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Defiance devs taking issues to heart, vows to address them

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Defiance is far from a perfect game, plagued by bugs and server issues from day one. On the game’s blog, executive producer Nathan Richardsson vows that Trion Worlds, the team behind Defiance, is working to fix these issues.

General game server crashes, as well as PC server issues, have been addressed, though the Xbox 360 server issues have yet to be resolved. The PlayStation 3, meanwhile, could receive quite a large patch as soon as Monday.

Richardsson also states that the team is taking cheating and hacking “very seriously,” resulting in an increased number of banned players. In addition, the team is making progress on a fix for the  “disappearing items” issue, though no timetable has been set as to when a fix will make its way to players.

A patch will be sent to players that will address other issues, such as loadout issues, balancing, emergencies, and many more. Finally, Richardsson stated that he will cover player feedback on several issues that have cropped up since Defiance launched a few weeks ago.

It’s good to see that Trion Worlds is paying attention to player feedback. I applaud you, Trion Worlds. I applaud you.

Source: 2p, Defiance blog

3 comments on “Defiance devs taking issues to heart, vows to address them

  1. It seems like they actually want this game to be good, hopefully they pull it off, really sad to see a devoted dev studio unable to finalize their “vision” of what their game should be.


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