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GameStop manager threatens to release angry customer’s details over GTA V issue, gets fired

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High five dick 2

You know what sucks? When people abuse power. A GameStop manager got into an argument with a customer and then apparently threatened to give out his personal details.

The guy filming a the video below ends it by high fiving the GameStop employee, and cuts it off when she threatens to release his details. But, according to a YouTube comment she’s now been fired.

“I work for GS in the LA area. I am happy to report to all of you that this bitch has been fired as of today. She was a cunt to work for, and trust me when I say that we are all happy that she is gone. Also, she has done worse than just this. Just last year she was under investigation for fudging the numbers in her books because money and games were coming up missing. She talked her way out of it and pegged it on an innocent girl who just killed herself this past May. Burn in hell Chrys.”

Here’s a video of the incident:

Thanks, NeoGAF

  • http://gameversevault.com/ Germaximus

    lol awesome

  • sjampansee

    Well that youtube comment, doesnt matter how much of an bitch she was or got what she deserved, was uncalled for …. But anyway , the customer is always right!

    • Kristina Barber

      She blamed a dead girl for her stealing things, I think the youtube comment was fair.

      • bigevilworldwide

        LMFAO you actually believe a youtube comment haha….I have a bridge I would like to sell you…….NO a youtube comment is never a credible source….

        Oh wait so you believe comments OK….HMMMMMMM

        I worked at that store and was in the back room when it happened that guy had been a problem all night and she was a ray of sunshine to work with….Everything that night went smoothly everyone was told several times they needed to have their photo ID to pick up their game, he opted not to pay attention and thought he was special…..

        There problem solved I typed it out so it must be true

        • Kristina Barber

          I’m not sure why you went to that much effort to type that out. As I said, apparently she blamed a dead girl for stealing things. I don’t care if the youtube comment was correct or not, if it was then she deserved the comment. If people feel she deserved being fired then she deserved a shitty youtube comment. You must be close to her if you feel you have to rant like that, I didn’t even bother finish reading your post, after you make fun of someone I doubt they’ll bother reading anything you have to say.

  • Apocolyptica

    That guy was jerk, she was obviously just joking

    • TREY

      Thank you!

  • Customers are never right

    The customer is NEVER right. Anyone that believes that is a freaking moron and part of the cause of America going down the toilet.

    • dont

      as a business owner and someone whos been working retail for 15+ years, amen to that…….people are stupid

      • GDP

        What business and where? I will make sure to never be a patron there. Im sure thats why the US was so prosperous during the 50s/60s when the customer is always right motto was used the most right? Funny how customers are treated like this and morons like you wonder why no one is buying anything anymore.

        • bigevilworldwide

          And back then the “patrons” were not entitled dickweeds who expected everyone who spoke to them in a store to stroke their ego…..It’s probably morons like you who think you can act how ever you fucking want and people are just supposed to smile and tell you how great you are…..Morons like you are the reason MURICA is how it is

          • Elitepwnsface

            Well that blows. I am also banned from ign for some really butt hurt mod who hated that “i hope diablo 3 won’t suck anymore with the expansion release”.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            Banned from “IGN” for bashing “Diablo 3″?


        • Elitepwnsface

          ^This guy likes it in the a$$.

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


            Hello, “Elitepwnsface”.

          • Elitepwnsface

            I am curious on why you follow me haha

          • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

            I am “Guest10000000000000″/”TheScienceEnthusiast1130″, the same person who got banned from “Wii U Daily”, the same person who was talked about in ” “Gamefans” Podcast #13″, the person who got banned from “PS4 Daily”, “Siliconera”, “IGN Articles”, “IGN Blogs”, “IGN Wikis”, and possibly more…


    • StandardProtocol

      Customer may never be right, customers may be stupid, but you grit your teeth and you do things the way they are supposed to be done. No matter how stupid a customer is, if they paid for food, items, et-cetera, you go through with the transaction. If the transaction requires valid ID, you tell them so. If they argue and try to substitute, you follow protocol and say your hands are tied. If they give you a hissy fit you send them on their merry way and move on.

      Customers are jackasses, but from the outside looking in, you might be the jackass too. It doesn’t matter though, you got a job to do, then do it and move on. Only a moron with a real masochist problem would willing throw shit at the fan, or fuel on the fire knowing their the ones who have to clean it up.

    • Elliot Kotis

      No….we don’t believe that, that is the rule of customer service, they are hardly ever right, but make them happy and both of you will benefit.

  • Bruno Espirito Santo

    Well… everyone know that a youtube comment is a reliable source! :D

    • Peer Pressure


    • Tatjana Vejnovic

      Knowing people internally, she was terminated, and was from the LA area.

      • Bruno Espirito Santo

        Haha Terminated!
        Makes sense that she got fired, after all this negative publicity to the brand. But a youtube comment as source? Come on.

        Now, a Disqus comment on the other hand… Its way more reliable! lol

  • Niklas Johansson

    the guy recording is such an asshole and everyone in the shop aswell they are laughing at him and making fun of him whata hell!

    • Kairo Fujima

      Welcome to America, where people are ridiculed over everything.

