Major Nelson: “Looking forward” as the “truth comes out” regarding PS4 being 30% superior vs Xbox One

Following Albert Penello’s recent comments regarding Sony exaggerating about the apparent 30% power advantage that the PS4 has over the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb has added his thoughts to the mix. Posting on Reddit, Hyrb defended his colleague, and stated that he very much looked forward to when “the truth comes out”: […]

Battlefield 4: DICE rolling out a new server “version” for all platforms, downtime expected

In what should be good news for Battlefield 4 players, DICE has announced, via the in-game splash page, that they are rolling out new “server versions” and that downtime and connection issues are to be expected. It states, “We’er deploying a new server version in the upcoming hours. You might experience some downtime in the […]