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Battlefield 4 reveals first image from BF4 site, “Land” teaser released

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While we already included the “Land” teaser in our “Sea” post, I gather it’s a good idea to make a new post for this one since some people might miss it.

So, here’s the “Land” teaser again, which features tanks…a shocker, I know!

I think at this point that it’s safe to assume that an “Air” teaser trailer showing a jet or chopper will make its way online before the week or day is done.

In other BF4 news, BF4Central has uncovered the very first teaser image from the game’s official site and it’s an Aircraft Carrier, which is the image you see as this post’s header.

Will it just be used as a place for jets to take off or for something more? We’ll hopefully know the answer to that once Battlefield 4 is formally revealed this March 27 at GDC.

  • kikoano

    It will be jet not chopper this is bf not bad company

  • Xal

    BF3 had both so why wouldn’t 4?

  • http://twitter.com/MillionCrore MillionCrore

    Dice is building up the hype train. Slowly people are gonna get onboard then bam, its the reveal. Marketing tactics at their finest.

  • http://pixelenemy.com/ Mark Remo

    Fighting for freedom over land and sea and air! GI Joe is there!

    • PixelEnemy_Alex

      Haha! Yo Joe!

  • http://twitter.com/RobbieToomer robbie toomer

    can’t wait for the reveal!

  • oo7PorscheMGS

    This game should be the definition of AWESOME, just like BF3′s destruction + sound + effects and huge maps with tons of different terrain + vehicles were… can’t wait to see it. On PS4 baby, won’t buy it for PS3 even if it comes out on it. I’ll get it with my ps4 when I’m done playin all the great PS3 games coming out this year….. so… next year ;)

  • Jim Lahey

    im guessing these teasers will be “Sea, Land, Air……” and the last one…..”space” ??