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Battlefield 4: Two different “flight ceilings” for jets and choppers confirmed. choppers won’t be able to “orbit camp”

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For those who are fans of Battlefield 3, one the most annoying things in the game is when a skilled pilot took a chopper waaaay out into the sky and used the Zoom Optics spec to take out enemies at a distance, with no chance of being shot down.

Fortunately, DICE knows about this little balance flaw and has confirmed they’re including two “flight ceilings” in Battlefield 4 and that “orbit camping” won’t be an option for those thinking of exploiting it for easy kills.

This was confirmed byLead Core Gameplay Designer for BF4 Alan Kertz on Twitter (via NeoGAF); where he mentions it’s “fixed” and choppers won’t be able to orbit camp anymore.


Additionally, Kertz (Demize99) also added that for BF4, chopper pilots will need skill and won’t be able to kill someone from 800m away.

Orbit helicopters are no fun. Orbit helicopters shoot someone. From like 800m away. Fixing that for the next game. Choppers need skill.

I’m honestly thankful this is happening. Hopefully, this won’t be the only nerf coming to BF4. Not sure if it’s just me, but jet pilots with enough skill can regularly avoid rockets and other projectiles even when “painted” just by zig-zagging through the map; which in turn, makes them way too overpowered.

What issue would you want DICE to fix with BF4 that they got wrong in BF3? Let us know in the comments and who knows? Maybe your issue has a solution one of the Pixel Nation knows about.

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65 comments on “Battlefield 4: Two different “flight ceilings” for jets and choppers confirmed. choppers won’t be able to “orbit camp”

  1. so what are they going to nerf with the jets? maybe make them able to only go so low or so slow? Because a good heli was the only counter to better jets.

    • a good heli was never a counter to a jet. the only time a heli was even remotely close to a counter to a jet was a bad pilot who thinks heli means aerial aa and comes around to spam missiles while a jet pilot is dogfighting. even then those type of heli pilots are mostly useless as they are not going after armor like they should be and are very easy pickings once that jet is free to engage them. idc what this article says better pilots still fly fairly low and use cover without taking their gunner out of the game like a heli aa pilot will.

  2. Yeah let’s just nerf all the vehicles into the ground. Jets too fast? Here you go, now they go 10 MPH and you can lock on them with your no-skill stinger.

    Players need to learn to adapt and overcome.

    • Have you tried taking down a jet who has a really good pilot? If so, let me know how. Even if you paint them, they can weave through and fly so far out that they won’t get hit. Jets/choppers going 60-0 in rounds is NEVER fun for everyone except the pilot.

      And please don’t say, “use teamwork.” That’s easier said than done when playing with randoms.

      • thats nonsense, yes they can be dodged at times but stiglas constantly defy flares and ecm while in a jet. then there are the times it doesnt even beep and the missile is on its way. u want it to be easy for one unskilled noob to be able to camp a hilltop all game and one shot every air vehicle because someone in in the air killed him lol. yes helis were somewhat op but a horde of noobs spamming stiglas is not the answer, on top of the enemy jets,tanks, rockets aa and often a heli -aa tard(if ur in a jet). it also doesnt help that on some maps like oman an idiot camping the aa can hit a heli from almost every flag. thats the problem , is people like that and stigla campers that take advantage of things. i dont even fly helis that much but there needs to be a balance. tbh im all for no lock ons, give me an rpg any day.

    • adapt and overcome. same could be said for whiny heli pilots.
      ps. using a Stinger leaves you completely exposed (ie Vision impared, slowed movements, no defense) while you wait/try to get a lock on.

  3. so, according to your article, skilled jet pilots should not be able to dodge missiles? take off-get locked-die. looks balanced to me. on the other hand i agree with the nerf on orbit camping. but remember, there is 2 choppers per team, so if your own chopper cant take them down, its not a game design flaw, but a skill or teamplay issue.

    PD: anti air has zoom aswell. just sayin

  4. so according to your article, skilled jets should not be able to dodge rockets? that is definately not balanced. at all.

    while i agree on the orbit flight nerf, there is one chopper per team, and if your own team’s chopper cant take them down, its not a game design flaw.

    PD: Antiair has zoom too. Just sayin’

  5. At the moment it’s near impossible to kill a jet with a stinger or with a tank, but you have jets farming infantry and farming armor all game. The only real threat to a jet is another jet. In a combined arms game that is not good enough. The problem is that they can’t buff stingers anymore because they are balanced well against choppers. They could have lengthened the time between flares so at least the stinger was a deterrence, but that would affect the jet vs jet game. There has to be some kind of fix, because that’s broken right now.

    • Jet is top of the foodchain, its not supposed to be easy to kill it. Stinger is a noskill weapon meant as a airspace denial/deterrent – not a way to an EZKILL for any Lvl3 humble bundle kid.