  • AceOnTheRiver

    Dude was acting like a little bitch. He seems anti social and lacks a sense of humor. Fucking idiot, bring your ID, buy your game, and get the fuck out.

    • Critter

      He’s being humiliated by the whole store and you think he is lacking sense of humour? Are you f*cking retarded.

    • generationpolitics

      Ace you are pathetic and a retard. Nothing he did can justify being publicly ridiculed.

      The only fucking idiot around here is you.

      • ChaosVortex

        No, it’s asshats like that guy an morons like you who keep this level of dickish entitlement. “The customer is always right”? Not if they’re being total assholes to people just doing their job.

        • chaosVortexisdumb

          you didn’t even see what happened before the incident to cause him to get angered so he might have been justified

          • ChaosVortex

            He tried to get a game using a business card as a form of PHOTO ID. Nice name there jackass.

        • Logan

          Have you ever worked retail? 9 times out of 10 the customer is wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that the customer is always right. Even when they’re wrong, they are right.

      • TREY

        he was publicly ridiculed for being an idiot it is common sense that you need an ID for things such as this you sir are the retard for defending the guy in the first place simply because it is common sense you need an ID for things such as this maybe you and the other guy should use that brain of yours instead of being a dumb jelly head.

      • AceOnTheRiver

        Wow, shut the fuck up. He was being ridiculed not because he forgot his id, but because he was being an asshole. You can tell by the way he’s talking to her in the beginning of the video. I think the retard is you.

        • retardaceontheriver

          you are just retarded ace.

      • Bro

        Hey generationpolitics i think youre the fucking idiot because he deserved to be ridiculed. that was a huge midnight release and he was clearly holding up the line. Then he got all angry when everyone laughed at him so he decided hed get revenge from his sweaty armchair at home. he was clearly a fucking loser, no reasonable adult gets that worked up over a joke at a video game launch. And since you called ace a fucking idiot for calling it how it is, you sir a grade-A fucktard.

  • Austin Wood

    The YouTube comment may as well read:

    “So, I saw this video of a GameStop manager trying to liven up a midnight release and instruct other customers to have their ID ready, and the ass who elected to cause a scene and stroke his ego rather than get his game and leave appeals to my inner douchebag. How can I make it sound like I’ve got inside information on the matter? I know! I’ll say the manager got fired! Wait, that’s not damning enough. Oh! I’ll throw in some nonsensical, generic and entirely unfounded story of embezzlement—maybe add a dash of employee suicide to make it heavier. But wait, where’s my credibility? Who am I kidding, this is the Internet; all I have to do is say ‘I live nearby’ and my testimony is bulletproof!”

    Then the internet explodes and people bandwagon themselves into the corner of “I’m a customer and am therefore right, and the staff is undoubtedly at fault.”

    • Darrius

      What he said.

    • bigevilworldwide

      Which 99.9% of stores will tell you in advance to have your ID ready when you get to the counter…So it’s not like it was a surprise, if this dickweed gets pulled over does he whip out the business card and had it to the cop? With games like GTA the ESRB likes to send people out to these midnight launches to make sure that everyone has their ID checked…I know I worked the GTA 4 midnight launch and we were all clearly told

      • BillyHoWCR

        Try maybe 10%.

  • Logar

    according to a YouTube comment?

    You gotta be fucking kidding me.

    • Darrius

      What he said, too.

  • OMGitsSexyChase

    this guy is a little fuckin girl

    • TREY

      THANK YOU!

  • asbo-5

    She needs to sue for wrongful termination. That is total Bullshit. That assclown is lucky he wasnt at my local gamestop of id have drug his ass out side and stomped the piss outta him.

    • GDP

      I will be sure to notify corporate about that.

    • Official_Merp

      We got a bad ass over here, everyone look!

    • Mike

      And you’d be in prison for assault. Keep on truckin, major bad ass. Also it’s an employee’s duty to remain respectable, not ridicule them as they are walking out of the store.

      • TREY

        Respectable my ass, People getting butt-hurt over a joke gets people fired? this is
        ridiculous it was a joke the lady made a joke….. get over it jeez man
        what has life come to when people can fire other people just for making a
        joke….. This man was acting like child over this it is absolutely
        pathetic, and it makes me wish I didn’t have to associate myself with
        you lot. Thanks for dragging the human race down a few hundred million

        • Kristina Barber

          If you wish not to associate yourself with “us lot” then don’t waste your time writing butthurt comments like you just mentioned.

          • TREY

            Do you understand my comment at all? I am indeed butt-hurt yes I will admit that but here is the thing you do realize that stupid shit like this lady being fired is exactly the stupid shit that makes other countries laugh at us????? If I do not post this kind of important stuff that gets under peoples skin like yourself then who will???

          • Kristina Barber

            You said don’t believe youtube comments, I believe that’s the source where it’s said she was fired..you’re contradicting yourself. Also, acting like a moron doesn’t help your point come across. I suggest you breathe and rethink things before you type. If you’re getting this stressed out from someone posting on here you’re screwed, the internet is full of trolls who will try and wind you up more, and succeed.

