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13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

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UPDATE: We have rectified the headline for clarity. Noah Crooks “attempted” to rape his mom and has not actually done the act. Headline has been changed, but the deed is still despicable nonetheless)

A 14 year old Osage, Iowa boy is on trial for shooting and killing his mother, Gretchen Crooks, last March. The jury in the case recently heard the 911 call where Noah Crooks described to a dispatcher how he shot his mother after she took away his copy of Call of Duty saying, “Something just came over me.”

The jury also heard how the 14 year old attempted to rape his 37 year old mother but couldn’t do it saying, “I feel crazy and I know I’m not. I think I have some form of ADD…I tried to rape her. I tried to rape her but I couldn’t do it…Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now.”

When police arrived on the scene, Gretchen Crooks’ body was found stretched out on a couch with her pajama top undone and was naked from the waist down. Deputies seized the murder weapon, a .22 caliber rifle which was given to the boy by his mother when he was 11 years old.

article-2121294-1261AE26000005DC-56_306x423Noah Crooks’ attorney is not denying that his client killed his mother, but claims the boy suffered what he referred to as a “tumor of rage” which essentially rendered him insane at the time of the killing. In his address to the jury, the defense also said that a child psychiatrist will testify Crooks suffers from ‘intermittent explosive disorder’ – a mental illness marked by repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive or violent behavior.

After the shooting the boy texted his Father, William Crooks, saying, “‘Dad this is Noah. I killed Mom accidentally, I regret it. Come home now please.” The Father of the boy dismissed the text as a joke, only to find out 20 minutes later from the sheriff’s deputy that the slaying had indeed occurred. During his testimony, the father said that his son did once say that he wanted to kill his mother, but he didn’t take the threat seriously and there is no history of domestic abuse or criminal records associated with any of the Crooks family members.

Apparently, the father’s Facebook page shows his interest in the US Concealed Carry association as well as the Springfield Armory, a company that sells pistols and rifles.

Residents in the rural town of 3,622 people have been rocked by the slaying, the first since 1898.

Source: DailyMail UK

244 comments on “13-year old kid attempts to rape mother & ends up killing her for taking away Call of Duty

    • Why are you debating guns when this kid has serious problems. This kid has a misfire in his brain. I dont think gun control or video games made this kid sick. He tried to rape his own mother. I guess not only do they let you use guns in call of duty they also let you run around trying to rape people too. Oh wait they don’t.

      • Well if he hadn’t had a gun he would have something else to kill her, but she would have been able to defend herself better if he hadn’t had a firearm.
        Now about the video game… some idiots out there will use that as the cause of all the trouble -_-.
        The cause of what triggered his anger was somehting he considered important to him, that could have been anything, but in this case it was shooter game.

      • For real. Call of duty made him snap, but he raped his mother because he’s sick in the head. Or tried to rape her. Either way. But call of duty didn’t make him kill her. He was already fucked in the head before that. That was just the thing that sent him over the edge.

  1. Yes of course with all the info here they will blame call of duty and games. They wont mention how you have to be sick in the head in the first place to do some shit like that. Then they wont mention the gun that his own mother gave him at 11 years of age wtf! Its not video games its stupidity in parenting and spoiling kids. Just sickening!

    • Really? You think they won’t mention the fact that his mother gave him the gun and just blame it on a video game? Have you watched TV the last year, or been on the internet? Apparently not if you don’t think that they will use this in the push for gun control. Buying an 11 year old a gun isn’t the issue its a matter of being responsible and keeping the gun locked up, I know a lot of people that start shooting at that age or younger. He would have done the same thing with a knife or something else if he hadn’t had access to a gun, you don’t just change your mind about killing someone because of the type of weapon you have access to.

      • They didn’t blame it on the game actually. Don’t be stupid. They just said the reason. Gee whiz.

        • if they didn’t blame the game they wouldn’t have named what the game was at all.. but since this was a gun related incident and the game incidentally was call of duty, they did so anyway; for what? to blame the game..

          • When I read it, it just seemed like they were just trying to say the reason she got shot was because she took a prized possession away from him, so he flew into a fit of rage. They had to list the reason he became mad because it is an important detail.

      • Yeah, we don’t need more gun control. We need more teenagers shooting and killing their mothers to protect our freeeeeeedooooommmmm.

        Yay guns!

        • what we need is more parental responsibility and better mental health care. believe it or not a lot of peoples livelihoods require the use of guns or is suggested that you have one when you work certain types of jobs. when it comes to gun control for me, i want stringent mental health screenings and more emphasis on back ground checks, the less guns we have in the hands of the people the more guns that are in the hands of criminals. did you know the safest city in the United states (with the lowest amount of gun related crimes) has the highest gun ownership in the country? coincidence i think not.

        • As a law abiding citizen, and registered gun owner, I can assure you that my Mother is in no danger of being shot by myself or my teenage kids. Why should our 2nd ammendment rights be infringed upon based on the actions of a mentally disturbed kid and a careless gun owner? My husband used a gun in Iraq and Afghanistan to protect not your freedom necessarily but he made a big difference for a lot of kids who were able to go back to school and play outside again and he used a gun to make that possible.

    • Your right in the fact that nobody will really get an unbiased Opinion on this matter, but introducing kids to guns at a young age is a good way of teaching responsibility. I’m not saying you should let them use the gun whenever they want. When you are not right there to supervise them, the weapon should be locked away, but guns are something that every US citizen should carry around 24/7. If some crazy person decides he wants to go on a rampage and shoot people, one of those people will have a gun to stop him, and nobody has to wait on the cops to get there after everyone’s dead. Plus this family lived in a very small town. If there’s only 3,600 people, then almost the entire population is going to be people who hunt.

      • Levi, you must be joking. Teaching kids responsibility by handing over lethal weapons at a young age is like teaching safe sex to children by giving them condoms. You really are a stupid idiot.

        • Right Todd. We should clearly not teach our children anything about birth control, and just tell them not to do it. That’s what they did at my school, and nobody ever gets pregnant!

          Oh wait, my best friend did… I guess abstinence speeches didn’t do anything to teach kids about safe sex, did it?

