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Battlefield 4 multiplayer has a secret that will make you go “what the fuck”

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In a recent Battlefield 4 live stream event, the developers revealed that the multiplayer aspect of the game has a secret event which can be triggered.

It is apparently really awesome and only a few people know about it but it will affect all players on the server and make them say “what the fuck.” The developers have also stated that this is not any of the Levolution events that we can find lying around the maps either.

Now DICE have always said that they are taking on feedback about the player’s requests for a dinosaur mode, say maybe this just may well be it, a secret dinosaur mode, or a dinosaur which comes and breaks down half the map?

The conspiracy theories are sure to be flying so stay tuned to the various news outlets and YouTube channels, as you can bet anything that once someone finds out what it is, it will be all over the internet. Give us your thoughts and crazy ideas for what it could be, and if it does turn out to be dinosaur related, would you be happy with the outcome?

Source: NeoGAF

  • Aidan Smith

    I dont get why everyone wants dino mode and gets a “hard one” when they say something about it. It doesnt fit with BF story and is about as farfetched as the Alien mode is in Ghost. Unless they can bring some continuity into the Dino mode its just stupid.

    • DerpSlayer

      Shut up kid

  • CYberg War

    Bring on the dinos. Yeah it doesn’t fit in BF, but it will be fun and that’s what gaming is all about. If you want extreme realism go play ARMA.

    • Aidan Smith

      Im not saying that I want realism or I dont want fun its just adding a horde mode is tacky nowadays and also the fact that people want it to be Dinos because of the toy that kid gave his dad in BF3, is just stupid.

      • NovelConcept

        LOL. Actually, the kid gave his dad the dino toy, because it’s a long-standing pun about Battlefield and dinos. At least get your history straight, before you start bashing people!

  • Brandon DuBose

    Even if they add it, you don’t have to fucking play it. Stop bitching about how stupid it is. Zombies don’t fit in with a FPS either, but for some reason, it’s popular. It’s a video game. It’s not real. It’s supposed to be fun. If you don’t like it, don’t play the Dino Mode. I, for one, would love it. Stop getting butthurt about it and shut the hell up. It would be an OPTIONAL mode. You wouldn’t be forced to play it.

  • Ben Daniel Hunt

    I can see it being a good laugh as an easter egg but I hope it cannot
    be triggered to easily. I dont want to join servers with trolls abusing

  • Brandon Stern

    Come on DICE and EA, we want a Dino Mode as a cool bonus addition to the game. Don’t let us down!

    • mhal

      we should have a sesame street mode.

  • MrASSASSINo4ever

    Battlefield 4 brings the dinosaur, CoD Ghosts bring the aliens… I think BF4 is kicking asses right now :)

  • mhal

    IF they put a dinosaur in this game I swear I will not buy it.

    First pink camo and now this… I might as well go watch teletubbies.

    • Clancy Carr

      Well aren’t you a fucking tosser. Go have a cry.

  • Mallen

    I would buy the game a second time if that’s what it took to get a Dino mode.

  • Wayne None’ya Welser

    It has to be the ship on hainan resort blowing up