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Battlefield 4 on Xbox One was “definitely” at 720p running “mostly” at 60fps, controller input lag shown in video

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For those playing the Battlefield 4 Beta on PCs and current-gen consoles, chances are some of you are waiting on the next-gen version of the game to “upgrade” as soon as they’re available in order to play the best version of BF4.

However, this recent hands-on BF4 Xbox One by NeoGAF user Timurse from Igromir’s (Game World) business day in Moscow has left us a little worried, I admit.

Detailed below is a rather exhaustive list revealing that the build was “definitely” at 720p, and running at “mostly” 60fps.

On the upside, he did play Domination  on a new map (Zavod 311) where everything was unlocked but had no vehicles.

  • I played it on the business day of Igromir (“Game World” on English) in Moscow.
  • The resolution was definitely 720p, running mostly 60fps.
  • The game looks slightly better than Xbox 360 version of BF3 (I would say 50% better, no where near those videos of Paracel Storm gamescom build). Though textures are a lot better than on X360, some god rays, lots of foliage on the map.
  • It was a new build with Domination on Zavod 311. No vehicles. Though everything is unlocked.
  • For some strange reason player movement speed is VERY limited. It’s like the sprint speed is somehow similar to the walking speed in BF3. I think it was this particular build fault. Cause on X360 the speed is ok.
  • The controller is SO SHITTY I couldn’t even aim properly (and got 55 eagle in X360 version and 20th level in PS3 version). E
  • The game ran on Xbox One debug kits. I saw one, it was black and I couldn’t make any photo. There wasn’t any local network mode, they used Windows server for the 26 machines.
  • The game supports kinect for voice commands, leaning with your head behind the corners and some other stuff. You can choose the language of voice commands.

What might be more worrying for potential Xbox One BF4 buyers is that the Xbox One controller is
very “unergonomical compared” to the Xbox 360, and feels like the DualShock 3.

Here’s the full controller impressions — keep in mind this is just one hands-on and applies to BF4 solely.

  • The controller is very, very, very unergonomical compared to X360. It’s smaller, the feeling is kind of like you are using a DualShock3.
  • The move distance of sticks is a little bit smaller, than the one in X360. I really thought about PS Vita sticks while playing.
  • Bumpers are totally connected to triggers. There isn’t any piece of plastic (like in DS4) in-between trigger and bumper (clearly seen on video I edited in) so in 30-40% maybe you would miss the trigger and hit the bumper.
  • The vibration is a lot less than on X360.
  • The D-Pad is deepened into controller and it’s really awkward. As in X360, DS3, DS4 it’s slightly above the surface of controller. So while you try to press it on XBO gamepad moving your left thumb down from left stick you hit nothing, then you have to spend a second to find d-pad and actually press it. Really strange.

To make things worse, here’s a video highlighting some Xbox One BF4 input lag:

Again, keep in mind that this is not the final build of the game and we can’t vouch what actual build the game was.

For those thinking the controller impressions were biased, the user states, “In order for you to not think that I am biased – I was the biggest basher of DS3 ever and also a huge fun of X360 gamepad :(”

Whatever the real case is, let’s hope the input lag won’t be in the final version of the game.

Will BF4 on Xbox One be stuck at 720p? We’ll know for sure once they’re released this November.

  • Vincenzo Greco

    ur technical words “50% percent” come from?

    • Guest


  • guest

    Hardly fair to make final judgements on an unfinished and unoptimised version of BF4 on the XB1. I would wait until the final retail version comes out.

    • guest

      Power of Xbox1 is x8 to x10 power of X360. (Power of PS4 is x10 to x12 power of PS3.)

      How can a game look only 50% better on XB1 than X360, does not make sense unless this is a really unoptimised build.

  • Dakan45

    “The resolution was definitely 720p, running mostly 60fps.
    The game looks slightly better than Xbox 360 version of BF3 (I would
    say 50% better, no where near those videos of Paracel Storm gamescom
    build). Though textures are a lot better than on X360, some god rays,
    lots of foliage on the map.”

    Since bf3 on consoles runs on low pc settings, the xbox one version looking slightly better than the x360 is pretty dissapointing. Also 720p? pfff.

    and i know, i know, thats xbox one, its gonna look better on ps4, BUT dice said they aim for the same resolution and fps for both systems, so you can bet graphics will be more or less the same.

    • PCMasterRace

      Save the $500 you would waste buying another shitty console and put it towards a PC. It’s that simple.

      • Megaman

        I use my PC to work and i invest to upgrade it for my work purpose…i’ll stick with consoles and my $5,000 PC to work no play games …Dam how can you not feel like a nerd playing on a PC….???i like nerds dont get me wrong but dont make it seem like PC gaming is “cool” cause its really not,,,,Im only writing this because i hate when PC guys make there comments about PC’s blah blah blah

        • Dakan45

          or maybe you are an idiot and i can build you a 800 pc that can beat next gen consoles.

