Exclusive PayDay 2 gameplay preview shows a vastly improved sequel, semi-successful heist

As part of our exclusive PayDay 2 coverage, here is our gameplay preview for the upcoming cooperative heist title. The first thing you’ll probably notice with PayDay 2 is how improved everything is. From the gunplay to a new stealth system, developer Overkill Software has upped the ante in every aspect. Thanks to several dynamic […]

UPDATED: GTA V all cheat codes revealed, change the weather, obtain vehicles and more — Report

UPDATE: We know the list below is confusing, so we’ve also dug around and compiled the known cheats so far and they are listed below. CheatCC has confirmed that each code must be entered manually each time, cannot be saved and will also disable your ability to earn Achievements/Trophies. Here are the cheats they’ve found […]

Gamescom 2013: Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer DLC will be free, challenges over XP detailed

Just a few moments ago, we posted our first-ever look at Killzone: Shadow Fall’s multiplayer which debuted at Sony’s gamescom press event. It seems that’s just the tip of the iceberg as Guerilla themselves has taken to the official Killzone site and has detailed some of the big changes coming to their next-gen shooter. In […]

Square Enix to offer free current-gen to next-gen switch on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Square Enix has said that they will be offering those that own Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PlayStation 3 an upgrade to PlayStation 4 completely free. The beta for the game on PlayStation 4 won’t be available until February 22nd next year, the same day that PlayStation 4 is being made available in […]

Beyond: Two Souls will be slightly censored in Europe and reportedly in the US as well

European Product Manager at SCEE, Ross Alexander, has confirmed in a post on PlayStation blog (spoiler warning) that the EU version of Quantic Dream’s upcoming title Beyond: Two Souls will be slightly edited to remain in line with the PEGI 16 rating. “There are only two amends between the EU and US versions of the […]