          Giving a kid completely free range over a gun, bad idea yes. Giving him the gun to teach him about safe operation of the gun? That’s actually a good idea. My grandfather took me to the firing range when I was 8 years old, and taught me how to fire a gun. He also taught me the three rules of the range “Safety, safety, safety.” He taught me that “Every gun is always loaded.” and he also taught me “Never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to shoot.” These are lessons that stuck with me, and I hate it when I see anybody break them (EX. Don’t point a gun in my direction, even if I did see you drop the clip and pop the chamber. I still treat it like it’s loaded.)

      • If you think that guns are something that “every US citizen should carry around 24/7″ it causes me to think that there is something seriously wrong with America. Oh and giving someone a gun as a “good way of teaching responsibility” is possibly the most patently stupid thing I’ve heard all week and i had to teach a 20 year old uni student who Charles Darwin was.

      • Getting a boy a DOG at this age teaches responsibility, to care for things and to provide empathy and compassion…what does a gun teach? It teaches to take away life, and nothing more.

        • Claire, guns also save lives. If, God forbid, you were involved in a shooting rampage, you’d call 911 and the cops would show up to protect you with guns.

    • Ok, the disorder is partially to blame on this one, guns are not the problem, spoiling the kids are. Guns are generally given to kids who are taught correctly at a young age, because their parents know that the kids know the rules of safety. Hell, i got a .22 caliber when i was 7 and have never harmed anyone with it because my parents punished me if i did a threat. The true problem with today’s society is that the parents will not beat their kids when they misbehave, spanking a kid when he is misbehaving is not abuse. The parents of today need tp discipline their kids more and also stop spoiling them as well.

    • There’s no way this was the parents fault, the kid was completely fucked in the head.
      Giving him a gun or not wouldn’t have changed a thing, he would have grabbed a kitchen knife if he’s mentally disturbed enough to attempt rape on his own mother. I’m pretty sure the parents aren’t at fault in the least, murder and rape from an 11 year old? Nobody teaches their children that in a normal house hold. The game didn’t do it either, the kid was just an unfortunate mental case thats illness wasn’t found out or had been tested for.

      • Actually the father did not take the kid seriously, he told his father that he wanted to kill his mother… = parents fault, well just the father.

    • This is it exactly. They just want an easy scapegoat. Along that logic train though, where does the supposed rape part find a spot in CoD? Nevermind, people just can’t blame people for being people in this era. There is no personal responsibility in the media, unless it’s politics. (Not even.)

    • Well, as much as I wouldn’t like to blame video games, they might have something to do with it in this case.
      CoD is not a very good game. Aside from being just a piece of crap, it’s not the type of game that soothes tempers. I wouldn’t be surprised if CoD actually shortens tempers.
      To top that off, CoD is rated M for Mature audiences. In the video game case, I believe that’s 17 or above. This is a child of 13 years old, and he’s probably had it for longer. Video games will be looked at, seeing as they were used incorrectly in this case.

  2. And still Games get the blame and not the guns

    Deputies seized the murder weapon, a .22 caliber rifle which was given to the boy by his mother when he was 11 years old

    Fucking retarded, why the hell does a 11 year kid own a fucking gun?

    • Least someone has some goddamn brains
      I was thinking the same thing who gives a 11 year old a rifle.

      • some one who wants them to grow up familiar with how to use it encase they ever have to. and so they dont grow up afraid of guns like you.

        • I shot two men who tried to kidnap my sister in Logan Heights San Diego, CA when I was 13. If I hadn’t known how to use a gun she would be gone forever or dead. Not a day goes by I don’t thank my parents (mostly my mom) for teaching me how to use a gun and be a responsible human being. I hope no one ever tries to hurt anyone you love because you won’t know what it feels like until two scary ass gangster lookin motherfuckers you’d have no chance against show up when you least expect it. Its terrifying and I was incredibly lucky because they could have swiped us both and there would have been nothing I could have done about it otherwise.

    • don’t forget that that 5 year old that shot his sister owned a “rifle designed for children”

      this country is going to fucking shoot itself to death

        • If ropes is just as deadly as guns, then why dont u guys send young men with ropes into your wars, and leave the guns at home for the kids to play with?
          Would be much appreciated by the rest of the world.

          Anyways, from dumbness to seriousness. The u.s. society grows a huge number of killers. Being for this that or the other reason. Something is wrong. That is unarguable.

        • The difference is, with a rope, or a knife or a blunt object, the victim still stands a fair chance of survival (provided you are alerted to your attacker). If your opponent comes at you close quarters like that, you can still wrestle the weapon off them, or more likely just run away. Guns neuralise all that. You cant dodge or run away from bullets.

          • Dude did you even bother to read the article? Or did you not use your brains? The boy was strong enough to wrestle the pants off his mom. He would have been strong enough to kill with any knife.

            When police arrived on the scene, Gretchen Crooks’ body was found stretched out on a couch with her pajama top undone and was naked from the waist down.

            The weapon does not make any difference.

    • And still Games get the blame and not the guns? I’m a gamer and never once had the tendency to kill another human being even when I was holding a real gun.

      So it was the gun’s fault for this tragic event? I’m sure the gun spoke to the kid and told him to kill his mom with it.

      When the weapon of choice is a gun it was the gun’s fault but if it was a knife or blunt object the person was mentally fucked up and the object was just misused. Seriously?

      Guns DON’T kill people. People with guns kill people.

      • pulling out a knife and stabbing someone is a lot more difficult to do – physically and psychologically – than pulling a trigger.

        • ehhh, have you been paying attention and managing to keep your memory somewhat intact. its ruff but hopfully we realize sooner than later its all a game. and they find it funny to flaunt it in our face. ego’s… but they are super duper not cool and there self rightious ways are proof they are piles of shit.

        • Nope, See my comment above. I have shot two men in an incident, my sister was being taken. It was much harder than you can imagine, especially at 13… Something is wrong with that little boy, not the gun he used. Some men see a knife as a tool, some a weapon. People are good or evil, not objects.

    • It’s a game solely about killing people with guns, with no repercussions and you just respawn as soon as you die. I think it’s everything.

      I had a .22 when I was a kid, and it taught me how to properly carry a weapon. But kids don’t seem to understand reality now a days.

      So they’re killing people online, and killing people in reality doesn’t seem that different.

      • Your exact argument could be used to describe other psychopaths throughout our history who have been motivated to commit gruesome acts by other forms of media, including books, television shows, and films. Look up the Reagan assassination attempt sometime for a great example of an already-crazy individual pushing himself off the deep end through repeated exposure to a violent film.

