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Early Access — Eden Star – Combat Tech Demo

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It’s Falcon back again, this time taking a look at Eden Star Combat Demo Preview from the Kickstarter for the game.

“A sandbox survival-creation game like no other, with innovative physics based combat and an ultra interactive, destructible world.”

Check out there KickStarter here:

Kickstarter Page : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/flixinteractive/eden-star-destroy-build-protect

Eden Star Site : http://www.edenstargame.com/

19 comments on “Early Access — Eden Star – Combat Tech Demo

  1. Looks like it has potential. I would like to do that smashing into walls
    thing with people that piss me off lol.

  2. this looks awesome, they should try and make it an open world, like
    minecraft. a wave based game wouldn’t be much fun only for those who enjoy
    wasting 5 or so hours building their base to complete I dunno wave 20. Just
    an Opinion!

  3. I can see valve becoming interested in these developers and buying the
    company if the kick-starter project gets going.

  4. Eden star – Eden, New south wales, Australia – population 3006 – 3000 – 3 –
    Half life 3 confirmed.


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