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BioWare co-founder “can understand completely” why fans were disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending

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By now, it’s no secret that more than a few people didn’t like how BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 ended. It even got to the point that the studio had to release free content that expanded on it just so people will drop complaining about it.

In saying that, so what does former BioWare co-founder Dr. Greg Zeschuk think of all the ruckus? Surprisingly, he says (via IGN) he “can understand completely” why fans were disappointed.

The passion and level of engagement was so high that it makes it very hard to solve every scenario you wanted to solve at the end of it…I always still sincerely think it’s because [the fans] really really care about what we make. It’s not random. It’s like, they may be disappointed when they can’t get the choice they want because they’re so intimate with their story or their character or their game. If it’s not just the way they want it, it’s not right. So it’s a very hard thing to reconcile, but the reality is, I can understand completely where it can come from.

Dr. Zeschuk is, of course, no longer with BioWare or even in the games industry and has since moved on to create a web series about independent brewers called “The Beer Diaries.”

Do you agree with “Dr. Zee’s” statement or did BioWare just drop the ball on ME3’s ending? For those who didn’t like the ending, at least you have the comfort of knowing that one of BioWare’s founders “understands” where you’re coming from, right?

19 comments on “BioWare co-founder “can understand completely” why fans were disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending

  1. still bought NO further BioWare Content since the Ending. The EC didn’t change anything.
    In fact, i bought no EA Game since ME3

    StarChild introduction was the worst possible ending. Also very cheap story telling.

    and i bought the damn Collectors Edition…

    • I feel for you mate, I bought that bloody collectors edition as well.

      Take solace in the fact that it hurt bioware, financially and critically, who “betrayed” (imo) the series

    • Starchild is just a Reaper in disguise. You’d know that if you played the game and paid attention to what was going on. Or better yet, read your codex before having played the ending.

      “The fandom is filled with passionate people like myself who sometimes react before having all the facts,”

      From one of their CMs. Looks like you didn’t have all the facts or information before playing the ending. That’s not Bioware’s problem though. That’s your problem.

  2. What do you mean “took them long enough to acknowledge it”. It stated that he isn’t with Bioware anymore. Who is them?

  3. I think the ending was a cop out. The consistency of the story telling at the end was inexcusable in terms of depth of understanding of what has gone on before. It was like they ran out of time or switched writers. The character you built is just accepting what the Star child offered instead of what happens with every other important decision in that you get to make a choice. Then there is all the other nonsense. If Sheppard has the potential to live when the Citadel is destroyed how is that possible? In addition it would have been better if the Reapers had won instead of the complete and total destruction of Intergalactic society with the destruction of the Mass Relays. They channel massive amounts of energy – why would they be destroyed by the energy wave that wipes out the Reapers? It wasn’t a physical wave otherwise it would have wiped at all other life at the same time in which case no old man and boy at the end on some nebulous planet.

  4. You could tell during ME2 that something was going on with the quality of writing in regards to the main story arc. It was no surprise that the lead writer quit during the creation of ME2 as this also coincides with the EA merger. Gone was the craft and in came the mechanized factory.

    You can either make art or money never really both, especially with story telling. If you want to make money you pound out sappy romance novels, if you want to change the world you write Lord of the Rings, the Dark Tower or Game of Thrones. Money is made but it is a longer drawn out process. EA wants every dollar now.

    The individual character arcs were decent and a lot of work was put into them but the main story was laughable. The reason no one speaks against their EA overlords is a little piece of paper called the non-disclosure agreement.

  5. What people fail to understand is that the ending is as good of one as they could do with the notice they had. A few months before the release of Mass Effect 3, the ending they had prepared was leaked to the internet and spoiled the entire game in a sense. It was a damn fine ending as well, but it was no longer usable due to it being leaked. So, they had to generate another ending that somewhat got the job done in the little time they had. I fully understand where they are coming from. Also, I might add, that the ending they did give us really wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed it very much. The game was flawless. Unfortunately the gaming industry has turned into a money hungry machine and if every last thing doesnt appeal to the customer, then the whole thing is apparently garbage. I see them as art, and you never judge an artists ambitions. Its THEIRS to create, and not OURS to destroy. Didnt like the ending? DEAL WITH IT.

    • That’s bullshit. You obviously never read the script for the original ending because leaked ending was almost exactly the same as what we were given in the game so take that shit some place else.

  6. yes u can have gr8 story telling, dialog and character development and generate money, the witcher 2, any bethesta game. these games and their parent companies have a few things in common. they love games and respect the people who buy there product. these games come chocked full of fun stuff to do and almost seemingly endless too, so when they sell dlc we want it. EA on the other hand are complete opposite of this it is about $$$$$$ that’s it. me3 in comparison to the first 2 was crap, all your decisions were thrown out the window and replaced by both ea and bioware to funnel us all to the same conclusion period. and then sell off important quests as dlc, like the prothean they knew suckers and fools would buy it, because we all wanted it. sadly this franchise is being developed into a call of duty game. all that free content multi player crap true fans did not want that we wanted a complete game tailored to us not them. stop buying EA it’s all crap look at madden only rarely do they really update those games what once every 3 years c’mon crap. also it’s obvious EA believes the people who buy their product to be troglidites because most are, they are content and happy only with shit.

  7. I still want an explanation from Casey Hudson for this MASSIVE lie…

    Hudson: “Yeah, and I’d say much more so, because we have the ability to
    build the endings out in a way that we don’t have to worry about
    eventually tying them back together somewhere. This story arc is
    coming to an end with this game. That means the endings can be a lot
    more different. At this point we’re taking into account so many
    decisions that you’ve made as a player and reflecting a lot of that
    stuff. It’s not even in any way like the traditional game endings,
    where you can say how many endings there are or whether you got
    ending A, B, or C…..The endings have a lot more sophistication and
    variety in them.”

  8. They didn’t learn a dang thing based on these BS comments. Not a single one is ready to admit the company failed to deliver on a single promise and in fact only gave the fans the exact thing Hudson said the fans wouldn’t get, an A, B or C ending that has nothing to do with the entire tirlogy. These comments make it clear they have swalloed the punch EA has served them and they fully believe the disappointment is completely the fans fault and that thier epic fail of an ending is actually, somehow, not bad. It was a fricking abomination.


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