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Battlefield 4 “Fishing in Baku” single-player gameplay analysis

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Have you already seen Battlefield 4′s “Fishing in Baku” gameplay trailer for the umpteenth time? Even so, you might have missed a few snippets of info here and there.

Fortunately for us, Pixel Enemy content producer VitalSyntax dissected it in this 10-minute clip and has done such a splendid job that it’s now even posted on the official Battlelog page!

Go give it a watch now!

While the dissection talks purely about the single-player, I have no doubt that the weapons discussed in the video will likely be included in multiplayer in some capacity.

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  • http://twitter.com/MillionCrore MillionCrore

    Nice analysis. I wonder what the new gametypes there will be. They should add all the gametypes in bf3 from the start into bf4. Not with each dlc like bf3.

    • PixelEnemy_Alex

      Yep. But I doubt it will happen. I mean, BF3 Premium has sold LOADS now and EA won’t be stopping with that anytime soon.

  • http://twitter.com/RobbieToomer robbie toomer

    It definitely looks better than the bf3 campaign, At least there is some choice given to the player as to how he would approach the different scenarios(the jeep and the building full of enemies)

    • PixelEnemy_Alex

      I agree an DICE opting to go with one protagonist should help players feel more sympathy (empathy?) with the character.

      Even the dialogue and whatnot seems to be a bit better. I doubt it’s going to beat any of the story-driven games out there but it could surprise us.

      • http://twitter.com/RobbieToomer robbie toomer

        Having a good story is important, but i’m hoping that they give the singleplayer a bit more of a sandbox feel similar to multiplayer. Maybe Give us the option to completely customize our weapon in single player and give the player more options to play around with in single player. Of course if this would detract from the multiplayer component, then screw that, but if they want to do single player then make it fun.

  • Martin White

    Didnt know there was a BF3 single campagn :P In all seriousness this is just fluffed up fluff. BF4 will still be all about the Multiplayer I wouldnt have raked up hundreds of hours on a single player, although nice to have a little something extra on SP mode.

  • http://www.facebook.com/keegan.fargher Keegan Fargher

    That was pretty good. Though I’m not going to speculate any Multiplayer ideas, last time I just got disappointed… :( Very good though, nevertheless.

    • PixelEnemy_Alex

      It was, no? :)