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Battlefield 3 has a groovy look, reports of Nvidia graphics card issues and damages

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nvidiaNvidia’s 320.18 driver update has been causing a lot of people a lot of problems. Reports of graphics cards dying as a result of the May update are becoming more and more common.

While driver issues can usually be resolved by simply rolling back to the previous stable driver, 314.22 in this case, owners of the new 700 series Nvidia GTX cards are unable use this fix.

The GPUs that seem to be the most at risk are the 500 series cards. However, owners of 600/700 series cards may also notice some very odd graphical issues when playing games.

One example, experienced by myself, is seen during Battlefield 3. All of a sudden the game will look incredibly funky and become unplayable. Watch the gameplay commentary below to see for yourself.

Hopefully Nvidia will release an update soon that will stop this from happening. While harmless for some, the 320.18 drivers are a big problem for many.

2 comments on “Battlefield 3 has a groovy look, reports of Nvidia graphics card issues and damages

  1. I knew this was a BF3 issue! I called this at least a few months back when it happened to me, but anyone I went to for advice just told me to fix my PC ventilation or replace my GPU. Ridiculous things to say given the issues never occured on other games. Good to see the news is finally getting out that BF3 and these nvidia drivers are the problem – Should hopefully save a few people from immediately assuming that their GPU is dying.

    • I know of people that have returned their cards because of this issue -.-

      Just wanted to let people know to help spread the word that it *is* the driver. Even though this has been happening since May, not many people know about it!


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