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Battlefield 4 Second Assault DLC video blowout — Map overview, re-imagined BF3 maps & more

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UPDATE: And here’s Westie’s Operation Metro video. Go check BF3’s most famous below.

Already bored with Battlefield 4’s base maps? Fortunately for you, Pixel Enemy content producers Westie and MattTheMusketeer has a slew of Second Assault expansion videos straight from EA themselves.

For those not familiar with Second Assault, it’s a “re-imagining” of Battlefield 3’s most famous maps in Frostbite 3 with added Levolution elements. Just in case you’re not keeping up on BF4 news, the maps are: Caspian Border, Gulf of Oman, Operation Firestorm and everybody’s favorite, Operation Metro.

Embedded below are a map overview, a look at the expansion weapons and a thorough look at the aforementioned maps all running on the Xbox One.

Operation Firestorm:

Caspian Border:

Gulf of Oman:

Map overview:

Operation Metro:

We’ll have a video of Operation Metro up in this same post once the video’s done rendering. In the meantime go check the re-imagined maps and see what changes DICE made to your favorites.

Second Assault is set to be available the same day the Xbox One console is released, which is tomorrow, while other platforms will get it an unspecified date later.

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