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Battlefield 4: DICE still mum on next-gen resolution, says they “evaluate the best quality & performance tradeoff”

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Curious to know what resolution Battlefield 4 will be on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? You’re not the only one.

Unfortunately, DICE still isn’t ready to spill what resolution BF4 will be once the game ships. In a short interview with DICE GM Karl Magnus Troedsson, we asked him whether BF4 on next-gen will be at 1080p or what resolution they’re aiming for.

Pixel Enemy: There’s recently been a furor over what resolution BF4 will be on next-gen platforms. Can you state once and for all, if BF4 for PS4/Xbox One will run at 1080p? If not, what resolution are you guys shooting for since we’re about a month from release?

KM Troedsson: We always evaluate what is the best quality & performance tradeoff for each platform and make decisions for graphical quality and resolution accordingly. With the power of Frostbite 3, not only will Battlefield 4 looks fantastic on Xbox One and PS4, but it will also deliver the all-out-warfare experience our fans have come to expect from DICE. And don’t forget, for the first time ever on next-gen consoles Battlefield 4 will support 64 player matches all running at 60fps. Combine that with intense Levolution moments both big and small and the return of Commander Mode and you have the best looking, deepest, and most fun Battlefield experience ever on console.

That’s a rather fancy way of dodging the question, but it is a runabout nonetheless. Will BF4 run at 720p, 1080p or somewhere in between on next-gen consoles? Only DICE knows the exact answer to that question at this time.

You can read up on the changes DICE is making to BF4’s progression and ranks here, and how DICE says we should “wait and see” if BF4 will get free maps and modes.

15 comments on “Battlefield 4: DICE still mum on next-gen resolution, says they “evaluate the best quality & performance tradeoff”

  1. From what I hear it might end up 900p medium+*pc* settings for both consoles. And Since it’s a 3rd party developer from EA both PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game wont differ too much, if not at all.

    • But Dice specifically said that they will try to make the game look the *best* it can on each console, instead of just catering to the lowest common denominator.

      They may very well adjust resolution independently on Xbox one and PS4 simply to meet their 64 player, 60 fps goal on each platform, while also making the game look the “best” possible.

      • That’s market talk for it’ll look the same because were catering to the lowest common denominator.

      • It has been officially now confirmed from reviewers of both next-gen on every damn site on the internet that Xbox One is at 720p on medium-low settings with over exaggerating lightning, while PS4 is indeed high-ultra with very litle AA running on eighter 900p-1080p without official confirmation from DICE.

  2. BF3 was 720P on 360 and probably PS3 and the next gen platforms have more power so I think it will stick at 720p purely because I know XB1 have confirmed or should I say, say they’re having it at 720p, I hope I am very wrong with. fingers crossed.

    • 720p would be a horrible next gen experience… not even 720 super-sampled 200% was enough to make it look good on the beta. I tried it out of curiosity and it looked just as muddy as ever.

    • I think you’ll find that BF3 on consoles was actually upscaled to 720p, and it was actually a lower resolution.

  3. Whatever it is it’s going to be miles better than current gen so I’ll be happy. I’m not too picky like so many people are out there. I play games not obsess over pixels and resolution on the screen. If the game is fun and looks good on top of that then that’s fine with me.

  4. I think a resolution under 1080p would be ok. I’d rather play with 60 fps. (Though I must admit, I’ll be getting BF4 on PC anyway, so I don’t really care.)

  5. The way the PC beta looked on low settings with high textures at 1080p I think consoles may be able to reach 1080p easily on higher graphical settings.


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