            And yes, I understand your comment. And as I said, you’re contradicting yourself, in basically everything you say :)

    • Hoopy

      This chick is serious guys, stop antagonizing her. Also the guy in her pic there has the whole shaved head that’s never seen the sunlight and terrible facial hair thing going on, I wouldn’t fuck with her…

      • asbo-5

        You’re a sorry little piss ant that obviously gets beaten by guys like me on a regular basis. Keep running that mouth.

        • KIRBYdaDOG

          yeah if yu mean beatin off you hand job giving faggot.

          • asbo-5

            Wait, so you’re admitting to getting beaten off by hand job giving faggots? Thats gross dude.

    • BillyHoWCR

      I think i would like to do this in front of you to see you try and drag me out side for a little piss stomping.

      • asbo-5

        “careful what you wish for kiddo.” is what I’d like to say but lucky for you this is the internet where little shits like you can get away with provoking people like me.

        • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

          My, we are an angry little chap aren’t we?

          • asbo-5

            Not at all.

        • BillyHoWCR

          Regardless… not an issue. Dealt with your type in person before. As for little…? ha that is funny.

      • asbo-5

        If only.

        • BillyHoWCR

          Tell me about it. IF ONLY.

    • KIRBYdaDOG

      white knight to rescue the ugly bitch.

  • BrightBart

    If you pay attention to the video they weren’t just requiring the guy to show ID because of the game rating. He had also paid in full so they needed to verify he was the actual purchaser of the game. He was behaving like an idiot.

    The Game Stop manager was condescending and rude. She crossed the line when she threatened to reveal his personal information to the other customers so they could harass him. She was behaving like an idiot.

    The guy recording the footage was obviously just looking to exacerbate the situation and humiliate the customer. He was behaving like an idiot.

    Nobody here did anything right. Just three people behaving like idiots.

    • Alice

      Couldn’t agree more. None of them come out smelling like roses.

      • Clate

        This is correct but the manager was more wrong that anybody. It is her JOB to act professional.

        • Andrew

          NO NO NO NO. It is her job to handle things as respectfully as possible. In that scenario the customer was being confrontational, rude, obnoxious and basically saying that he shouldn’t have to show his id when it is in the GS terms and conditions. She wished him well he said “oh i doubt that” she responded in sincerity, he said you won’t have my business anymore which is his right. then he left angrily smacking things disturbing other customers and making a scene. At that point he is disturbing the store and the business. She jokingly said we have his card you guys can email him. Email is not personal information according to the NSA as it can easily be accessed and deleted or filtered. He then rushed back in demanding for her personal information which is a no no.

          She took that case before gamestop and got hired back. On a very short leash but back as manager nonetheless. These comments about her on youtube hiding money then blaming it on a suicide girl were actually discovered to belong to the account of you guessed it the customer.

          • Dooby

            this has to be that manager. no one else is so amazingly stupid to leave a comment so biased like this.

    • supermintendo

      i’ve gotten preorders by just having my recipet or my gamestop card i placed the preorder on.

      • bigevilworldwide

        And your point if it’s fully paid they have to have photo ID to verify that you are you …..Otherwise some douche nozzle that couldn’t be bothered to whip out their ID for 2 seconds gets mad that his pre-order disappeared…..It’s a store policy

        • Clate

          It is not a store policy. I got to midnight releases all the time (at 2 different gamestops depending on the state im in at the time) and they never have had me show my ID

          • Greg Smith

            It is store policy, they just don’t follow through. That’s why there’s 10 year olds in my goddamn call of duty.

          • Clate

            lol there is 10 year olds in your CoD because your playing CoD!

          • Greg Smith

            C’mon, COD isn’t that bad. Not by along shot.

        • BillyHoWCR

          ‘supermintendo’ just mentioned she had the receipt for purchase. ID was required for purchase but not necessarily for pick-up.

          I too have never had to show ID for pick-up of a game where I have already paid for it and had receipt.

      • Elitepwnsface

        I have had times were i had to show id to preorder a game. Most other pickups were just showing receipt of preorder. Other i just gave my phone number and done.

      • Andrew

        the gamestop card is the only exception to the rule. as it has all of the info from you’re id when you “buy” it. but given his stance towards them i don’t think he had one.

    • jmc8888

      Not really. There are many ways to verify a purchase and a photo ID is not the only one. Did they even mention that to him when he pre-ordered it?

      He wasn’t behaving like an idiot. He was acting like ALL consumers should and employing his consumer rights by stating he wasn’t going to be doing business with them again. Are we living in a world now where asserting your right is now behaving like an idiot? No wonder there is non-stop wars and Wall Street can steal everything. Challenge anything and ‘you’re and idiot’.

      What exactly did he do that was ‘behaving like and idiot’, and WHY.

      Not having a photo id is not one of them. Informing the store that their policies are directly leading to losing a customer is not another one.

      It doesn’t take a moron to read her body language throughout the entire encounter. The use of her hands, the condescending tone she was using, etc.

      Then as he was leaving, she threatens him. Responding to a threat isn’t acting like an idiot, NOT responding to a threat is. As he’s walking out the door how does he know she’s joking? Hell some people treat it like a joke, and then secretly act on it. Who is to know, especially as you’re 30+ feet away and walking out the door. Meanwhile your info, which she has threatened to spread around is with her and a group of people and being filmed.

