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Battlefield 4 poster shows real-life dog tags as pre-order bonuses, claims Fall release — Rumor

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UPDATE: (Seeing as this significant news, content producer Westie made a video, which you can watch below)

While Battlefield 4’s official reveal is but a few days away, that doesn’t mean we have to wait for the latest news or rumor.

Over on Chinese gaming site Gamersky (via MordorHQ), they have uncovered what seems to be an EB Games poster for Battlefield 4 showing one of the game’s pre-order incentives, which you can see as this post’s headline image.

Remember those dog tags that we got by knifing enemies in Battlefield 3? Well, EB Games seems to be giving players the real deal if they pre-order the game. Now, keep in mind that this could very well be a fake, or something that’s exclusive for this retailer.

Nevertheless, this might be the first poster and pre-order leak we’ve seen. And to be honest, I’d prefer the real-life dog tags than the digital ones when it comes to pre-order bonuses.

Additionally, the poster shows a “Available Fall” lettering on the bottom right. This is, of course, a formality at this point, since we do assume that Battlefield 4 will be EA’s “big” game for this year’s holiday season.

We’ve contacted EA and will update the post once they’ve given an official comment.

For more on BF4, don’t forget to check out our “BF4 Wishlist” video where we’re giving away Roccat gear! You can find out how to enter by going here.

Battlefield 4 is set to officially be revealed tomorrow at GDC. Pixel Enemy will be there to cover the event as it happens.

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25 comments on “Battlefield 4 poster shows real-life dog tags as pre-order bonuses, claims Fall release — Rumor

  1. I think the “new” frostbite engine could give us PC-gamers the full spectrum again like BF2.

    Massive maps etc. thats what i´d like to see in BF 4 or maybe another fraction.

    Smth like Britis and germans would spice the whole thing up. But i think it´s only gonna be the same old shit again… USA vs RUS or CHINA

    Gets kinda boooring for me. And the community support has to improve.


    No seriously, the modding tool would be a excellent way to spice BF 4 up. BUT as always i think DICE would like to put Mod´s in but EA just sees no point in making something like that cause obviously u cant earn anny money with free modding tools. So i think we aint gonna see Mods thanks to the moneywhores at EA =)

    So far i´m not expecting too much from BF4. Altho it´s well appriciated that the PC is the leadplatform. Once again BF is a PC game. And i think Bad company should have been out for consols only. Leave the real Battlefield for the pc gamers. DICE is actually doin a great job but then comes the EA CEO and says: “this is too expensiv we can´t loot the pockets of our customers with that, or THIS HAS TO BE FINISHED IN DADADADA weeks”

    I´d love to see DICE seperating from EA not cause EA is bad, just because they loot the pockets of their customers like a mothfkr!

    Kind regards

    • At this point, I’d say US & China factions are a lock. Heck, add in a few game modes, iron out the bugs, add Battlecroder and better (BC2) maps, I’ll be set. I still play BF3 now.

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  5. I got my dogtags from this proOrder bonus :) They’re very nice! You also get this little card inside of the packages aswell, with a code for pre order content for in-game! I got the code entered already but it doesn’t say what it unlocks or adds yet =/ Cannot wait for Battlefield4 !!
    Psn – VenRez , 9 Year Battlefield Vet.

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