        Shall we point a finger at the entire cinematographic spectrum and blame an entire industry for the actions of one mentally-unstable person? Or shall we do the sane thing and blame the person and the irresponsible decisions that led up to an unfortunate event? Once you’ve answered those questions (and looked at mass media to see just how often they blame a film for “causing violence” these days — not much, fyi), I would like you to seriously re-evaluate what you just said. Virtual death and virtual resurrection in a virtual world don’t turn sane people into killers. They’re just one of many possible triggers for already-crazy people.

        The vast majority of non-psychopaths aren’t about to let their violent films get censored and maligned because a ridiculously tiny fraction of people have an adverse reaction to them. Gamers are the same way. We’re sick of having our chosen form of entertainment made into a scapegoat for all manner of crimes and parental irresponsibilities.

        • I positive the Reagen shooter, John Hinckley, was spurned on by The Catcher in the Rye not repeated exposure to violent film.

          • It wasn’t The Catcher in the Rye, it was the movie Taxi Driver and his obsession with Jodie Foster that led him to shoot Reagan.

    • i know people that give their kids guns but she need to get him mental help not a gun

    • i would have to say that you are right, but i think that the game is somewhat to blame.
      Call of duty that is, the realistic shooter that i personally believe does effect a small minority in a negative way.
      if there were less games that are remade yearly like cod, and instead more mentally enriching games that take the light being made i think that this minority would be even fewer.

      thank fuck for the fact that we only get a grand theft auto title every 4-5 years or i fear that would cause a lot more problems.

      • >Call Of Duty

        Ahaha no. Call Of Duty is just a bunch of crazy non-sense from a mind of a child who thinks what war is. It’s one of the banes of the gaming industry and is played often by brainless nuts.

    • And more to the point, why did she give her 11 year old son with documented “‘intermittent explosive disorder’ – a mental illness marked by repeated episodes of impulsive, aggressive or violent behavior” a gun? Seriously? I’d love to see them come at the game makers, especially since the game is rated M for MATURE. Meaning 18+. And parents wonder what is wrong with their kids.

      • The child was diagnosed with it after the attempted rape and murder. read and reread before you look ignorant.

  3. And besides that

    Killing your mom is 1 thing, but raping her afterwards ?

    Thats just even more awkward

    Oh and MUUUUUURICA!!@!@!@!@!@!@

  4. Such a sad story, and i feel bad for this family, i do agree however that who in their right parenting mind gives a 11 yo a gun? also didn’t the parent Know that this game is for 18yo and up( which wasn’t mentioned in the story )? blood , violence and carnage. i hope they don’t go after or blame the industry,when it clearly states the age requirements. Parents need to be more aware a 14 yo should not be playing these types of games.

    • I played GTA when I was around 6 years old, I’m now a ethic vegan, I have never even hit another human being and want to study criminology, and in one way or another solve crimes.

      It’s not the games, it’s the person who make these things happen. Never forget that!

    • especially since the 11yo has a mental disorder that makes him extremely violent randomly

    • The game was actually targeted to about 15yo, although you have to be 17 to buy it technically. The games have nothing to do with it, and they really aren’t that bloody or gory at all. The reason for the rating IIRC is language, mostly. Though I completely agree with you on the gun part… the video games really don’t contribute to the problem. Especially not ones that tame.

  5. Stupid American parenting.

    “Here, give me that Call of Duty game, that’s VIOLENT, you’re not allowed to play with it. It has blood, and guts, and guns, and bad words and stuff. You are not allowed to play it and that is final.

    Now, go upstairs and play with the deadly rifle I gave you for your 11th birthday. Good lad.”

    • i bet the parents didnt show him how to kill people
      but CoD did how easy it is to kill people
      they gonna resawn anyway…..

      • Im pretty sure you don’t need to get “shown” how to kill people… He just shot her. common sense, you shoot someone, they’re most likely going to die. And they probably showed him how to shoot the gun that’s it.

      • actualy Pen and Teller put that theory to the test.
        (the one that says violent video games train people to be killers)
        so they took a 12 year old shooter games fan to a rifle range and he was crying after he fired the gun at the targets

  6. CoD sucks and makes kids addictive
    its activisions fault because they let does kids play on there servers
    and the parents fault to because the game is for matur people not for kids

    • Activision gets money. I think its the parents fault for allowing the kids to play those games. I dont understand how parents don’t how what M means on the game cover. It says mature only. The first thing done wrong was giving the kid a gun when he was 11. A lot of kids don’t get phones until their 14, this kid gets a gun. This story seems really messed up.

      • its activisions fault to let kids play online no matter if they are getting money or not
        is it ok for a kid to be in a stip club because they make money?

        • Activision doesnt decide what age gets to play online that would be the parents job. If they gave him access to online entertainment (which isnt actually mentioned). They can’t verify your age just randomly and that kid cant buy those games without a parent Activision is blameless here

          • no its there fault
            they are gready $
            they ban so many people so why not the kids?

        • How could they tell it was a kid? What if an older brother who fits the age requirements owns the account and he let’s his younger sibling play? Do you punish the brother and take away his account? How do they know it’s not the older of the two? That’s not possible to determine. The game has a suggested age and the consumers don’t follow it? That’s the parent’s fault, not the company’s.

          • from the voice chat
            they recording everything
            a lot of kids are playing CoD

          • Even if they have recordings, how can they tell the age of the kid? What if they have a higher pitched voice han others, “Banned for having a voice that does not meet our standards”

          • Now, now. That is never a way to handle debates. He refuses to accept the fact that it IS, in fact, the parents being barely watchful, etc.. But, there is no need to insult him. But, yes, Activision’s only job is to make the games, not parent the young’uns that play ‘em. That is what the young’un’s parents are for.

      • When I was his age I was playing violent video games, still am, but you dont see me killing my mother, or anyone else.

  7. Some parents are stupid as hell. I’ve at times wanted to tell off parents who I see buy a rated T or M game.

    • Honestly, most of these games really aren’t bad. For a game to get a T rating, all it has to do is say the words hell or shit a few times. The violence in these games (or at least in the CoD series) isn’t bad at all.

    • Yup, I was playing Grand Theft Auto at the age of 8 or 9 and before the game was bought for me I was lectured about how the game isn’t real and you shouldn’t copy anything from it.

  8. people are gonna blame this on the game but i believe that the reason for this and many cases similar is that guns should be not be so accessible to people, especially kids.

