierd names. So people don’t know who we are.


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