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Fez price announced on Steam, Phil Fish says to be grateful

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2268085-fez3Say what you want about Phil Fish, but you have to agree he’s a master of getting people’s attention. Polytron recently announced the pre-order date for Fez would be April 22 on Steam and GOG.com and added the pre-order sales would be discounted by 10%. After the post received a few negative comments about the pricing, Fish expressed his feelings (as he does) on Twitter with the following comment:

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.03.51 PM

Not one to leave well enough alone, Fish continued the diatribe (as he does) with this beauty of a tweet that reached the ‘epic’ level of Internet trolling:

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.04.55 PMYou read it correctly. At this point, the public relations train completely derailed with the next few tweets:

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.04.46 PMScreen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.03.02 PM

As you would expect, the tweets generated their fair share of backlash and cited Fish’s appearance in Indie Game: The Movie as evidence the creator of Fez is little more than a rather unpleasant fellow who doesn’t deserve the sales. A Reddit post urging gamers not to buy Fez made the front page of r/gaming and the comments were both interesting and hilarious as you might expect (example):

Screen Shot 2013-04-21 at 9.07.31 PM

I don’t know about you, but I actually like Phil Fish. From everything I’ve read about the guy and seen in IG:TM, he went through a hell of a lot of pressure and trolling during the lengthy development of Fez, and we all know the gaming community can be extraordinarily harsh at times. Fish is a real character who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and who knows – perhaps we’ll never see anything else from him or Polytron in the future.

Yet, Fez is a great little game that has sold over 200,000 copies already on XBLA and amassed a nice list of awards and accolades – including an 89 on Metacritic.

It seems a little harsh to boycott a good game because the designer is a little eccentric and outspoken. I’ll even go as far as saying Fish is occasionally crass and rude – but he’s also sensitive sometimes and you have to wonder how the collective acrimony fuels a lot of what he says.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 2.10.03 AM

Fez pre-orders are available April 22 and the game releases on Steam May 2, 2013…and I’ll be buying one.

Source: Polytron / Reddit

18 comments on “Fez price announced on Steam, Phil Fish says to be grateful

  1. I like Phil Fish as well. Gamers think they are so f’ing entitled. It makes me sick. Why discount the game at all? $10 is a great price for FEZ. People might not know how deep the game actually is…easily over 10+ hours to see/do/understan everything.

    If you have not played it, you should definitely check out FEZ; It’s an incredible experience.

  2. I love Phil Fish. He’s gotten to the point where he is kind of a hero for me; his obsession in making FEZ, as was clearly seen in IG:TM, is something I can relate to. The fact that he’s not afraid of his customers because he just really loves his game is cool. Heck, $10 seems low.

  3. Fish seems like a dick, but I think he just loves trolling people and doesn’t give a shit.
    Which is very refreshing attitude, frankly :-)

  4. I have followed Phil’s stuff on deviantArt for years- way before Fez was even a thing, and the art he made (and stupid hilarious videos) still crack me up. I haven’t watched Indie Game:The Movie, but very much would like to. I think he’s a funny dude and I like his work. And heck, if he has a picture of Andy Kaufman on his Twitter avatar, you KNOW he’s trolling anyway. :) He’s put a lot of hard work into Fez, and as a fellow game developer, I understand wanting people to know and appreciate that.

  5. If only he would put half the effort he put into making the game towards his potential buyers he could be selling a lot more. I like his style, but I’m not sure it’s the best approach. Just imagine if all business transactions went like this.

  6. “Dude, he’s Hitler, not a monster.” — Best jab at Origin I’ve ever heard.

    As for Phil, unless they’ve created a large title as indie, chances are 99% of fans have no clue the stresses involved. Personally as a dev I forgive them their ignorance and move on – Phil tends to lean in the other direction :)

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  10. He’s my hero. Everyone who doesn’t like him… they’re just one of those enraged gamers that takes offense to anything Phil says. I personally love him, after watching Indie Game: the Movie. His Canadian lifestyle when creating FEZ was definitely interesting to watch. He had to redesign the game 3 times after becoming more of a professional at pixel art. Anyways, Phil Fish did nothing wrong. It’s the idea of Phil Fish that bothers people (someone who constantly pushes people across the line through media).


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