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Bandai file Digimon trademark, could be relaunch of Digimon World

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Namco Bandai released a bunch of Digimon games in Japan recently, such as Digimon World Re:Digitize, and Digimon Adventure. But here in the west we haven’t really seen much of Digimon for a good while. Although, we did see Digimon Masters in 2011; not that many people even knew about it in the west.

But today, Namco Bandai registered a Digimon trademark specifically for use with videogame software, and card games, reported Siliconera. And there’s a Digimon World trademark for videogames as well.

Those of you with good memory may be thinking of the PlayStation 1 game, which I adored. I’m thinking that this could be a re-release of the game onto the PlayStation Network.

But, I can’t really tell yet! But it’s a nice bit of nostalgia.

2 comments on “Bandai file Digimon trademark, could be relaunch of Digimon World

  1. OMG bring it. Wait I take that back. It needs to be hd remastered to look good on hd tv’s nowadays. Ps1 games don’t look as good on hd tv’s.

  2. Really wasn’t a fan of Digimon, i just saw it as a ripoff of pokemon. Which, i know that it’s kind of different, but you have a little monster that evolves and fights for you. But to those who are fans of it, then great for them.


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