      The guy was 100 percent right. Informed the business their crazy practices lost a customer (or how she wrongly implemented Gamestop’s practices…as I’ve used a phone number to use my edge card, and it could have been the same here).

      The risk of Gamestop getting screwed out of $30-40 (because they don’t pay retail price) is very low. The risk of losing customer after customer who will spend hundreds if not thousands on games in a given time period and looking like a moron company is much higher. You’ll rub 1000 people the wrong way, if not more, before getting screwed by 1. Any company that goes about it differently is run by a bunch of morons. These are the sorts of things that companies need to error on the side of the customer. She didn’t.

      Someone take a business card from, say, a bank teller or something, and on the next game that releases on midnight, go up to your local gamestop and try to pick up a pre-order. Yeah, exactly.

      What next, your local pizza place doesn’t make your pizza because you couldn’t show them a photo id over the phone? So you show up and have to wait 20 minutes because they didn’t start making it? Yeah that’ll be good for the customer.

      In business there are sometimes where things aren’t perfect and there is some risk. This is one of them. Instead of realizing this, she makes belittles and threatens him.

      The guy absolutely did right. He told the representative of Gamestop, the manager, that because of HOW they applied their policies to him, he was not going to be their customer any longer. After he was threatened he went back in and got the manager who just threatened him his info (which she didn’t want to give…oh the irony) so she could inform corporate how the manager of this particular store was treating its customers directly reflecting on Gamestop at large.

      Dude did everything right. What did some people want him to bend over or beg for mercy that he did follow the easiest path with their arbitrary rules? Did some people want him to ignore the threats? Did some people want him to not report how he was treated so that maybe you walk into that store and get treated similarly?

      Dude was 100 percent right, she was 100 percent wrong.

      • bigevilworldwide

        YEP it’s mentioned to EVERYONE that you need a photo ID to pick up your reservation…So It’s not something new they’ve only been doing it for several years….Only a moron would think that a business card would fly as photo ID

        • Tatjana Vejnovic

          Not to mention there’s signs all over the stores, and on the GameStop TV it says it, too.

      • BrightBart

        He certainly was behaving like an idiot. He expected to be able to use a business card as valid ID not only to pick up an “M” rated game, which the retailer is required to check ID for, but one that he had paid for in full. If that were considered valid ID, anyone who knows this guy could have printed up a business card with his name on it and picked up his fully paid for game. Every time I’ve ever pre-ordered something at Game Stop they required ID to pick it up. That is not only to protect them but to protect you.

        • BillyHoWCR

          You still need the receipt too. They were just asking for ID on top of having the receipt for purchase. The ID would have been checked at purchase time and need not be checked (for age purposes) at pick-up, only at purchase time.

          The game as mentioned was already completely purchased for.

          • Tatjana Vejnovic

            If you don’t have the receipt, the government issued ID (key words: government issued.. People would come in with school IDs all the time), is proof.

          • Andrew

            however when he goes to pick up the completely purchased game he needs to verify that he is the one is was reserved under. Make sure he didn’t just steal the receipt from a friend. Business Card won’t cut it because the info they took down was off of his i.d.

        • Matt

          You couldn’t be more wrong. The store is not provided to ID every transaction of an M rated game, only when there is reasonable doubt about the age of the customer. The man was clearly over 21.

          He also had his receipt, which is all he needs, plus his store card (which would be registered to the system) His business card should of been more than enough to back up his identity which he shouldn’t of needed to confirm anyway BECAUSE HE ALREADY PURCHASED THE GAME.

          • Bro

            Hey Matt go look at Gamestops conditions, it Says BRING A COPY OF YOUR PHOTO ID WHEN PICKING UP GAMES. Sure a lot of stores dont follow that rule but that doesnt give this guy the right to throw a hissy fit, his parents seriously failed him. also let me get this straight, all i have to do is take someones receipt and a business card then i can roll to gamestop and steal their game? Sign me up!

            Your a fucking moron MAtt

          • Myrdraall .

            Bro, I hate to be that guy, but when you’re calling someone a moron, don’t fudge up on the most common grammar mistake of this era and by which ppl judge idiots.

          • Matt

            >calling me a moron
            >doesn’t know the difference between you’re and your

            Ok ‘bro’

          • Anon

            ‘Bro’ is right, you are moron and a fucking prick. One thing is for sure, you are completely clueless in the ways of pickup order stealing 101.

          • PIRATE or NINJA

            my local donut shop has a stack of business cards for over 15 business that i can just take one as i please. so having a business card does not prove who you are esp if it is being used to prove if you paid for something that you are picking up. anyone with a printer and eye balls can make a business card in MS paint. a legit photo ID is a bit more difficult.

          • Matt

            The donut store’s business cards don’t have your name or personal e-mail on them though, or a corresponding gamestop store card with the exact same name on, or a receipt with the same store card’s number on it.

          • PIRATE or NINJA

            well im just saying its easy to fake info. i once found a wallet on the side of the road, all important stuff had been removed like the govt issued ID and money but the rest was there. stuff like receipts and business card and stuff. so if i had found a reciept in the wallet that made it clear this person had preorderd and paid in full for a game at gamestop i could have gone there with either a card from the guys wallet or one i made up and the receipt and picked up his game easily. unless they asked for legal ID that is.