      And DICE already fixed the “problem” you infantry guys were complaining about: According to people that tried the jets at gamescon the jet cannon’s spread has been drastically increased and strafing infantry is no longer viable, not to mention jets also travel faster now.

  6. Battlefield 3 helicopters were fine until all the COD fags complained that a skilled heli Crew was to OP so you nerf below radar u buff the Lock on times and distance of Stingers you remove Gunner flares with out replacing the perk with something else then leave the counter measures completely broken so you never know 100% if there going to work and then we have only one way to battle against jet is to sit up high now you are making two different Sky boxes so now helicopters are royally fucked seriously is there any point in getting good at something the only reason us heli pilots sit up in the sky box is because you forced us to i would much rather fly around killing stuff but gues what you Fucked it up because you listened to all the whiney whinging call of duty retards. how about leave the ceiling the same so that helicopters have a chance to battle jets fuck ive never been so angry reading this all because nobody can get teamwork happening

  7. The Only reason most of us heli pilots So called “Orbit Camp” is because you nerfed the shit out of the heli copters and buffed the shit out of stingers which i might add takes less skill that flying a chopper so yea were Fucked off with having to adapt and learn to play all over again each patch because some people cant learn at all

    • Excuse me… are stingers “buffed the shit out”? Try jumping out of your heli once in awhile and shoot down skilled heli pilots with a stinger. If the heli attack in a smart way, then after the attack run, he will have plenty of time to get the hell out of there, when stingers are in the air. Should a stinger hit (if stinger have time to reload, lock and fire again), he will set the heli down a safe place and repair it.

      Countermeasures have an unrealistic high efficiency rate, making the first stinger useless.

      • Wrong. ECM fails all the time and noskill stingers get through – multiple times per match. You must not fly very much, its a bitch to stay up in a heli and thats even after hundreds of hours of flight time.

        • I do fly some, try to get into a jet or heli at least a couple of times each round, but I might have mixed other lock-n-forget weapons into my “stats”.

          But if what you say is true, that stingers have better success of hitting helis, then I think it’s great. It was definitely not fair the way it was before. But I have fired a fair share of stingers at helis with poor results, so I don’t experience the same thing you are.

  8. Look at all you flybois crying as soon as someone touches your precious choppers or jets. If you don’t want anything to change, feel free to keep playing BF3.

  9. LOL @ Anders_Amilon i have spent every single patch adapting to the changes made by dice every single one its like a new game and i learnt to fly and still rape face im guessing you are one of those people that cried every time a good heli crew with good communication and teamwork came into the server you were straight onto the battlelog forums posting up helis are Over powered instead of taking the time to work out how to bring one down with teamwork granted there was no voice comms in bf3 so u couldn’t talk to your squad mates (another DICE FUCKUP) and say “hey im puttin a soflam down on x y z hill can you spawn with a javlin and lock him nah that’s to hard for you much easier to go straight to the forums and complain that its OP i seriously don’t know why dice didn’t leave the game as it was after the first patch a few minor changes sure but massive mechanical game play changes and then you wonder why we do shit like sit in the sky box and rape with zoom optics you forced us to do that and then complain ?
    where the logic in that?

    • So youre saying that anything that is a threat to you forced you into orbit to rape every1, showing how OP and unbalanced the attack heli truly is.

      Are you allergic to balance?

  10. Speaking as a pilot, and a gunner, we would love to enter the battle, believe me. As battlefield 3 currently stands, the air balance is so poor that entering the battle is suicide, even for the best pilots. “Orbit camping” is the natural result when lock on missiles force the helicopter to back off. A camping chopper can only ‘snipe’ infantry. It is less effective that one that is low to the ground, engaging amour. The bigger issue here is helicopter v jet balance. The only way for a jet to take out a competent heli crew is from above. Now that will be all the more easy. The ironic issue here is that jets are already the dominate asset in battlefield 3. One jet pilot can easily dictate a match. This “fix” will only make jets more dominate on the battlefield. If you want to fix the “orbit camping”, just reduce the fly ceiling on maps with helicopters but no jets, making anti missiles more effective. I “orbit snipe” all the time, and its never on a map with 2 jets.

    • you must be a really bad helipilot.

      You know pilots in BF2? They used terrain and their team. They actually had to fly low due to the jetthreat. Like it was supposed to since jet = counter (only real counter to helis in BF2, sadly) I advise you do the same.

  11. as a experienced chopper pilot i would have to agree with Hod all that needs to happen here is to make sure the ceiling is reduced on chopper only maps

    • Or just give back some form of below radar since that’s what created the orbitcamping problem to begin with. Before that I never saw it, experienced crews didn’t bother.