    • no its the game
      the game made him heartles because he killed the whole day people online
      so he learnd how to kill people easy
      maybe he thougt his mom is gonna respawn in her kitchen..
      shooters are not for kids

      • Kids are not that fucking stupid you can’t blame only the game it might have been a contributing problem but the gun he owned and mental instability are much bigger issues

        • its the game
          he could also use a knife or something else
          but he learnd from CoD how easy is to kill someone with an gun
          mom gonna respawn in the kitchen right CoD? right?

          • its not the game. do youreally think a kids gonna be like “oh yea, just played some CoD, now i’ll shoot my mom, lol” no. no they won’t. Its the parents fault for buying their kid the gun when he had that mental disability. It’s not the games, its the parents.

      • WTF dude I play COD like every weekend, and and now you’re telling me I would turn into a killer because of it, my little brother plays it too with his friends, the game is all about being competitive NOT KILLING, GOD you people make me sick

          • kottik that is a very dumb thing to say. From an early age I was exposed to violent video games and animation and yet i’m 24 now, have killed no one and have no criminal record at all. Just because they play stuff like that when young does NOT mean a person is going to kill someone. If you paid attention to the article enough it said the boy was prone to fits of rage because of a mental condition. This information as well as him owning a gun were the biggest factors. Basically he should not have had a firearm in the first place.

      • It’s not the goddamn game’s fault. People who are inclined to be violent will be influenced by violent things, and people who are mentally healthy will be unaffected and know that there’s a boundary between games and real life. And the age limit doesn’t matter, it’s not like there’s a cutoff age where a person is safe from suddenly becoming a murderer if one is inclined to do so.

      • you stupid fuck, obviously the kid knows that shooting people in real life is wrong, also what kind of stupid fuck gives their 11 year old son a gun, im not saying they were asking for it, but people should have more sense than to give a gun to a kid. YOU CANT BLAME GAMES FOR THE WAY PEOPLE BEHAVE! especially when someone gets killed over it, people use the games as a scape goat to get out of it.

    • Correction: firearms should not be accessible whatsoever to those whom are mentally unstable. I’m 16, have shot since I was 8-10–I even have Tourrette Syndrome for crying out loud (though very minor)! And I haven’t killed a single person yet! Although my religion prohibits it too. Oh, and, not to mention, I play MANY ‘violent’ videogames!!

  9. I find it difficult to take this article seriously because:
    -The last name “Crooks”
    -A Hunting weapon given to a 11 year old as a birthday present.
    -14 year old ‘attempting’ to rape his mother and then claiming ADHD (Faggot should’ve said “Schizophrenia” that would’ve helped his case IF it is real)
    -Attorney defending the boy with the words “Tumor of Rage”
    -The kid’s text to his father.

    After Jimmy Rustle’s supposed “harlem shake epileptic stroke-death” article, i’ve decided not to take anything seriously on the internet save for the 4chan/f/ member who says “DONT OPEN THE LINK, IT’S HARD GAY PORN!”

    • My sister has schizophrenia and its rather insulting you use schizophrenia – rape like that. Like schizophrenics are some how prone to raping people.

  10. “Apparently, the father’s Facebook page shows his interest in the US Concealed Carry association as well as the Springfield Armory, a company that sells pistols and rifles.”

    What the fuck does this have to do with anything?

    • if the father wasn´t another gun defending american maybe this didn´t happened in the first place , it has all to do with it.
      it would have been a lot harder to kill the mom with the playstation or his pokemons im sure.

      • Whats you’re problem with guns? People with guns kill people, not guns. I’m a gun defending Canadian, What country are you from? Britain? Australia?

    • It’s a sad desperate attempt to make people who carry concealed for protection seem bad by the biased media.

    • Yrah, and who even plays CoD anymore. Like only trash talking nine year olds do. At least play Halo where there is a storyline and a reason you’re killing.
      But as far as this, this, this is just,
      I don’t even..

  11. Some of you are making much less sense than you realize. The game is not at fault. The people who operate the game servers are not at fault. The parents could very well be at fault. It also seems to me that some psychological disorder could be at fault. It is irresponsible to blame any particular person or group for this slaying without knowing all facts. I wrote an article on video game violence after the school shooting in CT. I suggest you read it: http://warlocksgamesandbeer.com/violence-video-games-and-culture/

    • Thanks greatly for your comment, Mr Niess! I complete agree! You CANNOT logically blame inanimate objects for any tragedies. Nor can you blame the companies: that is saying that they’d target such people — that firearms companies target their goods to those whom are convicted of crimes and the mentally-ill, and media producers target their media to that same audience and those whom aren’t put of the targeted age group (this could also involve firearms companies).
      You can ONLY logically blame the parents whom are supposed to do their job better, and the lack of mental-heath facilities to help the child from its own insanity (or even later insanity).

  12. This isn’t the game’s fault, and this isn’t the guns fault. This is partly a parenting issue – for letting your children play a 18+ game that they shouldn’t be playing. As for giving him a gun at 11 – I have no issues with that. I had a gun when I was that age and was shooting guns at a younger age – the problem I see with this kid having a gun is he obviously was never taught proper gun safety and proper respect for firearms. Stop blaming the gun, the game, or the parents – the one and ONLY one that is at fault here is the kid who was pissed off cause he didn’t get his way and thought he would prove to his mom he wasn’t going to listen to her. Maybe if parents were allowed actually discipline their children (not abuse, but discipline) our kids would understand there are consequences to their actions BEFORE it comes to this.

          • Step 1. Mental illness aside, the reason kids shouldn’t play violent video games is that they do not comprehend “permanence” the idea that some actions can be undone and others cannot.

            2. This is completely racist – fuck you.

            3. To generalize that Americans as a whole are terrorists and war lovers is the same mentality that our own government uses to justify their war against Islam.

            4. Our own government is oppressive of our rights as we attempt to protest against the obvious abuses of our government both domestically and abroad, and is violent toward our own citizens, labeling us terrorists for publicly dissenting with there policies of war and social oppression.

            5. Your’e spelling is terrible, English is my second language as well, you are clearly uneducated.

            6. Capitalize American’s you racist. It’s not my fault my government wont listen to me and I deserve the same basic respect as any other human being. I don’t blame North Koreans as individuals nor would I suggest that “North Korea” is a war hungry state. I believe them to be under the control of a war hungry individual because I am capable of empathy.

