Titanfall devs not looking to be “bought” out anytime soon, a “really cool time to be indie”

In a recent interview with Ausgamers, Abbie Heppe, the community manager at Respawn Entertainment, had a chat with them at the recent EB Expo in Australia last weekend. Respawn Entertainment are very much an indie studio at the minute despite EAs help, and according to Abbie, they would like to remain in that same position […]

Respawn on Titanfall being 1080p on Xbox One: We’ll see, frame-rate is “king”

With Battlefield 4 still not being confirmed to run at 1080p resolution for next-gen consoles, shooter fans have understandably been concerned how the latest and greatest shooters will look come the PS4 and Xbox One’s release. Speaking of shooters, none might be as anticipated as Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, which impressed both media game event goers […]