      Its funny, stingerkids bitched about Heli’s and so they got pushed to the edge of the map due to removal of below radar and increasing stinger range to an insane 400m. Then stingerkids bitched the heli’s were too far away and couldn’t be touched. Seriously make up your minds.

  12. Hovering out of stinger range in bf3 was hardly considered a viable tactic until the armoured kill patch. What was thought to be a nerf by dice by removing below radar and removing gunner flares ended up making good helicopter crews more hard to kill because they simply started flying out of lock range.
    If bf4 helicopters have effective counter measures (below radar) and the new map designs allow skilled pilots to block locks with cover, I doubt hovering would carry though from bf3 anyway.
    The change in flight ceiling for jets is concerning though. In bf3, any jet pilot with a few flying hours will attack helicopters from above. The only effective way to counter this is to get up near the ceiling so jets are limited in how high above you they can go.
    If jets and helicopters have significantly different flight ceilings, even the best helicopter crew will become easy kills for mediocre jet pilots.

    • Counters actually killing the heli. What can be wrong with that?

      And below radar is not a countermeasure, it meant invinciblity mode for the heli against the ”counters”. I swear you flyboys hate balance.

        • Bull, Stiglas do jack to most vehicles and it does take skill to use. A stinger would bring down ANY aircraft in real life with 1 shot yet it takes multiple missiles in BF3. Plus you have no defense against ground armor. The fact an Engineer equips Stiglas means they are at a serious disadvantage against all ground armor and that disadvantage should lead to a serious advantage against air vehicles.

          • Nothing more useless than bringing up “but but but in real life” arguments. And boo effing hoo you can’t deal with armor if you have anti-air noskill missiles.

            The game is supposed to be rock-paper-scissors, everything is a tradeoff. One weapon for all occasions would be lame as hell. Learn to aim an RPG and you can deal with armor AND heli’s that make a mistake and come too close.

          • “Stingers would Bring down any aircraft in real life” very true also there one of the most expensive weapons and not every single person would have one if you wanna go real life then the igla or stinger would be a pick up only kit 2 per flag and also choppers would sit back a mile back from the battlefield with zoom optics actually the gunner would have zoom and thermal optics at the same time but that would be just OP right Of course there needs to be some kind of exit for a chopper reducing the ceiling will just wreck choppers completely just reduce the range the cannon can shoot at so it cant actually shoot with in stinger range. to be completely honest the Battlefield Community has become so numb and noobish over the last 5 years or so you may as well not have vehicles in battlefield and just call it infantryfield because thats where its heading

    • I completely agree, jets are quite overpowered as they are, and changing the flight ceiling will just make the jet cannons that much more powerful against choppers. They should just reduce the max effective distance of the heli cannon and remove guided rockets if they want to balance the chopper. But I want to see stiglas become more of a pain to use effectively than they are now.

    • lockon weapons have been in BF since BF:vietnam, get used to it.

      Besides, it takes alot more risk, patience and positioning to use lockon weapons that wh0ring the low-skill OP attack heli+jets

      • “Risk, patience and positioning” LMFAO.

        More like wait for Heli to flare and then point & click orange box in sky for EZKILL. Boy that’s so risky.

        • I smell a n00b.

          You obviously never used the stinger with a slight degree of succes.

          The handful of people that have more than 200 stingerkills versus the tens of thousands low-skill heli-exploiters..the BF3 stat.statistics speak for itself.

          • you’re a noob bro, stingers require NO SKILL. Risk? NO. the pilot has no clue where the shots coming from until threat pops up showing where the missle is coming from. Patience? LOL. You can lock on at such a far range, I bring a stinger with me while I pilot to quickswitch seats and take out helis on the go, while I’m flying. Positioning? LOL. Look at what I just said. You don’t need to position shit. You just stand there until locked. nothing else. ever. The stinger used to take skill in BF3 when pilots had to dodge stingers, but now it’s just full of lols bro. and so are you.

    • Best post ever Everyone should have the Laser Guided AT4 and stingers should be a pick up kit on each flag

  13. I don’t know about you guys, but I eat heli and jets alike for breakfast with the anti air. One thing helis have that jets don’t, they can hover, fly backwards and can make 180 degree turns fast.. use that against the jets

  14. Good to see DICE finally sees and acknowledges this big balance flaw.

    I dont get why the kiddie-pilots all rage about their useless counters, I see good pilots that actually use terrain and get good scores while teamplaying with the rest of the team. ECMspam means useless javelin+stingers though (ECM reloads way too fast)… but they dont get the 80-0 scores you see now due to the unbalances.

  15. “pilots with enough skill can regularly avoid rockets and other projectiles even when “painted” just by zig-zagging through the map; which in turn, makes them way too overpowered.”