            7. Heed the golden rule, you likely don’t like the way I’m addressing you so why would you address an entire culture this way?

            Remember: Curiosity, Humility, Empathy, Respect – The four pillars of Peace…


        • A kid just killed his mother and you racist pricks are playing blame the country….. now i know why the kid was able to do it.

      • No, Americans don’t all love war. I am against all war and I am American. We don’t choose where we are born, and many of us have no choice of where we live.

    • You dont need to discipline them physically it isnt really needed however I would attribute this more to mental problems because no normal sane child would do that to his mother. And in this case you can blame the gun, dont give a gun to an unstable child. And if the parents had no idea about the mental instability I dont think this is anyones fault.

      • realize what that mental health needs to be addressed better then it is and not lay the blame on other things

  13. the mom gave him a real gun at the age of 11? karma really is a bitch… i can see every american that defends the right to own fire arms buying them in supermarkets, turning his face the other way now cause there´s nothing they can say before this that could make any sense.

    keep doing it , guns are cool , in the hands of kids.

    • he was mentally unstable he need mental health care and did not get it it was stated that the parents did nothing but push it aside this has nothing to do with him owning a gun at the age of 11 if he didn’t have that gun who could say he didn’t grab a knife and do it or found another way to do it a gun is an inanimate object and does no harm to any one unless their is some one pulling the trigger

    • N3MBOT I defend the 2nd ammendment and I’m not turning my face. We have the right to own guns. However, we also have the responsibility to keep those guns locked away from unsupervised kids. The parents are to blame here, not the gun.

      • Wanna know something interesting? That right was given to us in that time period because there was no military, and the guns were kept because the Men were supposed to drop what they were doing, take there gun, and attack the invaders, because there was no organized military it was about how people were the military back then, and it’s also just kinda of dumb to talk about something created before the industrial revolution/modern science/modern medicine :) because the people were from that time, when people had ethics, who has ethics now?

        • Of course it’s not dumb to talk about defending the 2nd amendment, ’cause Obama and other pro-useless-firearms-restrictions people are trying to appeal it.

        • You know what else was created before the industrial revolution/modern science/and modern medicine? Democracy, and the reason for the second amendment is to make sure we can maintain it.

  14. They’re not even blaming it on video games in the article…they’re trying to excuse this kind of behavior and say he is insane and has a mental illness. And that pisses me off. Maybe the kid did it because he wanted to. He killed his mother simply because he could. It wasn’t video games. It wasn’t because he’s crazy.

    • bull shit their had to be something wrong with this kid to try and rape then kill his mother you cant tell me that he wasn’t mentally unstable

  15. It’s funny people blame the Game instead of how he acted

    Yea “Rated M & T and whatever are bad for kids hurrdurr blahblahblah >:I :(”

    I’m the same age as the boy

    I play Rated M and T games and I don’t go though such anger

    Heck,Most of the games I play are Rated M

    It’s the way he took his anger against his family

    • your parents suck if they let you play M+ rated games and you are 14yo
      pls dont kill them if they take you something away

  16. Don’t give your fucking kids Weapons or Call Of Duty games if they have mental illnesses you blubbering fucktards.
    It’s only common sense!!! I hear about this kind of shit all the time now and it could all be stopped if parents weren’t so fucking retarded.

  17. Worst parents ever, giving their son a .22 caliber rifle. There just trying to prove him innocent by saying he was insane at the time of the shooting. You can’t be insane at one moment, and be fine the next. The father also dismissed the text message as a joke, who jokes about killing their mom? Stupid parents, created a stupid kid.

  18. Round and round and round it goes…………………….
    These stories are never as simple as what is presented. Clearly there is question about upbringing, home life and parenting, I am sorry but there were serious issues with this kid long before playing COD…….

  19. Americans should not be allowed to have guns, since their IQs do not reach above 12.

  20. And, my faith in humanity continue to fade. I am not taking sides in this, but the game is not at fault. The parents allow such a game to be in the house of a 14 year old male who owned a .22 caliber rifle, that is at fault. Combined with the mental illness, this was a bad situation through and through. I am not saying that this is okay, or that the game should be allowed for those below the age of 17+ (Usual age for buying such a game) or that a child of that age should be allowed to play a shooting game and or have a gun. If they were taught to properly use them, not to kill, but to hunt, or something similar, but this is not the case.

  21. Games making children more violent is a common misconception about children who misbehave as criminals. This boy obviously had something wrong with him, and the child did what he wanted to do. The parents taking away the game must have set the boy in a rage to act violently. Some non violent people can even act violently when angered to a certain extent.

  22. Do you guys seriously have to make this story into a gun debate? It is a tragic thing and I wish people could take one story involving tragedy and not completely dissect to try and get a point about guns across because that’s not what it’s about. Just give your regards to the damn family and don’t milk every bit of a point you’re trying to make about guns out of it.

  23. “Apparently, the father’s Facebook page shows his interest in the US Concealed Carry association as well as the Springfield Armory, a company that sells pistols and rifles.”

    Are you really trying to push blame on the father who’s grieving right now by using the father’s political views against him?

  24. its not the game companies fault its not the guns fault its the dame parents fault for not getting their kid the help that he needed and pushing aside things that should have been red flags it was tragic but it was the parents fault that this happened he shouldn’t have had a rifle when he really need mental help

  25. I’m a huge gamer, and had them taken away several times while growing up. I’ve never once considered shooting my own mother or father over it.

  26. Here you ideots go blaming a gun for bad parenting. I was given a semi-auto 22. when I was 7 that I kept in my closet not my parents and I never shot holes in my room or my friends or anyone for that matter because if did anything remotley close to that my dad would have beat me within an inch of my life. I am 26 today I have 3 girls I own several firearms and I have yet to kill anyone in a fit of rage(although they haven’t started dating yet). I carry everyday and so does my wife. It’s not games it’s not guns and it’s not music it’s people. Take responsability for your actions and teach your kids that there are consequinces to there actions. Only an ass whipping will achieve that.

