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Dinos coming in Battlefield 4? Battlelog source code reveals ‘dinosaurs’

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bf3dinomodeWe’ve previously reported on the dinosaur rumors that circle around Battlefield 4 – like a hungry Pterodactyl in search of it’s prey. Leave it to an intrepid Battlelog user to check out the source code and find a mention of ‘dinosaur’ in the lines of the HTML. Nothing conclusive about it really – the word is found in a <div> command which breaks up the page and divides the HTML document into sections.

The line reads:

<div id=”dinosaur” rel=”vertebrates”></div>

We’ve no idea if this means the section of the HTML document will be populated in the future with more dinosaur action, or vertebrates for that matter. Some Redditors have dismissed this as masterful trolling by DICE, and one Battlelog developer goes as far to say, “Just make sure to not feed it.”

We’re not taking his advice.

Dinosaurs confirmed in BF4?

Don’t forget that Battlefield 3 has a 96-hour double XP event happening as we speak.

Source (full image below): Reddit




11 comments on “Dinos coming in Battlefield 4? Battlelog source code reveals ‘dinosaurs’

    • Dinosaurs were real, dipshit. This isn’t zombies.

      Think of it as an alternate scenario. Shit, they could have been cloned.

    • Same. I honestly think they aren’t. It was too late to implement it in BF3, but for BF4, they could implement it in one of the DLCs. Also, that image above is giving me chills. Damn! 4-player co-op to take down a dino? What if you’re allowed a team of 12-16? Or a normal match with the team who kills the dino as the winner?


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