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Battlefield 4 has “one-hit kill” bug, DICE working to fix it along with sound issues

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A common thought going around the Battlefield 4 community last week and this week is that the game is broken. There are varying degrees of just how much, but things like conquest mode being unplayable on the PlayStation 4 to frequent game crashes and save game corruption.

In a new video courtesy of JackFrags (seen above), there appears to be a one-hit kill bug that’s also in the game. The video goes into detail of discrepancies in the hit multiplier as well as distance errors.

Developer DICE has admitted that it will look into the issue, as it’s certainly bringing down the experience for many players. A patch is set to release some time very soon according to the studio that will address the myriad of problems plaguing the game, including a commander EMP fix. Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

10 comments on “Battlefield 4 has “one-hit kill” bug, DICE working to fix it along with sound issues

  1. Not sure if it’s just me but im noticing that when he gets an instakill the gun has a double-recoil effect basically meaning that the gun itself is registering being fired twice but only one bullet is being consumed from the ammo pool

  2. lol somtimes i thougth i am a noob and that is why i was killed really fast, other times well i thougth they were using the AKA12 burst glith that fire the bullets at 1100 FRM but it seems iot related to the bullet, i think calculation do not apply to sniper rifles since does are usually one hit kill on the head even at 800 Mts

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