    Are you kidding me? If someone has skill to avoid being shot, it must be op? No way, if you can avoid the damage, good for you. Doesn’t mean something is “OP”.

    • its the new battlefield generation taking over gound units such as infantry and tanks have always been under powered against good pilots since why now all of a sudden is it OP to be good at something, im not saying ground units should have no power to take down aircraft at all but helicopters cant move as fast as jets and have fuck all amour i do not understand why flak and anti air gun emplacements on flags that are important to hold are there worked well in every other battlefield series

  16. leave Jets alone. They are ok. Want to take down a jet… learn a bit, cooperate with teammates and bring them down. WHAT THEY SERIOUSLY NEED TO FIX is INSTANT VEHICLE SPAWN. THat my friend is what makes Jets and choppers and even tanks OP at times.

  17. DICE Logic in a nutshell

    ” Real Battlefield Player Buys game Susses out how it works becomes good at what he learns and applies this to the game”

    Second Gen Battlefield buys game does not have any skill has no brains is not prepared to get better at the game just wants a instant win with no effort applied

    Cries to Dice to Nerf this so called OP Thing that some one has taken the time to figure it out

    Dice steps in and Nerfs /Changes thisOP THING ALL TO GETHER

    “Real Battlefield player Is a little annoyed at this nerf / game / complete game change but is determined to succeed spend more time working out how he can over come this adapt and get better eventually works it out and becomes good again

    Second Gen Battlefield player same scenario as the first complains to dice its to OP due to lazyness and again Dice patch/ nerf / completely change the Game again

    Rince wash Repeat eventually The real Battlefield player gets sick and tired of having to re learn the game every time a patch comes out and decides to sit in the sky box and rape the Little Whiney whingey Second Generation players

    Here’s how i became good at flying helicopters i used to be a tank driver/ Infantry couldn’t fly to save my self i kept getting smashed by jets and Attack helicopters so instead of complaining i decided i was gunna get good at flying so if i needed to get in a jet or a heli at some point because there was a good jet or heli pilot on i could switch take them down i gues the days of people actually wanting to better them selves is long dead

  18. Heli-exploiters: but tiny paper got buffed a little, now I am forced to orbithovercamp and rape every1 and show how OP the attack heli REALLY is !!!!!

    I wonder if heli-exploiters ever liked balance in the first place, since it would mean paper actually beating rock.

  19. I’m a jet pilot #335 in the world (Kill-wise) If anything stingers are over-powered against jets! Dodging a stinger isn’t hard but it can be tricky because they’re quite realistic in how they work, so what you have to do and this is the tricky part is make a turn sharp enough and quick enough back in the direction the stinger’s come from. Sounds simple? NO. you rarely have a god damn clue whats locking you, helis and jets you’ll probably see on the radar, but with the range of a stinger… they could be anywhere what makes this worse if you think oh okay I’ll just fly below radar… HA! Doesn’t work!
    Yeah jets are OP against helis in the right hands, but helis are OP against tanks in the right hands! It’s the rock, paper, scissors system basically it runs like this; Stingers>Jets>Helis>tanks>stingers.
    I’m glad there’s two flight ceiling personally, but the constant “Jets are OP” Is getting tiresome.

  20. Bullshit the cod players they lured over mostly complained about helicopters so they took away the flares and let stingers lock below radar, bull

  21. How about making it so Anti-Aircraft emplacements can actually shoot an aircraft down and higher field of vision? But, also make them so they could be destroyed.

    I hope if BF4 has them, they don’t stick them in idiotic places like they did in BF3.

    BFBC2 had better emplacement location.
    Then no need to nerf anything

  22. ^”Whiny chopper pilots” the thread.

    I do agree that stigla’s should be gone. But only when they “fix” the RPG rocket speed and give us a laser/wired guided (no lock-on mind you) missile to fuck you guys up with.

  23. First off, no one would even orbital camp in BF4, there isn’t a good weapon to do so with, any attempts at firing over 500-600 feet on small targets just makes you look utterly stupid, and you miss everything. So why would you fix that? What needs to be fixed is the speed and rate of angular change on the stingers and iglas. The only balance that would fix most, maybe even all, problems with choppers is to reduce the ability to get fucked in the ass by 5 engineer stingers. bf3 combatted this problem by allowing you to dodge with enough agility and skill. Fix that, immediately. its gay.

  24. I wonder why those servers with copyrighted content stay up. I see a lot of “don’t post any US content” but they don’t care at all about content from japan.. . Is it just that Japan doesn’t care much about their copyright laws?. . It is hundreds or maybe even thousands of servers with content from Japan but they only get DMCA warnings for US material or something that got translated by a US company.. . They also often have some content on their website, like images or small archives..


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