  27. the whole “oh no now theyre going to blame games” thing is as getting as annoying as “oh no now theyre going to debate gun control”, that isn’t the thing you should be worried about

  28. not trying to be rude, but all you people saying “it’s this person’s fault or that person’s fault” well…how about a little dose of reality for you…its your fault, both as an individual and as a part of a community and as an american…for 15 years now I’ve been watching our allies to the south infecting themselves with a near fanatical mindset. Here’s the breakdown
    – success – game creator rated game according to the law, no fault there
    -failure – game company says online content is not rated, its the same damn game rating should cover all gameplay styles
    -failure- any store employee at walmart or any other store that sold a game rated at this level for a minor
    -failure- any parent or person who bought one for their kid
    -failure- any person blaming a video game for something like this
    -final failure- a parent who doesn’t know their own child…if your going to be a person who makes a CHOICE to bring a child into the world (keep in mind oops i got knocked up and don’t believe in abortion isn’t a valid reason for bringing a child into the world) your responsible not just for their well being, but their introduction to both reality and sentience, you have to teach your child basic concepts of right and wrong before ever introducing them to any sort of fantasy entertainment. Not only that, but i suspect that any parent who would buy their kid a gun when he’s 11, and not keep it in a safe that the kid can’t get into (no not under your bed). No it doesn’t need to be out for protection because an 11 year old isn’t going to go all john maclean on an intruder. I would hope that a parent would realize he shouldn’t have a gun of his own just lying there because well you know…kids do stupid things, and some kids do more stupid things then others, and some kids are serial killers in the making…people need to realize that their children are not perfect, they are not all genius level academics, you can’t thrust something with that much power into the hands of someone who has no business holding one.

    what ever happened to “some things are for adults, and only adults” you think your kid needs to grow up around guns? 2 facts you should try and figure out then

    1 – do you know enough about guns and using one properly to teach another human being how to handle it with respect, if not, either learn or get rid of the gun

    2 – is your child the type of child that can be trusted to use what he learns properly, because I can’t tell you for certain that I know what happened because I can’t, but I can make an educated guess about the whole “Something just came over me.”

    that and the bit about “I must have ADD” and “I tried to rape her but I couldn’t do it…Who tries to rape their own mom? My life is down the drain now.”

    personally, to me all this sounds like a 14 year old nutcase trying to grab a mental insanity plea
    It sounds like he’s a serial killer in making, I highly doubt his “ADD” statements and any reference to him being “crazy” are true, this feels more like an attempt to cover up what he did willingly and knowingly, as a 14 would attempt to portray what he thought a “crazy person that just snapped” would say/do

    “‘Dad this is Noah. I killed Mom accidentally, I regret it. Come home now please.”

    if this is a word for word recounting of his text, then i find it highly suspicious, I have yet to see a 14 year old text in proper sentences…let alone when he would be covered in blood from dragging his mom onto the couch and trying to rape her (your kid pulls a gun on you, you ain’t staying seated, which unless she fell onto said couch when he shot her) means he either tried to rape her then text daddy covered in blood with excellent attention to grammar in such a intense moment, or texted dad saying it was an accident and then proceeded to try to rape his mom, either way as i said, if that is his real text then i find it suspect

    sorry for such a long comment but I just saw alot of things about this story that i felt needed commenting on, I hope i made it legible enough for everyone.

  29. Remember, the fault at hand here is on the parents being shitty parents and the kid being a shitty kid because of it:

    Neither Video Games nor Firearms are to blame for this event.

    If it weren’t a gun, the kid would have probably just stabbed her.

  30. @The Rooster Comith
    Your dad could’nt have have beat you within an inch of your life if you shot him in a rage.

    An ‘ass whipping’ does not achieve anything, other than jail time for domestic violence.

    • Dunno James Joyce after this comment and the preceding one you posted seems like you might have benefited from some corporal punishment during your formative years. Your comments are racist.

  31. All these people bitching about the mom getting an 11-year-old a rifle… What age do you think we should be teaching kids to shoot? 21?

    I’m taking my kids out to the range when they turn 8, make sure they know just how dangerous guns are… And then show them exactly how to use them.

    • dont let them play CoD or BF
      they will lern how to shoot people and having fun while killing

      • No, that’s not true. Games make it look fun because that’s the goal. It’s not fun in real life.
        The only way to make a kid think it’s cool is to NOT TELL THEM it’s wrong, or they’re mentally unstable like this child.

  32. If the kid did not have a gun in the first place and his parent was mature and did not give him a game that was like an R rated film, this would not of happened. Don’t blame games blame bad parenting.

  33. Tragic, but i don’t see the need at the end where they put “Apparently, the father’s Facebook page shows his interest in the US Concealed Carry association as well as the Springfield Armory, a company that sells pistols and rifles.”
    So what? Him and thousands of other people as well. They are trying to use what happened to this poor family to try and make it seem like there is something wrong with liking those things. Like this happened as a result. smh

  34. Guys, stop blaming the game as the killing weapon, yeesh. I know a few kids who own M games and they’re sane enough to not do that stuff in real life. Call of Duty is a terrible game, yes, but being a gamer myself I know how much games get blamed for when a kid murders someone. This child is mentally unstable, guys. That’s what caused it, not the game.
    Though, I do believe parents should put more consideration to when they get their child a game with a mature rating. It can influence the kids who are mentally unstable and are likely to repeat what they do in real life, yes, and the game was a bit responsible for the murder, but overall, the kid himself is responsible for committing the act. I don’t think the game influenced the child, it was the mental instability and the fact he was given a gun and wasn’t taught to keep it locked up.
    I don’t think games should get the blame, really. Yeah, a kid can be influenced by this if they’re young, but really.. it’s not a hundred percent true that games cause murders, it’s usually people with mental problems that do it. Not games.
    I mean, hey, I happen to be under the age requirement for M-rated games as well, but you don’t see ME going out and killing people because Borderlands 2 or Tomb Raider makes it look “cool”. I know it’s wrong, and this kid should know it is, too. The mental illness is what caused it, and this kid needs help.

  35. Who gives a real gun to a kid? Why not buy them an Airsoft or BB gun to teach them how to use guns. That way you wont die when the try to shoot you.

  36. I would do the same thing, girls shouldnt touch video games, let this be a life lesson to you mortals!

  37. See now they’re gonna blame video games for this shit, the games rated M 17+ its his dumbass parents fault, shit I played violent video games for as long as I can remember, and I’d never do this type of dumb shit.

  38. How the hell can people give leathal weapons to children? Bland yorself. Giving a child a gun is about as safe as walking up to a rabied dog…

  39. wow, this article and these comments are just filled with stupidity.
    first, why does this article say he was 13 and then 14.
    This kid had a history of mental issues and prone to violence so why are you blaming guns or video games? It was a bad kid with lousy parents. The Dad even knew the kid had plans to kill his mom but didn’t care enough to do anything about it.