          • Steve

            Think about it. Anyone who had access to his receipt or pre-paid info, store card, CC into, can then easily pose as him and pickup product. Anyone can forge a business card on a printer in minutes. The only thing that prove 99% prove you are, who you say you are, is a government issued photo ID. This policy would not be in-place, if there weren’t a bunch of people out there trying to steal pre-paid pickup orders.

            I used to work in a retail store that had the same ID policy as Game Stop, and almost every other day we would have some thief, claiming to be the original purchaser show up with a purchase receipt, (some came in with business cards) and NO photo ID.. only to have the REAL purchaser show up the same day who had Photo ID and be a completely different person. This pre-order identity theft scam happens a lot!

      • Bro

        I work in retail, and from what the video shows the customer was completely out of line. Now we dont know how it all began, but i dont care what you think the customer is not always right. Seems like this guy has a temper and decided he wanted to be vindictive. You can hide behind the “customer is always right” bullshit but he had absolutely no right to get her fired. Also this is the reason people are rude to you in customer service, assholes like him get away with whatever they want because they are the “customer.”

        • PIRATE or NINJA

          people like you are why so many people avoid retail. This guys behavior isnt right no, but the mamagers behavior is even more out of line since she is supposed to be a professional and management. the customer is expected to behave like a decent person but he is not on the clock and being paid to represent a company like the manager is. she got what she deserved and he did to since he looks like a toolbag in the process.

        • Brian Riley

          You are a clueless moron. He had every right to get her fired, and he could have done more. I would have sued. She made a public comment that she would release his private information to the public. If you are trying to defend that, get out of working where you CLAIM you do.

      • Randy Mcrandelson

        lay off the adderall

      • Andrew Schelb

        guy did nothing right. He didn’t adhere to the game buying policies. He was rude and condescending as well as confrontational. she didn’t handle it the best way but she didn’t deserve to lose her job over it.

        And just to clarify she didn’t. She threatened to sue gamestop under wrongful termination since the issue stemmed from the customer not following GS terms and conditions. she received a month suspension with no pay and is back as manager. rightfully so.

        she didn’t do anything wrong. yes when you say she threatened to release his “personal info” FYI email isn’t personal its public because of NSA regulations.

        Also don’t be fooled by these bumbling idiots who say she threatened him with it. She jokingly implied in the most blatant sarcastic way imaginable. The customer was in the wrong her for responding to her you are very welcome with a snivy “oh i doubt that” should’ve just shut the hell up said have a nice day and not been a dick.

        Hope he’s banned from gamestop as a whole. I would’ve thrown his ass out of my store and banned him on the spot. Absolutely no call for how he was behaving.

      • Andrew Schelb

        this has to be that customer. no one else is so amazingly stupid to leave a comment so biased like this.

    • BillyHoWCR

      Correct… but in the end the person responsible for the situation was the store manager.

    • AceOnTheRiver

      Couldnt of said it better.

    • bedlam

      Big difference between a harmless idiot (the customer), a criminal idiot (the manager), and a toady (the idiot filming).

  • Cosmicreg

    Customers are idiots ALL the time. If you can’t handle the stupidity WHY ARE YOU IN CUSTOMER SERVICE? She was acting like a condescending passive aggressive fucking bitch. What a great CUSTOMER SERVICE agent.

  • aaddddhhdddd

    good what was with all the stupid whiteknights defending the girl with no reason because they have never seen one in public that hoe got what was coming to her stupid bitch cant act like that and be a mother fucking manager

    • ChaosVortex

      Are you an idiot? The dude tried to use a BUSINESS CARD instead of a photo ID to pick up a reserved copy. He’s a moron. And here’s the thing. He just gave his business card to her. You do realize she can do what she wants with that right? It’s public info now

      • BillyHoWCR

        Negative. Regardless of how the manager acquired the information she is not at liberty to share customer information to the public. Especially not in a vindictive way that she suggested she would… which was to give it to other customers so they could contact him with negative response to his interactions in the store.

        • TREY

          It was a joke get over it I’m sure she didn’t give out the information people like you make me sick it was a joke when she gives out the information that is when you act.

          • BillyHoWCR

            No. You act on the threat of such actions. Otherwise she gets away with her obviously belittling antics to customers.

        • TREY

          BTW! once a card like that is given out it is within that persons possession he or she may do whatever they like with it.

          • BillyHoWCR

            As a manager of Gamestop she can’t. She can be fired for releasing customer information. Again, regardless of how she gets information… she can’t release customer information without risk of being fired. And it was not a Joke on her part, it was an obvious retaliatory remark that should never come from a person in charge of a sales market.

      • KIRBYdaDOG

        well anyone who reserves a game is a moron so I guess you do have a valid point.

  • jtgsclik

    You have a business card. You hand out your business card. You’re suddenly not allowing your email to be public information? Pure BS, this guy got called out on holding up a line, being an idiot, and then pretending like he knows the law.

    The only thing stupider than this guy is this website using YOUTUBE as a source. Not sure if you’re aware but anyone can comment there and make up stories. Crazy right?!?

  • ChaosVortex

    You know what really sucks? When “reporters/journalists” use youtube comments as sources. That’s totally credible info right there.