          You should NEVER even remotely be serious on spending more than 1500$ on pc,

      • Dakan45

        prettu much a 500$ upgrade equals to beating next gen consoels.

    • tomato tom

      Yes Dakan45, you are probably right, although the PS4 is lot more powerful than the XB1, EA and DICE will probably nerf the PS4 version of BF4 for political reasons – given Microsoft is one of the richest and most powerful companies in the world. But they are going to have to explain why Killzone on PS4 runs at 1080p 60fps and even PC gamers have said looks really good, and BF4 does not.

      • travis1987

        dude, please stop with the fanboy stupidity, the graphics are degraded in multi-player hence why the multi-player is 60fps, the Killzone SF single-player runs @25fps to 30fps not too good really, you people make me laugh with your bias ways of thinking, at least be fair when you voice an opinion if you don’t want to be labelled an idiot, cheers

        • Dakan45

          yeah shadowfall mp looks like crysis 2 on pc graphisc wise, they dont get 60 fps for no reason

          • travis1987

            agreed, no doubt Killzone is a pretty game, and yes ps4 may be a bit more powerful than Xbone but the way ps4 fan boys go on about it like the ps4 is a 5000k PC in a 350$ box, it really is not, it’s about 10% more powerful than the Xbone if that, my guess, why would Microsoft release a weaker console knowing that their closest rival is Sony?, i could understand if they were aiming to rival Nintendo, but they aren’t, cheers dude :)

          • Dakan45

            Pretty much, sony hypes hypes hypes and underdelivers.

            The crap i hear is insanse. Like how APU will magically destroy pcs, aside it is used only on laptops. Not to mention the cpu is a laptop low power consuming cpu.

            Most importanly crap like “we are brining high end pc graphics to ps4 with warframe” when the game basicly needs 2006 hardware and can be maxed out with 2007 hardware.

            Or “ps4 can run planetside 2 without needing a 4000$ pc” Last time i checked that game could easilly be maxed out with a 4-5 year old pc.

            In any case, it DOES NOT FREAKING MATTER if ps4 is more powerfull, look at bf4, they aim for the same resolution and framerate as xbox one, watchdogs is gonna be on 30 fps, so in simple terms YOU ARE GETTING THE SAME VERSION.

            The problem is that this time around the so called “next gen” is the weakest one yet in order to be affordable, sony and ms dont have nor the money or the techonology to make consoles anymore, they will need to spend billions each year in budget, only the leaders in hardware can do that, like amd and nvidia, thats why the contract was given to them, sony and ms and nitendo can no longer make their own consoles, its too expensive.

            No powerful console has ever won.

            Sega megadrive was more powerfull than nes, nes won, 3DO and sega genesis were more powerfull than snes, snes won, xbox utterly destroyed ps2, even gamecube was more powerfull, yet ps2 won. So yeah specs dont matter, but these consoles should not last longer than 5 years because they are not particulary powerfull in order to be affordable.

            As for nitendo? A WIIU is the same size as a old external hardrive, xbox one is 4 times the size of wiiu and twice the price, not a good comparison.

          • realist

            Wrong, it is reported that the PS4 is 40-50% more powerful than XB1, 1.84 TeraFLOPS/s versus 1.4 TeraFLOPS/s. If I built a 8 Core PC with 1.84 TeraFLOPS/s and the latest 8GB RAM, I could play games at 1080p 60fps High settings easily – no excuse for PS4 to be less.

          • travis1987

            oh, the information from the “anonymous devs” you should be smarter son, the ps4 is not 50% more powerful, i can pretty safely guarantee, there will be no difference come launch, only difference will be games, and Xbone is pretty much winning in that department, just get what ever console you want dude, but i will always fight against bias articles and bias fanboys, the PC you just listed would struggle to run GTAIV at 30fps, the next gen consoles are not that powerful really, they do what they do, and that is why they sell, it is comfort gaming, stop being a sucker for the hype machine, the ps4 is low to midrage PC, same as Xbone, you can’t really compare between PC hardware and console hardware, because consoles are set to do one thing only, play games, consoles are optimized to play games, ps4/xbone = low to midrage PC in terms of hardware, why would PC gamers buy a 5000k PC if they could buy a ps4 for 350$ that can max out all games? answer – ps4 can’t max out games, look at killzone SF 30fps with dips lol, you ps4 fanboys seriously make me laugh, ps4 might have better looking exclusives than Xbone down the line but that is really it.

          • realist

            WTF, I though you made some sense but you have lost all credibility with the GTA4 30fps comment, are you a troll? GTA4 is an ancient 5 year old game and it’s recommended PC specs are a 4 core CPU, 512MB graphics card and 2.5 GB RAM, the next gen consoles are many many many times more powerful than that.

