Bohemia: No plans for console version of Arma 3, porting it directly “would not do it justice”

For first-person shooter fans hoping for a next-gen version of Arma 3, you’re out of luck, as Bohemia has confirmed that there are “no plans” to bring the uber-realistic shooter to consoles…at least not yet. In an exclusive interview set to be published later this week, Project Lead Joris-Jan van ‘t Land has confirmed that […]

Arma 3 release dated for September

We reported yesterday about Arma 3 receiving three DLC packs to give you the single-player campaign and now Bohemia Interactive have announced the release date for Arma 3. It’s not all that far off, as you will only have to wait another month until the September 12th release date that has been set. To launch […]

Arma 3: Bohemia confirms Oculus Rift support is something we’d like to explore, thinks Arma 3 would fit it very well

Arma 3: Bohemia confirms Oculus Rift support is something ?we?d like to explore,? thinks Arma 3 would ?fit very well?  Could Bohemia Interactive?s Arma 3 include Oculus Rift in the future once it?s released?  In an exclusive Q&A interview, Bohemia Interactive has not ruled the possibility out. When asked if they?ve considered adding Oculus Rift […]