  • ChaosVortex

    I didn’t pick up on it at first, but the guys defending this asshole, did you notice he states in the video “you threatened to give out my PUBLIC information”?

    • sewfdsfdsaf

      he probably meant “information to the pubic” or “private information.” Regardless of what he said anyway, she shouldn’t be ridiculing customers in her place of employment. Stop being a fucking idiot.

      • ChaosVortex

        Yes, because it’s totally ok to be an entitled jerk off and think you deserve to circumvent the companies policy, right? This “the customer is always right” bullshit is what keeps assholes like this behaving like spoiled children.

        • MB.Mephisto

          Bend over more Chaos, you need more corporate cock up your arse.

          • ChaosVortex

            I think you’ve got enough up yours for the both of us. I’m actually arguing AGAINST what corporate does, smart guy.

        • KIRBYdaDOG

          yeah right. Imagine waiting on this bitch when shes your customer if this is what she is like when shes working as a manager to her customers.

  • catalystmotive

    Someone please give me her facebook or twitter so i can laugh at her ugly pale faced ass

  • shadowmatt

    You can bet with the game being GTA 5 all employees were told to ensure they got ID so Gamestop could not get blamed for selling the game to kids.

  • Harley Parry

    whoever came up with the phrase “the customer is always right” was an idiot

  • Howard Katz

    She tried to match wits with a customer and was wrong for doing so.

    • TREY

      Are you serious? there is a thing called the first amendment… it was a joke dude.
      this is
      ridiculous it was a joke the lady made a joke….. get over it jeez man
      what has life come to when people can fire other people just for making a
      joke….. This man was acting like child over this it is absolutely
      pathetic, and it makes me wish I didn’t have to associate myself with
      you lot. Thanks for dragging the human race down a few hundred million

      • Michael F

        Guess you do copy and paste every comment

        • TREY

          Not every comment troll :) you are a low life internet loiterer thus I shall stop replying because your opinion does not matter nobody cares.

          • Michael F

            Speak for yourself

          • TREY

            I do I just told you I copied a comment that I typed on youtube you ignorant exhibition of genetic deficiency.

          • Michael F

            Meaning if I am a low life internet loiterer, same can be said of yourself, if youd say that you dont care and shall stop replying, Just sounds very hypocritical

      • ARealGamer

        PSST, SHE WORKED IN CUSTOMER SERVICE! She is there to serve the customer, not humiliate him regardless of the situation. Btw, if you reply I won’t because I know you’ll just troll.

        • James Rademacher

          Just because someone is in customer service doesn’t mean they have to take crap from people that are disrespectful. I work in customer service and I don’t let anyone, I mean anyone disrespect me. They can treat me like a person and they will get the same back.

      • Muff

        First amendment doesn’t include ridiculing others

      • Howard Katz

        It was a bad joke.There are a million other things she could have joked about. Yes freedom of speech is a great right but sometimes it is abused as in this case. Never mix business with pleasure….dude.


    lot of idiots is all i see

  • Jessenia Lopez

    stupid dumb camera man

  • Big Bobby

    Holy mashed potato, Batman! Back to the Bat Cave…

  • Adam

    I cant figure out who is the biggest idiot in this video…

  • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

    “go play game and steal something bro”
    “go steal something in the game”

    the guy was just dense.
    if the lady was rude to him or whatever, then don’t buy the game, leave and complaint.
    What’s the point in buying the game, standing there arguing.

    why ask for last name? she gave him the name and phone number.

    this is just retarded.

    *in another news: Michael just ran over a man dressed in thongs”

    • Pepe

      Because he reserved the game and because she humilliated him in front of a lot of jerks, thats why he ask for her neme so he can complain properly.

      • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

        where you there when it happens?
        how do we know the man did not annoy the manager first? or the manager was the first to draw first blood?

        the manager gave her name and number, that’s enough.
        why should she give her last name?

        • Pepe

          So if you go and annoy a manager she has the right to bully you with a horde of assholes. Be realistic man that woman is in her place of work and is getting payed to help customers not to be condecending. I dont approve the guy behavior but the manager has a higher standard of how to behave, just look at her hight fiving a douche just for that she is guilty. And if you look well the guy behaved properly and speak well and respecfully even when called loser and virgin by the other guys the girl was entertaining.

          • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

            Trust me..when you deal with angry customers all the time, you will “stop giving a sh*t” to them or to people.

            Isn’t the manager a human? does the manager have the right for a customer to be difficult to her?

            why was the manager acting like that?
            -because she doesn’t have time for rude customers at this time.
            -it’s 12am midnight and she’s up here working just to serve customers (therefore she DOESN’T need rude customers)

            all she did was make a joke about his email, and the guy came back trying to get contact so he can report her.
            this is all nonsense and waste of time.

            anyway i think the whole thing started because he was asked for ID.

          • Pepe

            I know what it is to deal with customers and I hate it, thats why you get paid, to behave professionally even when the customer suck.

          • http://www.blackxino.blogspot.com/ Xino

            so advisor/clerk/manager get paid to be insulted by customers?
            eh i don’t think so!

            there are signs and posters in shops saying “our staff did not ask for abuse, don’t do it” example.
            some customers are just difficult to deal with and want to exaggerate matters. Let them go, who cares if you lose annoying customer?