    The kid was violent, his idiotic parents gave him a weapon, natural selection happened.

    “Apparently, the father’s Facebook page shows his interest in the US Concealed Carry association as well as the Springfield Armory, a company that sells pistols and rifles.” and what in the hell is this. his dad ‘liked’ a page on facebook and it’s used as news? get some real journalists in here.

  40. Also another story about a kid killing somoene..yetstill not enough people want to do anything about guns hmn?

  41. Don’t blame the games. Blame these clueless/careless parents buying MATURE games for their children and then wondering WTF happened.

    *passes lil Jimmie an Mature DVD and wonders why he is sexually active at 5, dry humping tables and doesn’t know why.*


  42. Parents fault….its a MATURE game for a reason. SAD but not the games fault!

  43. This is really stupid. It’s the parents fault for both buying the gun, AND not teaching the child. Don’t blame the game.

    Bad parenting is 100% to blame here. If this kid has had these “episodes’ of explosive behavior before, then why buy him a gun, and a game where you should at least be, or have the mindset of a 17 year old.

  44. This is horrible and down right disturbing. Also what is disturbing is; this story is just more cookies in the jar for everyone to blame video games. Take away call of duty? You guys hear about the kid who smoked a pack a day (9 year old) when his mom grounded him and said he can’t smoke because he’s too young and that he hurt her by doing it behind her back. Well, he killed her because he wanted to smoke. What about the 14 year old who did the exact same thing? Same story, with cigarettes but did anyone blame the cigs? Nope they blamed the parenting and addiction itself. They didn’t blame the cigarettes on that one.

    Did you know this happens a lot? People killing people because they need their ‘high’. One main reason this happens, addiction. Does it happen with video games all the time? No it does not. It happens many more times with cigs, drugs and alcohol than it does with a video game. So before anyone blames the video games, look at the true picture here. The real reasons, I bet if you looked harder than you’re looking, you would find it. Simplistic.

  45. he mustve heard all the other kids online saying they did his mom. he just wanted to know what all the hype was about.

  46. your all missing the point here. its not guns, its not video games, those unlucky fuckers spawned a ginger. we all know they have no souls. we must act before the red army rises against the non gingers.

  47. Nothing of value was lost. What kind of a mother gives her 11-year-old son a rifle? Well done.

  48. This is why I don’t take CoD seriously. I play for fun, not for compete with others.

  49. why does it matter if the fathers facebook shows that he was interested in US Concealed Carry association as well as the Springfield Armory there was no need for it. the kid shot his mother its a very sad

  50. The real problem is America’s love of guns, where I come from, giving a childen a firearm is out of the question, we know they’re too young for such a thing, but no, “Mah freedums!”

    You Americans make me sick with your fascination with weapons.

    • The mom gave her son a gun when he tuned 11 and you’re ignoring this parental retardness just to bitch about gun control…… Trust me, YOU are the problem!

    • Good, eat shit and die. It must be nice not having any responsibility and sucking on the teat of mommy government all the time, Peon.

  51. This made me hard. He should have pistol whipped her with the gun a few times. she’d eventually lose consciousness and free for the plundering

  52. I love the shithead tags in this article. Stay classy, video game media. Enjoy that shitty income, peasant.

  53. This is actually disgusting, the idea of gun control in America is a joke, you get complete idiots with weapons that can kill people.

  54. Where are all these people seeing them blame a game? The only mention of a video game is when they said the kid called 911 saying he just killed his mom cause something came over him when she took away CoD. Nowhere in there does it say it was all the game’s fault. Nor is it blaming guns the only possible scapegoat they mention is a Children Therapist listing some mental disorders this kid apparently has and the kid saying he thinks he has some kinda form of ADD which caused his fit of rage. The game was only mentioned by the kid saying it’s why he burst, and the gun was only mentioned as the murder weapon. Also the only reason in here for anybody to blame the parents is the father’s quote saying he thought his son was joking when he texted him that he had just killed his mother and to come home quickly.

  55. Not that it makes it any less appalling, but in many articles it stated that he thought about rape but didn’t proceed with it. This is still a grueling crime though over such a stupid thing. Hope the Dad is holding up alright.

  56. how can the game not be some kind of influence. Your murdering people, there is blood and gore and you get fucking points for it. its useless.I know its not the only factor but it didnt help the matter. Screw gun control we need to get rid of the video games where your aiming with intent to kill someone else. its not the gun that shot the mom it was the game crazed child who pulled the trigger that killed that woman.

  57. Rape and murder , it wasnt a gun , or a game , it was a rapist and a murderer , When someone like Hitler attempeted to wipe our whole nations , did we wonder what made him do it?, if someone go’s agianst the rules it the person that has to answer for it , stop makein up bullshite reasons why , whats important is the sick fugger did it , so lock him away or what ever the law in his town says and make shure the sick fugger dont do it agian , end of story ,

  58. People are so fucking stupid for thinking they need guns or have the right to a gun and trust me I know the amendment “Right to bear arms” but seriously no one needs a damn gun because in Australia ever since there last mass murder they banned guns burnt/tore apart every gun in the damn continent and ever since no one has died due to a gun but further more I get he could have access to a knife or lethal object but still we should just get rid of guns. And also Call Of Duty does not help video games that involve guns like Halo, Call Of Duty, Saint Rows, Etc. Are just bad for children of young age I’m only 12 and people will probably call me a stupid 12 year old but anyway I play video games that have guns in them but I still think guns should be banned to the public. But again I know gangs will still get guns someway I’m just saying that it would most likely stop mass shootings like in Colorado/Sandy Hook. So pull your redneck heads out of your asses and think!!

  59. hey kottik, are you ok in the head?? a kid just killed his mother and you here bitching and trolling about COD??? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??? you don’t give a fuc… about the kid/mother, you just came here to troll about COD.

    You are one heartless person….

