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Battlefield 4: DICE has”identified and eliminated” most common crash issues for PS4, game update set for next week

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Following our post just a few moments ago where it was revealed that Battlefield 4 has a one-hit kill “bug” that DICE is looking to fix as soon as possible, we now have good news to share — at least for PlayStation 4 BF4 players.

In a post on the Battlelog forums, DICE developer “trydling” has announced that they’ve “identified” and “eliminated” the three most common crash issues on the PS4. Not only that, but PS4 players can expect a game update (patch) next week, too.

We have recently identified and eliminated three of the most common crash issues on PS4 in a hotfix. We will continue to investigate and eliminate stability issues as we find them. We have a game update on PS4 in the works for the week of Nov 25 and will be able to share details on it soon.

This is, of course, a sigh of relief for those who bought a PS4 specifically to play 64-player Conquest.

Let’s hope that other crash issues and that single-player save-eating bug gets hammered soon, too.

Have you played BF4 on PS4 today? How is it so far? Sound off in the comments.

  • traind

    patch is much needed! Multiplayer is frustrating to get into servers and stay in…. but the game itself is an impressive and significant upgrade from BF3 on 360/PS3.

  • jacoaco

    thank god i will be safe as im getting ps4 + bf4 on Nov 29th

  • Miguel Alvarado

    everything seems to be better for now with Battlefield 4, except for using Battlelog with the Touchpad. It automatically knocks me out the game when it loads.