          • Pepe

            This was not the case just look at the video without preconceptions. Treat a motercycle guy like that with sarcasm and wit like that you get beat up, not just accused. If you are miserable at your job just quit and dont take it agains customers.

  • giddieon

    Good glad she got fired, that is disgusting way to act as a professional. the consumer was agitated but who would not with her being sarcastic and showing off for the young boys…

    Then as the man is walking out the door yells out that she is going to give out his Email address so the others can thank him for their wait…

    Please… if I owned a business there is no way any employee would be working or me that did this… she would have been fired on the spot..

    Joke or not… I need to know my information is protected.. they ask for a lot sometimes for you license number, address, phone number and e mail… If I was an consumer there waiting to collect my game and just witness this… i would have complained and would have been worried about my information…

    IT is sick how she acted…

    • Pepe

      IMO its not about the info, its about the bitchiness. I crack jokes with customers all the time but to laugth with them, never at them, at least not in their face, thats not cool in any situation no evn hight school anymore.
      Its obvious she will not give any info away to hurt the guy, she is just making him feel bad for making other wait more, while laugthing at him.

      • giddieon

        Life is too damn short… and if you get in a bad situation or make a mistake there is nothing wrong with laughing it off.

        But this woman was not doing that at all. Life is to damn short people. we all have had bad days we all have had hard times. A little Common sense, I little understanding and lot of accountability would take us as a people a long long long ways…

    • gsfdhbd

      You’re trusting an unprofessional article with a Youtube comment as it’s source. You’re an idiot.

      • giddieon

        The video speaks for it self.

        She is responsible for her own actions. No one forced her to be an ass.

        People that think they can go around and shit on others and not think that there are repercussions for their actions need to grow up.

        Like yourself.

        They need to grow up and use a little more common sense.

  • Mstrbrown

    I wouldn’t be amazed if Jimmy Kimmel turned out to be camera man

  • truth

    I highly doubt she was fired within 24 hrs of this happening. Businesses don’t do things like this over the phone, video or no video they would have a meeting with her which would take a day or two, then discus it at a regional level. Today, no one gets fired that easily unless you do something a hell of a lot worse than this. This is nothing. Not even news. Stuff like this happens at every store, in every type of retail, everyday.

    • Kristina Barber

      Wasn’t GTA V released in America a while ago? There’s dollar signs all over the store

    • Pepe

      Hell no things like this dont happen, its mostly the other way around the customer treat bad the personal. Thats not ok, but its way worst when the personal treat bad a customer.

  • Michael F

    Why we need to switch to digital

    • Pepe

      And become more nerds and antisocial. Cool.

      • Michael F

        Already a nerd if your at GameStop midnight release, just cuts out the hassle

        • Pepe

          I dont like paying for e stuff, I prefer physical and feel like I got something.But you are rigth about the midnight release, I hate all that stuff, lines for a game, lines for a phone, that started as marketing and people became dumb and do it all the time. As for me I will buy taht game when its cheap and with all dlcs. For 19.99.

  • TREY

    People getting butt-hurt over a joke gets people fired? this is ridiculous it was a joke the lady made a joke….. get over it jeez man what has life come to when people can fire other people just for making a joke….. This man was acting like child over this it is absolutely pathetic, and it makes me wish I didn’t have to associate myself with you lot. Thanks for dragging the human race down a few hundred million pegs.

    • Ed

      Omg you are stupid as fuck. Great job copying and pasting your dumbass comment from youtube. She’s not getting fired for making a joke.

      • TREY

        Yea i copied from youtube because guees what :O!!! I AM rk3yb0arD!!! OMG!!! :O!!!! and yes she got fired for a joke about giving the email out there is a thing called sarcasm! learn it you ignorant buffoon.

        • Pepe

          Is sarcasm at the customer expense, imagine if you go to the store and thecashier just make fun of you for something, yes is a joke. But guess what she is not getting paid to crack jokes.

    • Michael F

      Just one point, if he was acting like a child, was she acting like a mature professional? If someone buying a game is immature, same can be said for those that work at the retailers, especially that girl

    • Paul

      No. Just no. If you work in customer service, and are making a joke at a customers expense, you deserve to be reprimanded. It is called customer service because you exist to service the customers needs. She acted completely unprofessionally and inappropriately. She was trying to make him look like a fool in front of other customers, that is completely unacceptable. If he was unhappy with their service she should have shut her mouth, and tried to keep the customer happy until he left. Glad she got fired.

      • TREY

        the guy gave out his cards saying he will have her job…. he gave them his email…..


    ahahahhhahaha she gets real scared when he aks for her name.


    dumb bitch deserves what she got. Acting like a bitch trying to impress the nerds. Looks like he just got pissed as she tried to run her mouth as HE WAS LEAVING

    • Pepe

      Thats ecxactly what happened thank you, an old girl past her prime trying to be cool in front of others, you can tell she was performing for the other guys.

  • Guest

    This BITCH deserved to die .

    • TREY

      did you watch the entire video???

