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Battle Plan — Tactics for Battlefield 4’s Golmud Railway

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In this first episode of “Battle Plan”, darthveda takes you through the strategies he uses to help his team win on Golmud Railway.

Plenty of information squeezed into this 7-minute commentary. Give it a watch and you might just learn something!

33 comments on “Battle Plan — Tactics for Battlefield 4’s Golmud Railway

  1. A big Pixel Enemy welcome to darthveda!

    Guys, be sure to check out his channel and give it a subscribe if you like
    what you see!

    – Mack

  2. Great tip video. I like running on tanks so i dont play infantry on the top
    portion of the map. But if i do, it usually gives me at least top5 in the

  3. I like this show, hope you make one for EVERY map, because this is really
    helpful, and hopefully will draw some more viewers and subscribers.

  4. Some good points here. D is surely the most important flag, because it’s
    really tough to take it back once it reaches its destination – even if
    no-one really defends it most of tanks go through the area when driving
    towards the hot zone, so you’re pretty much bound to fight at least one.
    I’d say that it’s considerably easier to capture when it’s on the RU side
    though – way more cover. About mines… C is a good place for them too,
    especially if you’re playing as Russian – most of Chinese vehicles enter
    through that narrow passage next to the metal box. Mines planted on F can
    grant you some easy kills too.
    Tbh my opinion about F differs – I’ve seen numerous rounds where it decided
    the outcome, either directly or indirectly – side holding D, F and E/G was
    capable of starting numerous strong attacks on C and “home flag” from
    Foxtrot. These attacks usually were successful enough to win the game with
    a decent lead. F greatly improves your chances of gaining tank superiority.
    A and B turned out to be unimportant, as very few people who were holding
    them moved to attack/defend C.
    Speaking of C… it may be just my luck, but I’ve noticed that the team
    holding A and B usually fails to take C unless the entire round is a

  5. obliteration on operation locker please!! a lot of choke point so I need to
    know where to lock down

  6. Finally, I was looking for proper maps tactics review for ages. Everybody
    concentrate on “how to kill over 9000 people” and forget about what makes
    battlefield a battlefield – ability to win by making correct strategic
    decisions, not just killing everybody. And because i play conquest for the
    most part, winning for me is more satisfying than just having high personal

  7. Practically every team I get isn’t competent enough to tie their own shoes,
    let alone even *put them on*. Having something like this isn’t even
    slightly practical.

  8. Can you help at Rogue Transmision (Domination) ?
    I really don’t know how to play that map. :( Would be cool if you give me
    some tips.

  9. I was sceptical about this video and then it really surprised me. Great use
    of on-screen animations and explanations

  10. Cool, thanks…first time checking out your videos.

    I’ve spent way too much time defending Echo…and ask the action is up at A
    B & Charlie.


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