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Call of Duty: Ghosts is 1080p on PS4 according to IGN

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SPAAAACEAll this week Call of Duty: Ghosts videos will be going up on IGN. Not only that, but the footage from the game will apparently be from a PlayStation 4 running the game at 1080p.

If IGN’s Scott Lowe is correct, then this will be your first chance to see the game running on the Sony next-gen console in full HD.

The article featuring these videos can be found here. It will be updated daily with new content.

After having a watch, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments here!

Thanks, NeoGAF!

  • LiquidSword

    Seems odd that MS paid for timed exclusive DLC for COD yet Activision is showing the game running at full 1080P on the PS4. Is the Xbone version inferior? Is Activision realizing that they backed the wrong console for next gen?

    • guest

      Both PS4/XB1 versions will run at 1080p/60fps – COD runs at 720p/60fps on current gen PS3/X360. I would be really surprised if XB1 is less than 1080p/60fps.

      • Azure

        It’s been rumored that CoD Ghosts will only run at 720p on the Xbox One.

      • john

        Nope, sorry! Xbone still running at 720p like always!

        • tom

          Whatever comparison is made between the performance of XB1 and PS4, the XB1 is many times more powerful than the X360, and you are saying COD Ghosts on both XB1 and X360 will run at 720p/60fps?

          You’re joking right?, Killzone and Forza both run at 1080p/60fps and still look stunning, COD should manage that easy.

          • Xepher

            Resolution isn’t everything contrary of what you console users use to think.

            CoD Ghost may run on Xbox One at 720p like the Xbox 360 version but with better textures, shadows, post-processing effects and many other better features.

          • Jason Mounce

            What he’s saying is, 360 would be 600p or 720p (Most COD games on 360 were 600p) and 30FPS.

            X1 would be 720p at 60FPS.

            PS4 being already confirmed 1080p 60FPS. X1 is likely having trouble as is all its other games. If X1 was 1080p 60FPS the same as PS4, the tweet would likely discuss how X1 and PS4 run the same or how they both run at 1080p 60FPS. Instead, COD is focusing MORE on PS4 which foreshadows this impending reality/truth from spilling.

        • realist

          There is no way that one of the richest $multibillion dollar coporations in the world like Microsoft will allow COD, the biggest gaming franchise in the world, to run at lower resolution on Xbox1 than PS4.

      • SHU

        A rigatou gozaimaztah

        • richard

          LOL, f**king retard, both the Xbox1 and PS4 are made in China by Foxconn, and SCE Playstation is primarily an American company. What a failed troll!

        • American Joe

          Programmed in India, Made in China,, Yea,.. super patriotic. FA1L REPUTATION MGMT.- you suck M$!

        • homoloco

          You know… i rather buy form japan then buy from american pigs like ya… not that all americans are bad, but for real, the ones that are like are lower than trash…

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      it’s very likely that CoD Ghosts is running at 1080p 60fps on the Xbox One too, but the PS4 version could be running at 1080p 60fps on ultra settings, whilst the XB1 version runs at 1080p 60fps on high settings, for example.

      in other words, it might look better on the PS4,
      even if they both ran at 1080p 60fps..

      either that or they will be exact the same because it is not a resource hungry game, and the XB1 might be running at 100% capacity whilst the PS4 only needs to be running at 75% capacity, for example. =)

      guess we will find out soon

      for almost every other game tho, the XB1 version will be 900p, whilst every single PS4 game is 1080p with the only exception of Battlefield 4 at 900p 60fps on the PS4 (720p 60fps on the XB1).

      • Eagles83

        There is no such thing as ultra or high settings when it comes to consoles. They always use the same assets and settings. Only AA method or something like that tends to be different. Everyone just needs to calm down about what res the Xbox One will use. People act like the PS4 is some processing behemoth but it isn’t. It’s less powerful than PC’s from last year so this is entirely overblown.

        Remember the PS3 and 360 multi-platform games? The PS3 was more powerful overall than the 360 but the games looked the same, ran the same, etc. Only the first party games were any different.

    • Guest

      Because it isn’t true. It’s one of those N4Gtard NeoFAG fabricated lies again.

  • Clancy Carr

    I doubt that the PS4 version is 1080p, whilst the Xbone version is 720p. Somebody here is wrong!

    • amplif1er

      LOL are you serious?? Are you really calling a major company like IGN a liar about a review they are doing with the actual game?? You sir are an idiot, get over it fkn fanboy.

      • Clancy Carr

        ….. What, the fuck, are you talking about? Both of these claims are RUMOURS, dude, and as such, one of them has a likelihood of being false. DICE have commented that they’re still finding out what resolution to put the next-gen consoles at, an article written on IGN actually, dickhead. Reviewers also WON’T HAVE GOTTEN review code yet, ‘idiot’, and finally, to make you seem like an even more brainless being, I’m more of an advocate for the PS4 than the Xbone.

        I was making a non-biased statement you spastic.

    • Guest

      CBOAT, like he always is lately.

      • Guest

        Yeah, but NeoFAG is full of N4Gtard paupers without a brain.

        • American Joe

          Edonus, is that you?!?! ;)

  • Jessenia Lopez

    Bcoz The PS4 is %50 more powerful than X1

    • Guest

      Just like paupers like you are 50% more full of crap.

  • paulinacio

    This rumor could possibly be true since all Xbox one footage of COD Ghosts and been 720p vs PS4s 1080p

  • wampdog29

    It doesn’t say running at NATIVE 1080p though…. that could just be upconverted by the PS4…

  • Kayser

    i dont think its a big news unless xboxone is at 720 .

  • Guest

    $0N¥ Paupers are still desperate I see. Pathetic untermenschen!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    OMG! all that was PS4! awesome!