            Killzone MP on PS4 runs at 1080p 60fps, and even the PC players have reported it looks as good as ‘High
            settings’ on PC. Killzone SP is 1080p 30fps, as they added more graphics and AI, but who cares about 30fps in a single player game. And I have not read one report that Killzone SP dips below 30fps, only read that very occasionally that the MP dips below 60fps, but that happens in a lot of MP games anyway.

        • tomato tom

          It is not bias, I’ve read lots of hands on reports and articles of Killzone SP and MP on PS4, and 99% of them have praised Killzone’s visuals, even the PC players have reported it is the equivalent of ‘High settings’ on PC, but not near ‘Ultra settings’.

          • travis1987

            Killzone has always been a pretty game, but to say that it runs 60fps @1080p constant is pushing it a bit far, only multi-player is 60fps and it dips lower at times, this has been stated by the devs, single-player is 30fps with lower dips also, both consoles will more or less be the same and both will have their problems, people really do underestimate the Xbone don’t they. Peace dude

      • Dakan45

        Alot more powerfull? no, significantly yes, shadowfall looks on par with pc games, not as good as crysis 3 but still, the game is 30 fps on sp, and 60 on mp, no wonder why, it looks like crysis 2 in 2011 in mp.

  • Ox

    Lemme get this, you guys post a very positive video on your Youtube page detailing a very positive hands on experience with the XB1 version of BF4, by someone that I presume is a member of staff at Pixelenemy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tG8R5sVL2lY

    Then make a negative post based on on some random dude on Neogaf?

    I have used the XB1 controller at GamesCom and this post is a load of nonsense.

    • tom

      Agree, no one has ever said anything bad about XB1 controller prior to this. This article sound like pure trolling, not surprising as it’s from Russia who are pirates and play on PC and 95% of all the PC games are pirated in Russia (so don’t make any money for the games industry), and they hate Microsoft.

      • Дмитрий

        tom, dont be so rude, please. You misunerstand some facts abut gaming in Russia, i will correct you: PC gaming is about 70-80% of whole gaming markrt and the piracy is a problem, too, but Steams popularity rises rapidly in last years.

      • BobFour

        yeah they have they like ds4

      • PIRATE or NINJA

        while also at the same time PC games are the cheapest to purchase in russia as well. there are a lot of russian gamers on steam that do not pirate.

  • travis1987

    this article reeks of bias it’s not even funny, just thought id comment, very disappointed

    • BobFour

      please explain?….

      • travis1987

        ok, “The controller is SO SHITTY I couldn’t even aim properly” “The game looks “slightly” better than Xbox 360″ “To make things worse, here’s a video highlighting some Xbox One BF4 input lag” all these “problems” yet the game ain’t even fully complete and optimized yet, sounds pretty biased to me, the author might as well of just said don’t buy the Xbone version buy PC or ps4 version.

        • BobFour

          its the truth dude not anything else and games are better on ps4

  • enkoo

    This is even worse on the BF3 PS3 version… this is BF 3.5

  • adsf

    I’ve played the Xbox One and the controller is WAY better than the 360 one. And to compare input lag it is necessary to know the response time of the monitor being used. I would say that the forum post above is a manipulative one.

    • BobFour


      • guest

        Ridiculous bias in what has been reported above by some random Russian, seems to be unfair anti XB1 trolling, basically every other report or hands on has praised the XB1 controller, and what was shown in the video as input lag can be changed via sensitivity settings.

  • Megaman

    The D-Pad is deepened into controller and it’s really awkward. As in X360, DS3, DS4 it’s slightly above the surface of controller. So while you try to press it on XBO gamepad moving your left thumb down from left stick you hit nothing, then you have to spend a second to find d-pad and actually press it. Really strange

    Not sure how you dont feel nothing cause in that video it looks slightly above the surface….EVERYBODY bashed the DS3….You cant hate the 360 controller….What about the pulse trigger???I love the DS4 but i hope they fix that light reflecting off your tv issue….I also have never seen a lag in any game or system in history so clearly thats not gonna be final and soooo much people have played battlefield 4 on the X1 and NO lag….but everybody has there own opinion

    • BobFour

      DS4 is fantastic and im so used to DS3 its my favorite

  • Megaman

    Oh and hes from NeoGaf…enough said

  • BobFour

    I love DS3 anything else was weird to me of course I would also never get anything else and the DS4 I heard is the best

  • Ricardo

    Well i was gamescom, i played with both controllers and both (One and PS4) are much better versions of their older brothers…really much better. But i experienced this lag too on the Call of Duty boot….i think it was a mix of still in developement, bad monitor settings, and being played in windows pc emulating Xbox One (yes i was those windows popups appearing to me)