    • Kristina Barber

      Die?! Bit harsh

  • ElmDawg

    funny, i’ve read through heaps of these comments, but what i don’t see
    is anyone doing any research, just giving their opinion. Here’s some
    information for you:

    In the GameStop Code of Standards, Ethics and Conduct it states:

    All GameStop Associates will treat every co-worker, customer and vendor with courtesy, dignity and respect.

    Associate who engages in any form of harassment or discrimination, or
    who retaliates against another Associate for reporting harassment or
    discrimination, will be subject to corrective action up to and including
    termination of employment.

    Should she have been fired? Most
    definitely as she has broken the agreement of her employment. Was she
    joking? She very may well have been. The respectful response would
    have been to deny the sale of the game to the customer until he provided
    suitable identification as required by the store policy. She took
    matters into her own hands to redeem herself in front of other store
    customers which was unacceptable and suffered the consequences which she
    should have been fully aware of in agreeing to company policy

    • Tatjana Vejnovic

      Not to mention all GameStop employees sign a contract upon hiring stating they will not take photos or videos inside the store, and instruct all customers not to do so. Anything taped and used against them will also result in termination.

  • Artemiccion

    Is that Day9?

  • DarkOne

    Well.. No free PS4 and Xbox One for her! haha

  • Tatjana Vejnovic

    ALSO, her having the back door open with all those customers in the store is a loss prevention policy breaker, and she would be fired for that alone.

  • person

    the manager was being a total bitch and didn’t need to make that comment about his personal info as he was walking out.

  • anon

    “according to a YouTube comment she’s now been fired”

    quality journalism

  • Upset

    This article is unprofessional as they were. The writer is using a “Youtube comment” as a source. You don’t do that. Lost all credibility there just believing this one comment.

  • Michael

    “But, according to a YouTube comment…”
    Professional gaming journalism everyone…

  • Manly tears

    Why are you giving this cock sucker views on his youtube channel of stolen videos that he adsenses, view it on liveleak you stupid cunts.

  • @pleaselikethis

    Did you really use your resource site as “according to a comment on youTube”. ??b. Terrible journalism.

  • Alf

    How is this an abuse of power? As far as I know it is required she get his ID before giving him the game. Also she only joked about giving his business card to other people. The information can’t be called sensitive and private if you, yourself are making it public by….handing it out on a fucking business card.

  • Tom2x

    Well, it seems to me that the manager, being a manager of a retail store, should of known better than to behave like a rude imbecile. A simple way to avoid this would of been for her to say something like “Oh, I’m sorry sir, but it’s policy to verify with a photo ID” and leave it at that. That way, if he still chose to act like a dick, it’s on him alone. And you NEVER should try to whip up a crowd of most likely half drunk or stoned kids to rally them against a customer (yeah, I said it, who else really needs to be there at midnight?). Someone could get hurt in an altercation she instigated putting the company at fault legally. Let’s not forget, as cool as games are and I love them myself, they are still toys, and nothing more.

  • Bliss3333

    She wasn’t fired for asking for photo id.
    She was fired for being a condescending twat and treating the customer like complete crap. She deserved to lose her job and I hope she ends up scrubbing toilets.

  • TM3

    She’s a bitch. That guy had proof because the video was on YouTube. He could ruin her life.

  • Random Guy From Third World

    I live in a third world country. :( I have sit through countless time where (shop) owner mocking/ridiculing other customer (in front of me) and as a customer I didn’t like that. I always envy developed countries for having strong consumer protection law and the freedom their consumers get. After watching this I am not so sure.

  • ElQueso

    its funny because the pathetic faggot recording thats on the blondes side, in the end….help get her fired.

    good job, its what she deserves

    as for the retard recording…..try whiteknighting some more you fucking moron lmao….GG getting her fired.

  • Donnie

    Is it really fair to call the guy a moron because he thought a business card would be enough? Okay sure, it says everywhere bring a photo ID. But not everyone takes that seriously. Maybe as he was going in he realized he didn’t have his ID on him and that the manager would just let him have his game with a business card. If not, fine, whatever, go get your ID. I’m not sure how he reacted to that, but just calling him an idiot because he forgot his ID is wrong. People forget their IDs.

    Now, as for the manager, she was bitchy. She didn’t need to be that way. Regardless of how frustrated you are with people who think you may go easy on the rules, I don’t understand why that has to rustle your jimmies so much that you have to start insulting the customer by speaking to him/her in a condescending tone and humiliating him in front of everyone.

    And my god, I can’t stand those other customers in the line. Why the hell did the guy even record this? Why do they have to play a part in embarrassing this guy? I mean yeah, you could say it was dumb for him to get all mad about having to show his ID, but c’mon, you’re just gonna label him as an idiot now and point it out for everyone to hear? And then that sarcasm and snickering. Just makes me sick. I just think everyone was in the wrong here.

    That guy should remember to bring his ID, the manager should be able to behave professionally, and everyone else in line should cut it with the annoying, disrespectful, and just overall asshole attitude. Get your game and move on.

  • Davewebb413

    LISTEN CLOSELY, she said,” If you all have his business card, you want to email him thank him for holding up the line.” Yes, IF YOU….she didn’t offer his email out. She said IF YOU ALL HAVE HIS BUSINESS CARD…