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Battlefield 4 won’t have customizable preset loadouts for each class, DICE explains why

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If you’re like me, chances are you use a different loadout for each class depending on the map and what the match dictates when playing Battlefield 3 So, if you’re in Operation Metro, odds are good that the gun for your scope won’t be for long range like you’d equip in a map like Caspian Border, right?

Sadly, this oft-requested feature also won’t be available in Battlefield 4 — at least for launch, anyway.

Over on Reddit, user FEARProductions shared this statement with everyone and fortunately for him, someone from DICE responded!

According to Battlelog developer DarkLord7854, this feature isn’t as easy to implement as it sounds. However, he does add that they’re working on a “way around it” but adds that it won’t be available at launch, there’s no ETA (Estimate Time of Arrival) and “no promises.”

The problem with this is mainly has to do with the way a soldier’s Loadout is saved. The entire Loadout, including all gun attachments, and vehicle setups, are stored as one big configuration.

So we could let you save multiple Loadouts, but every time you load it, you’ll overwrite everything with it, including every single gun attachment and all your vehicle settings.

This makes it a bit impractical and extremely confusing.

I’ve been working on a way around this for Battlelog and making sure it’s very accessible and easy to use (while remaining powerful), but it won’t be reflected in-game in terms of telling you what Loadout Preset you selected as the game won’t know the difference.

However, it is very challenging to present in a good way, so progress is pretty slow and arduous, it definitely won’t be available on day 1, and no ETA (though hopefully it will eventually be released.. who knows though), so, no promises, etc.

Additionally, the Battlelog developer admits that doing this would be a pretty “massive fundamental” change and would require “an extensive amount of work.”

It would actually be a pretty massive fundamental change on a few levels both in the game and in the backend systems and require an extensive amount of work.

When asked by another Reddit user if we can have loadouts stored locally machine, DarkLord7854 responded, “the game doesn’t know anything about multiple Loadouts,”

No, the game doesn’t know anything about multiple Loadouts, it just knows it has 1 Loadout configuration and that’s all it reads/edits and all it cares about.

The interface to have multiple Loadouts or presets of any kind would purely be on Battlelog’s end.

So, there you have it, Battlefield fans. We still need to fiddle with each weapon, equipment, attachment and whatnot for every map and game mode just like BF3. Hopefully DICE can somehow find a way to put preset loadouts in; since in a game like Battlefield, every second counts and wasting a few seconds just to take out your grenade launcher for your med pack could mean the difference between taking over an objective, or failing.

Don’t forget, the BF4 Beta pre-load for PC is well underway and those with early access can play the beta client tomorrow starting at 4 a.m. EST!

Speaking of the BF4 Beta, DICE has confirmed that beta players won’t be able to try out the Commander Mode, so stow away your tablets for the meantime.

43 comments on “Battlefield 4 won’t have customizable preset loadouts for each class, DICE explains why

  1. I don’t see this as a big problem because a lot of times I found myself with maybe the wrong camo on my soldier or maybe I forgot to switch out my sights. This just give each person the little bit of time it takes to just setup your class. Instead of forgetting something, you know what map and mode your on when you get there, so you create the loadout for the job.

    • wait, can you explain to me exactly what this means?

      can you create a class like you can in CoD?

      • you can customized each classs loadout. weapons and weapon attachments, skills/perks, outfit/camo type. vehicles are customized also since they have unlocks and camos also.

        • so you can have like 10 classes that you can customize however you want and use in any game-type? just like in CoD?

          if so, then wat is all the fuss about? how is this bad news?

          • no… there are only 4 classes and each class specilizes in certain weapon and secondary item types, they are soldier types. Recon, engineer, assault, support. till now each class can only have a single loadout. they are talking about making it possible to have more than 1 loadout for each class so you dont have to edit your lodout during gameplay. instead just switch loadout rather than going into menu and changing each individual item. and no one things its a bad thing, they are complaining cause it hasnt already been added.

          • ohhh i get it now, thanks =)

            yeah that is no big deal, i haven’t played battlefield much but i liked being able to edit the classes during gameplay, it is good =)

  2. Well then the cod devs must be amazing if it is really that difficult (I dont think it is as difficult as they are making it seem, but who knows)

    • Ya silly blighter – this is all about how they’ve designed their data structures, and completely independent of hardware. The data that they need to handle these data structures could have run on PS1 code or an old PC with less than 1MB of RAM. A comment like you’ve put here is just silly. It’s poor data design, pure and simple.

    • You mean pc lmitations right? Consoles have far more better use for players as well as freedoms. Hence why consoles like wii and X360 are bought more for gaming than pc.

    • They have class types but not multiple loadouts per class to switch to during game. you have always had to make changes to the current class not switch loadout for that class

  3. I don’t understand this at all. So unlike COD and Halo 4, in BF4 we can not customize the loadout in the main menu before we join a match? Well that is highly inconvenient. I sat in the load out menu for 3 games trying to change my classes because that is the only available opportunity. I probably prevented other players from joining because I sat in spawn. It is fine to call me a noob (it has only been 35 hours since release), but I have played BF3 through every DLC. The UI for BF3 was a big selling point for BF4 because it worked and i thought DICE would make it better. I was mistaken.
    If the customizable loadouts feature is not included within 6 days I will likely trade in BF4 for credit when buying Ghosts.

  4. This really seems lazy. I get that loadouts are all stored in one big config, but even if you wanted to leave that untouched, all you’d have to do is separate out the custom loadouts to their own config, then whenever you select one, it would overwrite the one in the big config. This is not that complex.

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