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Fez sells 105k in 48 hours after Steam Summer Sale daily deal spotlight

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In the past couple of days Fez was put on one of the daily deals for Steam’s summer sale, this meant that the price of the game was only $5.

The developer of the game, Phil Fish, has been shouting about it a lot on Twitter, check out some of his Tweets below.


So there you have it, the power of the Steam summer sale comes to fruition again as it looks like Fez has had a mental increase in the number of sales. The game which originally released in May 2012 for XBLA has sold 200,00 units on there and is also getting a sequel in the future that won’t be coming to Xbox.

Source: GameSpot

9 comments on “Fez sells 105k in 48 hours after Steam Summer Sale daily deal spotlight

  1. I really could be wrong about the guy, but Phil has always rubbed me wrong. I haven’t bought the game because of that reason. I know that’s a petty reason and I’ve heard the game has its merits, but I just can’t support the guy.

    To me he just seems like he hates gamers (maybe people in general) from his bad development experiences in the past. I just find it hard to support him. Someone tell me I’m wrong about him?!?

    • Can’t say you are wrong about him. Mostly because I don’t know him. But he’s not going to go out of business because you don’t buy a copy of his game, and so you are depriving yourself of a wonderful experience to make a point that he’ll never get. After selling 105k copies in 48 hours he’ll never notice or know if you did or did not buy the game. But you will never know how great the game is either. He still wins and you still lose (miss out). Maybe find a more effective way of showing your feelings. Buy the game and review it honestly if you don’t enjoy it. That way others understand and support your cause.

      If none of that makes sense, think of it like the Christians boycotting Harry Potter because it’s witches and wizards. It’s still a great movie and J.K. Rowling is still rich.

      • I completely understand your point and I didn’t mean to sound like my single purchase will affect him in any way. However, I always feel the best way to show a “business” my distrust is with through my wallet.

        I guess the point of my post was to find someone who had different experiences with Phil Fish and to tell me i’m wrong.

      • awesome advice there. if you have a problem with a company give them your money anyway because they’ll still be rich and you are the one that misses out.

        there are plenty of other good games out there without a prick for an owner. there are stores other than walmart. the ONLY thing we CAN do is vote with our wallets. sure, they’ll have plenty of money from other people but why give them more?

      • I was totally with you till the Harry Potter analogy. Great books yes, great movie, I don’t think so (except maybe deathly hallows)

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