    • Nah, Judging by the way he words his sentences I’d guess he’s either just stupid, or some young kid trying to act cool on the internetz

  60. honestly todd h, you must be a little slow. teaching kids the responsibility of condoms in regards to safe sex is exactly what you do. no sex is called abstinence. as for the blame? its the parents fault. they knew he had a severe mental illness, yet he still had access to a loaded firearm. he had made the threats before and still no reaction was made. knives and sports equipment should have been locked up. he should have been involved in psychiatric treatment, even medicated. safety should have been in place, the mental illness should have landed him in treatment, instead they chose to ignore the warning signs, along with the brutal truth’s, unfortunately for them, it cost her life. we should consider it a positive this insane child didnt take the gun to school. as for foreigners dropping by to dog america because of our generalized love of guns, fuck you. im a law abiding gun owner, my guns do not get fired outside of a gun range or hunting. the only other time they will be fired is to defend my home, or my country. make no mistake, as a country we are armed to the teeth and proud of it. dont like it? dont visit, stay in your “gun free” country where gun crime is still a problem. blaming the video game is certainly flawed. especially considering its popularity, this lone isolated event in no way statistically represents a correlation in teenage matricidal rape. millions play call of duty. millions of children below the age of 16 own a firearm, and millions of children own a gun and play the game. the numbers just dont match. its the parents fault. period. had they excorsized safety and responsibility in accordance with their sons illness, she would likely still be alive.

  61. the colorado shooting happened during a ban on automatic firearms, they used automatic firearms, as well as bombs, which are obviously illegal and have been. their are laws posted on school doors stating no weapons are allowed inside including knives, even by lawful citizens with concealed carriers license. this did not protect anyone in either case, just made them easier targets. to the kid posting australia has no gun crime. thats complete bullshit. the rates for gun crime in australia have barely lowered since the ban. inncents are now just more susceptive to become a victim. a defensless unarmed victim. guns arent allowed in many public places such as the theatre shot up by a banned fully automatic ak47, had one of the men who were wiling to sacrifice their lives by laying over their significant others essentially becoming a bullet shield, been allowed to legally possess a firearm inside the theatre, surely they wouldve defended their fellow man, reducing casualties. banning guns is far from the answer. teaching responsibility and safety and encouraging people to responsibly use their second amendment to ensure their safety.

    • Thank you David. Law abiding gun owners are not the problem. Nor are guns to blame. There are plenty of laws in place already to prevent these shooting rampages. What there aren’t enough of are people who carry a gun and are capable of protecting themselves and others when these tragedies occur.

  62. firstly, the title says “13-year old”, but the article says “14 year old”.
    either way,

    >give 11 year old gun
    >give get shot

    faith in humanity, gone. how did no one see this coming? what logical reason was there to give him a gun, and then a game which he should not play?

    • ok, appararantly, this wanted to miss out a line.

      in between “give 11 year old gun” and “get shot” should say

      >give under 15year old an 18 game

  63. What has the world come to? I have no idea what to say to this. Just crazy…

  64. This is insane, i can’t understand why he killed his mother because of a videogame even , even the game is terrible , huh call of duty .
    If i was his father i would kill him !!

    • its CoD´s fault
      the kid was adictive to the game since he was 9yo
      gamers getting sick in the head

      • Kottik either you are trolling or simply lack intelligense -_-
        It all comes down to parenting and they should maybe have seen some signs, which the father ignored, that the kid was troubled.

  65. Most of you are clear idiots. I do not even want to place an argument about this, as first of all, you are all biased and have pre-assumed opinions to the point where you can not even formulate a clear educated argument or stance. Albeit, I can’t blame all of you as this is a shoddy sub-par piece of writing, which is clearly biased and trying to invoke an opinion in the lower educational masses, worked greatly.

    tl;dr: This article was a good troll.

  66. Now, I know you guys do want to blame the game but we have to look at the facts: he was playing call of duty. And what is Call of Duty known for? Killing, tea bagging and mothers.

    I rest my case

  67. I play CoD si since 4 years, i’m 17 and i’ve never tried to kill Simeone, oh, i also do charity to church and help poor people and old man. And i play Cozd only for 3 hours whit my friend.

  68. Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening.
    I appreciate you finding the time and effort
    to put this short article together. I once again find myself personally spending a significant
    amount of time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

  69. anyone who needs a gun to feel safe has serious problems if you ask me. !!! … i never seen a child kill anyone from a video game who don’t own a gun so YES IT IS the GUN owners fault shame that happens to be the one he killed also so GLAD I DON’T LIVE IN THE GUN CRAZY STATES !!!!

    • You sir need to go back to grammar school. All I can tell you is: it is not the firearms that makes states in the US ‘crazy’–it is the people that use them. You don’t have to have a firearm in order to kill a person.

    • We too are glad you don’t live in the GUN CRAZY STATES! So, please take this as a personal invitation to stay in your utopian society where there is no violence and no need to protect yourself or your loved ones. As for us GUN CRAZY Americans, we aren’t so fortunate, and those of us who feel that the protection of our family is a personal responsibility will continue to arm ourselves with guns and the knowledge to use them. God help anyone whose only choice in an emergency is to call the police and hope they make it in time.

  70. It was impossible for me to believe this for the longest time, never a good idea to give someone a gun.

  71. I think that many factors contributed to the boys bad behavior. First, during his childhood, when he was very tender, he may not have been well trained and monitored by his parents. From what the Dad said in response to the message from the boy of what he had done to his mom, you can see that the parents didn’t care much about the boy’s behavior. This is not new, most parents these days do not monitor their child’s attitude. Modern parents are much more concerned with pursuit of money and personal pleasure and have little time for their children. They provide them, games, toys, videos, and other things to keep the child busy, so that the parent has time to do his or her stuff. I witness this pattern often and I wondered why the parents gave birth to the child. if the child is precious why leave him to make choices he does not know the consequences. The wrong use of the word FREEDOM contributes to this evil. Freedom is really a very powerful word that involves choice making. Most adults cannot make the right choices, how then can a child make the right choices?

    • I think your statement is the one here that I can agree most with. In fact, you hit the spot! Nowadays, such parents are just taking–or attempting to take–shortcuts with raising their children… if even actually RAISING them. They’d rather just leave their job to popular paraphernalia like games, toys, videos, etc. to raise their children. Even hire babysitters to look after the children for them–although, in the popular cases, it’s more appropriate than leaving them with an idiotbox (honestly, I use them a lot myself, but my parents actually take time).
      Even more so, in cases like this, the boy had a mental health issue, and should have had more attention given.


  73. I simply couldn’t leave your web site before suggesting
    that I really enjoyed the usual information an individual supply to your guests?
    Is gonna be back often to inspect new posts


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